Jiang Xuening sat outside, thinking about the affairs of Yanlin, Zhou Yinzhi, and others in her previous life, but she didn't pay much attention to the inner voice.

  Shee heard the sound of the curtain, and when she looked up, Jiang Boyu had already come out.

  She stood up immediately, bowed in an orderly manner, and said, “I have seen my father,” and then said, “It is a shame that my daughter is incompetent to disturb my father for these trivial matters…”


  Jiang Boyu felt more at ease now, he waved his hand and said, “The servants in your yard are not servants, and the master is not the master.
It should have been accepted long ago…”

  ”Cough!” Before

  he finished speaking, Chang Zhuo immediately coughed twice.


  Jiang Boyu glanced at him, and when he saw him shaking his head slightly at him, he suddenly woke up.


  It has been four years since this girl, Xuening, returned to the mansion.
What kind of person she has grown up, these adults can see in her eyes.

  Doesn't she know that the maid in the house has dirty hands and feet?

  Apparently noticed.

  But no matter how much these servants are behind their backs, in front of her, the second girl is long and the second girl is short, and the stars surround her in the middle and hold her in the palm of her hand, as if she is a part of this world.
unique existence.

  She just let them go.


  In the final analysis, this child was brought back from the farm.
Wanniang is gone, and she is not close to the Meng family.
When she first came, she didn’t even know anyone in Beijing.
She looked coddled on the outside, but she was fragile on the inside.
and sensitive.

  The weaker it is on the inside, the more it needs external things to support it.

  After all, Jiang Boyu was someone who could achieve the third rank in the imperial court, not to mention that he held such a vital role in the Ministry of Household.
He could understand many things and many people, and of course, this daughter was no exception.


  Therefore, in the past days, even if he saw her indulging in that house's slaves, he advised Mrs.
Meng not to take action first, for fear that bad cooking would hurt Xuening's heart and make her feel that all the people in the house were against her.


  I don't know what angered her today, so she wanted to move this house full of scumbags and find him here.

  But the more so, the less he can show his enthusiasm for this matter.

  It would be fine if she took care of the people herself, but if others hurriedly intervened and scolded the people in her house, maybe she had to think too much, others would scold her for her, and the anger would dissipate.


  Jiang Boyu thought about it, it is better to retreat instead of advancing, and suddenly changed his words: “But you are also quite protective of them on weekdays, and I think you have served them well.
It is common for people in the house to have dirty hands and feet, but you have to come.
Ask your father to help you do justice, and you have to take care of the people in the house.
In fact, it is enough to deal with it in the house


  Jiang Xuening listened and watched Jiang Boyou quietly for a moment.
He had already seen the clue and only turned around: “Father is right.
It's the daughter who didn't think about it well, so go back to the house and let the daughter take care of it by herself?”


  ”Hey! Don't!”

  Why was her reaction different from what she thought?

  Hearing someone speak for the slaves in her house, shouldn't they be angrier and want to punish these people severely?


  Jiang Boyu was caught off guard by her words.
Seeing that she was turning around to leave, he didn't have time to think about it.
As soon as he stretched out his hand, he grabbed the person and showed a reassuring smile: “Tell me about you, come here.
Here, how can Dad let you go back to cook by yourself? It must be known that I am in charge of the Ministry of Household in the imperial court, and I can’t see these people with dirty hands and feet! If the family is not neat, how can you govern the country? Dad can’t let you be wronged!”


  Wouldn't it be better if you said so earlier, but you have to play with retreat instead of advance!

  Her father is really…

  Jiang Xuening's lips ticked imperceptibly, but it was rare to find it funny, but suddenly a bit of inhuman melancholy appeared.


  When I was a girl, I was in the mansion.
Even if my maid was not good, I couldn't cause any major problems.
If I had any trouble, I told Yan Linyi, and I could basically deal with it.
But after marrying Shen Jie, Shen Jie did not treat her lightly, but he would not take care of everything for her like Yan Lin.
At that time, she was in a dangerous place like the palace again.
No matter how bad she was, she was forced to move forward step by step by the environment.

  Gradually, he sharpened his composure and his ability to deal with people.

  But at that time, she was completely different from the one she was when she was young.


  Jiang Boyu looked at her, and felt that there seemed to be a subtle change in her eyebrows.
He asked out of curiosity, “In the past, you were very 'generous' to them, and your mother and I were worried.
Why did you suddenly change your mind today?”


  Jiang Xuening thought about it, he has indeed changed a lot.

  Better to have a passable explanation.

  When she raised her eyes and thought about it, she did not change her face and said, “Yan Lin teaches.”



  That stinky boy who always overturns the walls of their house…

  Jiang Boyu snorted when he heard the words, showing a thoughtful expression.


  After a while, all the maids and old ladies in Jiang Xuening's house brought them.

  They are shaking like chaff, and their faces are earth-colored.

  Jiang Boyou remembered that there were still guests in the room, and he was afraid that he would be too noisy, so he ordered two chairs to be moved and placed under the eaves outside the study, and only asked the group of maids and old ladies to kneel in the yard.


  Many servants in the house knew about such a big commotion and quietly stuck out their heads under the wall and on the edge of the corridor to see.


  Headed by Wang Xing's family, everyone in Jiang Xuening's house couldn't believe what they had experienced in less than half an hour: first, the second girl who had been coaxed by them suddenly called them into the house.
, and then asked them to hand over all the things they had taken before without warning.
They only denied it for one round.
They thought that the two girls would reason with them even if they wanted to punish them, but turned around and sued the master without saying a word, pulled them all out, and kneeled here.

  Wang Xing's family was even worse.

  She was frightened for a while when Jiang Xuening came back to ask for the bracelet.
She only felt that this second girl who had really “obeyed her words” before suddenly played her cards out of common sense.
She didn't understand what she was thinking.
Why did it suddenly change?


  Jiang Xuening now has Jiang Boyu's backing, so he just raised his hand and nodded at Lian'er: “Go, bring two big boxes.”

  Lian'er went to get it and placed it on the ground as instructed by Jiang Xuening.

  Jiang Xuening then brought the tea offered by Chang Zhuo next to him, blew it lightly, took a sip, and put it down before saying, “I already said it when I was in the room just now, if anyone takes my things, it's best to go and find them early.
If I put it back, I can let it go.”


  All eyes were on, and the master was watching, and there was complete silence below.

  None of the Wang Xing family dared to speak.

  There was a little girl behind her who pushed her.
She hated her so much that she couldn't help but keep silent, just thinking about going back to clean up this little girl's skin after she got through the difficulties in front of her.


  Seeing that they still refused to speak, Jiang Xuening smiled.

  But she didn't talk much.

  People sit on her knees, have hot tea to drink, and have cakes to eat, what's the hurry?


  The middle of the yard is covered with hard bluestone slabs.
Although these maids and old ladies in the house can't be said to be spoiled, most of them have fine skin and tender meat and have not suffered much.

  It's okay to kneel for a while, but as time goes on, some people can't stand it anymore.

  The man knelt on the ground, his knees began to move, his body began to shake, and his forehead and back were soaked with sweat.


  Finally, there was still a maid who couldn't bear it anymore, anxious and angry, she kowtowed to the ground to pretend to be wronged: “Second girl really wronged the servants and waiters, who did not try their best to make you happy when they served you in the past, and they all Knowing your temper, who would dare to act like a demon in front of you, wouldn't he kill himself? It's just that the slaves thought that slaves are good to the master, and the master will take care of the slaves.
Who would think that the second girl would be the one who thinks it out? , even these kinds of hats for stealing the master's things are put on the slaves' heads! If you want to take a ledger and confront the slaves one by one, the slaves may be convinced.
I don’t count my belongings, all the slaves take care of them.
Today, if there is less in the box, there is less, and more is more.
Are you plugging this gap?”


  What a mouth that turns black and white.

  At first glance, it was the one who refuted her in the room earlier.

  If it wasn't for the fact that her hands were still very delicate and delicate, Jiang Xuening would have slapped her with two mouths earlier.


  It was assumed that she could not come up with evidence.

  Especially the fact that she didn't count her own things, they all knew that if she killed this one, they could beat Jiang Xuening down: it should be noted that she is coddled, and if she has a lot of money, it will not be washed away.
Is it clear?


  ”You want proof, right?” Jiang Xuening lowered her slender eyebrows, a smile was already hanging on her lips, and her voice was leisurely, “In the past, you thought that you still knew who the master was in the house, no matter what.
Thinking that you still dare to contradict me now.
Do you really think I have no idea?”

  Everyone was stunned for a moment.

  Even Lian'er and Tang'er, who were not implicated and waited on the side, didn't react.


  Jiang Xuening glanced at the two girls and moved his gaze from Lian'er to Tanger's body.
With a slight flicker, he instructed: “Tanger, get the account book.” Lian'er was

  very confused at this moment: the girl has the account book, she Why don't you know?

  Even the more stable Tanger was a little dazed.

  But Jiang Xuening didn't let her be dazed for too long: “My bookshelf is the sixth book from the left on the third floor from the top, you go get it.”


  As soon as these words came out, Jiang Boyu immediately looked at her with a strange look.

  Jiang Xuening drank tea by herself and waited for

  those maidservants who were kneeling on their heads, and when they heard the word “ledger”, their hearts trembled fiercely.
Those who had poor tolerance almost fell to the ground.
Can't believe it.


  How could the second girl have an account book?

  A person who throws away his most valuable things, still keeps an account in private?

  Simply baffling.

  They really hoped that they had heard it wrong, and they knelt down in a panic while looking at the direction of the hanging flower door, hoping that Tanger would come back empty-handed in a while.


  It is a pity that God does not wish!


  Tanger is back.
  She came from the end of the hanging flower door, holding a thick blue-covered book in both hands.
When she came up, she presented it to Jiang Xuening: “Second, second girl, the

  account book has been fetched according to your order.”

The other people kneeling couldn't see it at all –

  Tang'er, who seemed calm, was shaking with both hands!


  Uncle Jiang strayed close, and subconsciously looked at Tang'er's hand, he almost spits out the tea he had just drank!

  Where's the ledger?

  On the cover are clearly written in four big characters, “Young Learning Qionglin”!


  God knows that there are no broken ledger books on the bookshelf at all.
According to Jiang Xuening's instructions, what Tang'er saw on the third floor, the sixth book was this book for children to open the door!

  But there was no other way, so I took it.

  With such a big scene right now, Tang'er couldn't even think about how her girl would end up!


  But Jiang Xuening did not change his face, calmly took the “account book” from her hand, and turned it over: “In March of this year, on my eighteenth birthday, my mother added a red jade wish-fulfilling pendant.
A pair of green heads and faces; my father gave Songyan ink and Chengxintang paper; Yan Shizi gave a pair of white porcelain vases from Ru kiln, a night pearl from the food country, and a whole piece of suet white jade.
Nine series, and…”

  A snow-white little rabbit.

  It was caught by Yan Lin when he was out hunting.
He said that he felt that the little rabbit was very similar to her, with red eyes and pitiful cuteness.


  It's a pity that she didn't care about this rabbit, so she left it to the servants to take care of it, and she was raised to death within two months.


  Jiang Xuening is naturally impossible to have a ledger.

  She didn't remember this at all when she was young.

  But Yanlin remembered it.

  During the time he was in the house under house arrest, every time he came in the dark of night, he would lie on her side on her couch, and brush his calloused fingers on her cheeks from practicing martial arts, and he would tell her about his childhood.
those thoughts.

  It's hard for her to forget.


  Jiang Xuening's eyes were lowered, and after reading for a while, he raised his eyes and looked at the group of people kneeling below.

  Where can you still kneel?

  One was almost completely paralyzed on the ground.


  Wang Xing's family is the quickest to see the opportunity, only to hear that she remembers everything in this account book very clearly, and some items are extremely special, if the mansion wants to check, even if they go out, they can find it back, but then it is a sure thing.
The crime of being sent to the government is over.

  At the critical moment, she was willing to give up.

  Wang Xing's family slammed their head on the ground with a “dong” and cried sincerely: “Young girl is wise, it's all an old lady and I'm blinded by lard.
I didn't dare to admit it at first, but I underestimated the girl's ability.
Seeing that other people took the girl's things and the girl didn't care, I thought of borrowing the girl's things to turn around, and when my family got through the difficulties, I quietly returned them to the girl.
Who would have thought that the girl's heart was like a mirror Yes, look at us pickled scumbags clearly? The old slave has been serving the girl for so many years, and when I saw the girl return to the mansion, these days I have done something wrong to the girl and lied to the girl, and I can't even sleep at night.
I was relieved when the girl found out today.
I also ask the girl to wait for a while, and the old slave will return all her things.
If you want to fight or punish you, it is up to you, as long as you can stay by your side to serve, the old slave will be satisfied!”



  All the little girls kneeling behind her almost didn't stare out their eyes.


  I have seen shameless, never seen such shameless!

  In terms of the thickness of their skin, they couldn't keep up with Wang Xing's family.


  Jiang Xuening listened to her words, not only found a reason for her to take things, but also complimented her, and the point was that she also confessed her loyalty.
If anyone doesn't pay attention, I'm afraid they will think that this is really a “loyal servant”!

  She finds it funny.

  Immediately, he said: “Then get down and get something.”


  Wang Xing's family, like Meng Amnesty, kowtowed three times to the ground before getting up.
After showing a flattering smile to Jiang Xuening, he retreated and went back to his room to pack up.

  How can other people dare to resist when they see this?

  All of a sudden, everyone knelt down and begged for mercy, and they all went back to their own houses to take out all the things and put them into the boxes that Jiang Xuening ordered people to put on the ground.
Full and spiky.


  I don't know if I don't cure this group of people, Jiang Xuening only found out that Ganqing is still a little rich woman.

  Even Jiang Boyou next to him couldn't help but be speechless.

  Darling, Yong Yi Hou's mansion is one of the two great gates of the dynasty.
Yan Lin has posted so many things before they get married.
Could it be that he gave her all of his family's wealth?

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