Chapter 024 Discrimination

At this time, twelve people came together.
Among this group of people, Xiao Shu is undoubtedly the invisible leader.
As soon as she came over, everyone's eyes fell on her.
Apart from envy, she also expressed some fear and surrender.
Many people also took the initiative to say hello to her.

  Xiao Shu is also unequivocal, nodding in response, but it is the same for everyone.
Only when she saw Jiang Xuening, the corners of her lips twitched.
At this time, Jiang Xuening hadn't greeted her yet, but she nodded to her from a distance.
It was a greeting.
It seemed to be friendly, and there were still some people who approval of it.

  If it were someone else, I would have been flattered.
But Xiao Shu's attitude fell into Jiang Xuening's eyes, but she still carried a kind of aloofness like a natural aristocrat.
She did not express friendship equally, but because she felt that she could enter the eyes of the eldest princess, so she could be considered as entering into her.
eyes, but she doesn't really take her seriously –
Xiao Shu has such a temperament.

  From a prominent background, what others have dreamed of all their lives is what she has had since she was a child.
Rarely is there anything you can't get? This allows her to be extremely calm when facing everything and everyone, and even when facing the royal family, she can remain neither humble nor arrogant.
For everyone who is not a threat to her, even if the other party is very rude to her, she can talk and laugh, and will never get angry.
Because everyone under her is not qualified to talk to her.
Only when she felt someone was threatening her would she show her fangs.

  Jiang Xuening fought with her in her last life.

  Before she became the queen, she still coaxed Shen D with her heart, although Shen D might not really care about her, but a man, who doesn't like coaxing a beautiful woman?
So she was considered “favored” during that time.
But when Shen D was enthroned, Jiang Xuening became the queen, and achieved his goal, he was too lazy to coax Shen D anymore.
It happened that Xiao Shu entered the palace not long after, she simply let the people in the harem compete for a favor, and she was so happy to let the emperor rest in Xiao Shu's palace, and she didn't have to serve herself, but only in charge of Fengyin in Kunning Palace, and she was dedicated to being her own queen.
Don't have a good time.

  One day, Xiao Shu was pregnant and made the imperial concubine, and Shen D asked him to assist in the sixth palace.
Jiang Xuening finally began to panic.
Or rather, start to get angry.
It turns out that becoming a queen, it does not mean that you will be a queen all your life.
There are so many people in the harem, there will always be some ability.
Especially Xiao Shu, who came from an aristocratic family, and the support given by her mother's family is extremely strong, and she has the ability and is very high-spirited.
Tolerate that there are others on top of you.

  So the fight officially began.

  Although Jiang Xuening's relationship with her mother's family was not very good, honor and disgrace were one and the same.
Jiang Boyu was newly appointed Minister of the Household at the time, and she was able to speak well in the court;
she also had Zhou Yinzhi, who had already controlled most of the Jinyiwei at that time.
and what is very interesting is that the Xiao family has a “strayed” eldest son named Xiao Dingfei, who just “recovered” in those two years.
He is the heir of Duke Chengguo who can inherit the title and is also Xiao Shu's half-sister.
's brother.
Nothing else, the disposition of the slutty is well-known in the court and the opposition, and he is a scoundrel, and he is very fond of Jiang Xuening, which can be called submissive.
For her sake, Xiao Ding was so angry that Duke Cheng turned his back, and he didn't give Xiao Shu any face at all.
It was a good knife used by Jiang Xuening to stimulate Duke Cheng's mansion.

  So in a fight with Xiao Shu and Chengguo Gongfu, she really didn't fall behind.

Later, Xie Wei took action to bring down the Xiao family, and she clapped her hands for a while.
Of course, it didn't last long.
Because at most less than half a year has passed, Xie Wei shot down the royal family again and controlled the entire court and opposition in his hands, and Jiang Xuening, the queen, finally lost his sight.

  It's really a “snipe and clam fight, the fisherman wins”.

  Although it was said that the fate of her and Xiao Shu was not good, and they were both involved in the court situation and fell into the hands of Xie Wei, she should have some sympathy for this former “opponent”.
But that's not the case at all.
Although Xie Wei is a devil in the skin of a saint, it does not mean that Xiao Shu is a good person, nor does it mean that she will “share the enemy” with Xiao Shu.

  On the contrary, Jiang Xuening still didn't like her very much in this life and was afraid of her.

  Facing Xiao Shu's initiative to say hello, she lowered her eyes and thought for a moment, then nodded lightly in return, still not very enthusiastic.
There was a little more scrutiny in Xiao Shu's eyes.
But soon her attention was turned away, because Huang Renli had already ordered the number of people, and called a few palace servants to carry things for them.
After checking the waist card, he led them all the way into the palace and followed them on the way.
Introduce the surrounding palaces.

  Huang Renli knew that this group was all young ladies from your family, that there were friends of Her Royal Highness Princess Eldest, and that there were people who were very interested in Her Royal Highness.
In addition, her voice was soft, so she spoke softly and warmly like a spring breeze: “This time ladies and gentlemen They all live in Yangzhizhai.
The Holy Highness took great pains to prepare this companion reading for His Highness.
This Yangzhizhai was originally a place for the prince's companion reading.
However, there is no prince in the palace now, so the ladies just came in.
, I went to the imperial supervisor to change the furnishings and planted some flowers and trees suitable for entertainment.
When I went back to live, one person was in a room, which was considered spacious.
This place is next to Fengchen Hall, where the lectures are held.
Fengchen Hall is very close.
To the north is the Six Palaces where the ladies of the harem live, and to the south, you can see the Wenhua Hall and Wenzhao Pavilion of the Outer Dynasty from afar.
Like gentlemen who came to give lectures to Her Royal Highness the Princess and the ladies, it is very convenient to travel.
It's just that at the edge of the inner court a little closer to the outer court if the young ladies are afraid of accidentally encountering someone, they can only be a little more careful and walk less.”

  Although the defense between men and women in this dynasty is not that serious, there are some houses that have very strict rules and care about these things, and they don't even let their girls meet any foreign men.
That's why Huang Renli said this.
Jiang Xuening didn't care.
But some of the other girls in the group nodded in agreement.

  Jiang Xuening sneered.

  It is not too convenient for her in her previous life to stop fasting.
It is close to the Wenhua Palace.
Some gentlemen can give lectures to the princess after a short walk across the road.
In the same way, people like Yan Lin and Shen D who listened to Mr.'s lectures could also sneak over.
Sometimes I encountered Xie Wei teaching some books, and other grandchildren asked the emperor to show them, and they set up a screen and sat outside to listen.
That is simply to hook up with whomever you want.

  Yangzhizhai in this life is also the same as in the previous life.
Even the two newly planted osmanthus trees under the palace wall are in the same position.
Because they used to be accompanied by the prince who lived there, they are very elegant and simple.
The place.
The aristocratic lady who is used to being rich at home may not feel so good.
But someone from a small family like Yao Rongrong showed surprise and was about to praise the palace's style, but when she turned around and saw that everyone else was looking calm, she quietly swallowed back when she was about to speak.

  Huang Renli said: “This place has been cleaned, but you may have to discuss which one you want to live in.
After you have chosen a place to live, after a little tidying up, several female officials from the Shangyi Bureau will come to teach the etiquette in the palace.
Ladies and gentlemen, you need to brace yourself, because Su Shangyi will also come to see her in person.
She has been in the palace for many years and has been serving Her Royal Highness the eldest princess in her early years.
If you can't pass her level, I'm afraid that even if you come to this palace, you will have to go back to the palace.”

  Su Shangyi.

As soon as Jiang Xuening heard the title, it was like a conditioned reflex and only felt that his knees, back, neck, and even fingers began to ache.

  In her last life, she had grown up in the countryside, and she never liked to learn the rules.
After returning to the capital, he relied on You Yanlin to become more promiscuous.
As soon as he entered the palace, he bumped into her hand.
Moreover, Su Shangyi grew up serving Shen Zhiyi, and I don't know if it was because of the injustice for the princess, or because she received a sign from Shen Zhiyi, she was extremely strict with her, tossing her repeatedly, and if she was not careful, she would have to start all over again.
At this time, it was extremely embarrassing.
Because everyone has learned it, they all stand by and watch her jokes, their eyes are inevitably strange, and they point at her.

  Many aristocratic young ladies who came to accompany the reading today have deliberately inquired about the situation in the palace, and they obviously heard about this Master Su from the Shangyi Bureau, and they all showed a little bit of fear.
This caused everyone to whisper quietly when choosing a room.

  ”I know Su Shangyi, it's very scary.
When my mother left this morning, she said it was better to tell me not to touch her.
But Eunuch Huang also said that there will be several female officials, so it should be taught separately.
What can I do when I meet Su Shangyi, uh…”
“Yes, is it so scary?”
“This room faces south, the windows open to the west, and the outside just faces the osmanthus tree, so I should be able to meet a distinguished person.
I will choose this room, and none of you will rob me! Bless you, Laojun, choosing this room will enable me to overcome this difficulty smoothly.”

  Jiang Xuening didn't argue with them about a particularly good location, and simply chose the most secluded room in the far corner, but at the same time, the lighting was not very good.
Just listening to the voices coming from behind, he could know who was who.
The one with the sweet voice is Zhou Baoying;
the one who is timid is Yao Rongrong;
the one who chooses a room in Shinto Taoism and has to mumble for a long time is the one who counts.
The magic of half a stick.

  Others didn't speak much.
It was chosen in no time.
Everyone tacitly left the best room to Xiao Shu.
Chen Shuyi and Yao Xi’s rooms were right on either side of her; the others’ rooms were scattered randomly; Jiang Xuening’s room was the farthest, so there was only another room in the east.
, the location is not very good, so Fan Yilan, who doesn't care much about companion reading, chose it.
After choosing, they go in and pack their own.

  Jiang Xuening brought the least things, and after a casual tidying up, he tidied up properly.
When he came out, he thought he would be the first.
Who would have expected to look up and see that Fan Yilan was already sitting outside?
Seeing her come out, Fan Yilan nodded to her.
She didn't know if she felt that Jiang Xuening looked down on these things like herself, so she rarely showed a smile and smiled at her.
It is indeed like an empty valley orchid blooming.
Although it is not a national beauty, it has its own air of elegance and dust.

  Jiang Xuening guessed that Miss Fan might have misunderstood that she was her comrade, but it was not easy to explain this “wonderful” misunderstanding.
She simply accepted the other party's kindness and smiled.

  The two didn't speak, just sat outside and waited.
After half an hour, all the talents were cleaned up one after another.

At this time, there was a call from outside, saying that the female officials from the Shangyi Bureau came to teach the rules.
Almost all the maids in and out of Yangzhizhai stood up straight, bowed their heads, held their breaths, and did not make a sound.

  Everyone was shocked by this posture.
Immediately afterward, I saw four female officials walking outside the palace gate.
The one at the head was wearing a gray-blue fifth-grade female official uniform, with a high bun, and two golden hairpins with wishful cloud patterns and her hands were folded in front of her waist, but they were not really attached to her waist.
During the walk, he was rigorous and tidy, and the distance he took with each step was exactly the same as if he had been measured.
There was not even half a smile on an elderly face, wrinkles were added to the corners of his eyes, and there was a shallow, wrinkled vertical mark between his eyebrows because he was often frowning.
When his eyes swept over everyone, it was cold.
Besides, there is no temperature.

  The timid ones among the twelve immediately bowed their heads in fright.
Only Xiao Shu, Chen Shuyi, and Fan Yilan could bow and salute calmly and calmly.
Xiao Shu and Chen Shuyi often go to the palace and have learned etiquette a long time ago;
Fan Yilan sees everyone the same, so she doesn't think Su Shangyi is scary.

  Su Shangyi frowned upon seeing the situation, walked to the front of the crowd, stood still, and said without tone: “Today, the Shangyi Bureau was ordered to teach the ladies some court etiquette for two days.
The ladies can be called I am 'Su Shangyi'.
In the future, you will all read for Her Royal Highness, and you must be extra cautious.
Therefore, I hope you will take these two days seriously.
back home.”

  Huang Renli had already said the same thing before, but everyone didn't think so; but when Su Shangyi said these words, everyone trembled in their hearts and shuddered.

  Su Shangyi saw that they all listened and then said: “Now, I will ask you, ladies, to divide themselves into three groups.
After a while, the three female officials will teach them separately, and they will be able to give more thorough instructions.”
Everyone bowed and answered: “Yes.
Then Su Shangyi sat aside.
Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they saw it: it seems that the most demanding and terrifying Lord Shang Yi should not come to “instruct” them in person.

  But when it comes to “self-grouping”, it is quite subtle.

  Xiao Shu, Chen Shuyi, and Yao Xi came in the same carriage, so naturally, they were together;
but You Yue looked left and right, and actually stepped forward and dragged Fan Yilan to Zhou Bao, who was going to Xiao Shu's side.
Walking beside Ying, she smiled and said to her, “I wanted to know Bao Ying in the past, can we be together?”
Zhou Baoying thought for a while and felt that it didn't matter, so she nodded.

  Jiang Xuening stood there and didn't move, but she was pondering who
she was better in this life-she was so strong in her last life, she was with Zhou Baoying.
In the end, it was unlucky to meet Su Shangyi and was tossed to the point of being inhuman.
Although she originally planned to release water in this life, she didn't plan to let herself pass safely, but if she bumped into Su Shangyi again, the matter of leaving the palace would be guaranteed, but she would be tossed enough.
She was still thinking about it.

  ”Choose who you want to be with, you must look at the 'situation'.” A voice of the gods and gods suddenly sounded from not far behind, Jiang Xuening turned around and saw that Fang Miao was walking toward her.
, a pair of lively eyes were staring at her shrewdly turning, one hand had put on Jiang Xuening's shoulder, and said with a smile, “Miss Jiang's momentum has been very good recently, and the light is bright, I feel like if If I can be with you, I will definitely be able to borrow a little bit of power and get a little light.
So, Jiang Er girl and I together—” The
last “ba” word suddenly stagnates.

  Fang Miao had inquired that Jiang Xuening was the only person who did not put on his name but finally appeared on the list of companions, and also won the favor of Princess Leyang at the Double Ninth Banquet.
This time he entered the palace.
The Eldest Princess was the first person to care about besides Xiao Shu, so I wanted to be with her, so it would be easier to get along with her so that the Eldest Princess would have more chances to notice her.
But she accidentally swept the corner of her eyes and saw Su Shangyi stand up again!
Not only did he stand up, but he also walked toward Jiang Xuening!

  my grandma!
Fang Miao's eyelids jumped wildly, and all the words that were close to Jiang Xuening before she could say them were swallowed back into her stomach.
She turned her fingers slightly, and turned around abruptly, pointing to Fan Yilan's side.
“Hey, the momentum over there seems to be pretty good!”

  After speaking, he raised the palm that was resting on Jiang Xuening's shoulder, and smoothed out the folds of the fabric on her shoulder, saying, “Then I'll be over now, Miss Jiang Er, don't miss me!”
Then she ran away.
Went to Fan Yilan's side.
For a while, everyone looked at her with a kind of pity, and You Yue suddenly laughed “tsk”, only saying that Jiang Xuening used to be arrogant in their uncle's house, but today is finally going to be bad luck: this kind of person It should be treated well.
If it falls into Su Shangyi's hands, even if she doesn't die, she will have to peel off her skin!

Jiang Xuening realized that something was amiss.
Then I heard a cold voice behind me: “Miss Jiang Er.”

  Jiang Xuening froze, turned around, and saw Su Shangyi standing behind him at some point!
Looking at this expressionless face, she felt pain all over her body.
The only thing in my heart is that she can't escape Su Shangyi in this life, but she thinks better, Su Shangyi is strict, and as long as she shows her coddled temper and opportunistic inferiority, she will most likely be able to leave the palace.
It is time to salute.

  But she never expected that in the next moment, Su Shangyi's unsmiling face actually brought up a slight smile!
Although it is not obvious, it is completely different from the previous one!
At this moment, not only Jiang Xuening but all the other people who were gloating or just about to see a joke were dumbfounded, they couldn't believe what they saw!

  The iron tree is blooming!
The sun is out in the west!
Su Shangyi actually laughed!

  She probably wasn't used to laughing, so she looked a little stiff, she just stared at Jiang Xuening, and even though her voice was softer than before, she only said: “Miss Jiang is the first time entering the palace.
Right? The etiquette will be taught by me.”

  Jiang Xuening: “…”
Wait, is there something wrong?
Everyone else: “…” What
about treating everyone equally and being extremely strict?!

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