The Chrysanthemum Appreciation Banquet in Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion will be held tomorrow.
After getting the word “go” from Jiang Xuening, Tanger prepared a reply and sent it to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion.
After all, the invitation is only an invitation, not everyone who receives the invitation will go.
If you send a message to the host, you can arrange it in advance for the day of the banquet.

  It's just that Yan Lin found out about it after a while.
  At the end of the day, he and Shen Jie left the palace and made tea in Shen Jie's mansion, with a handsome face dark and angry: “I asked her if she would watch the lantern festival on September 9, but she won't go; On the Double Ninth Festival, she went out to appreciate chrysanthemums.
Is she intending to be mad at me when Qingyuan Uncle Mansion is so dilapidated!”

  Shen Jie couldn't get into the matter of the little children, so he just looked at him.

  Yan Lin couldn't think of it, but he still had a taste in his heart.
  The teacup was just picked up, but I couldn't drink it, so I put it back.
  He frowned and called: “Qingfeng! Go back to the mansion to see if we have any invitations from Uncle Qingyuan in our mansion.
If there are any, please reply and I will go there.
If not, I will not.
Gotta have it! Just take my famous post and hand it over, how dare you stop me outside the door?”

  Qing Feng hesitated for a moment, then reminded carefully: “But the prince, the Duke of Chengguo also sent a message, if you go to Qingyuan Uncle's House…”

  The Xiao clan of the Duke of Chengguo’s mansion is the only big clan in Beijing that can stand side by side with the Yan clan.
  The two were in-laws more than 20 years ago.
  But now…

  Yan Lin sneered: “Prince Chengguo's mansion is a banquet for adults, and the juniors are just to accompany them, and our Yongyihou mansion and the mansion of Chengguo mansion have long since died, so what's strange if I don't go? What nonsense are you talking about? hurry up.”
  Qingfeng didn't dare to say more, only asked: “Do you want to tell the second girl?”
  Yan Lin said in a dull tone: “No.
I want to see when she sees me, what can she find out? Perfunctory nonsense!”

  Shen Jie laughed at him: “You have such a temper.” But
  after speaking, after thinking about it, he actually said, “If that's the case, I'll accompany you to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion to join in the fun.”

  Yan Lin raised her eyebrows to look at him.

  Shen Jie drank the tea slowly, and explained, “You also know the rumors in the palace, saying that the emperor wants to make me the emperor's younger brother.
When he came out of the Wenhua Palace today, Mr.
Xie ordered me and said People in the DPRK are terrifying, even if I have a clear conscience, it’s best to distance myself from the Xiao family recently.”

  Chengguo Gongfu, also known as the Xiao family, is the mother family of the current empress dowager and the foreign family of the current saint.
  Shen Jie and Shen Lang are brothers of the same mother, and the saint's family is naturally his family.
  It's just that the timing is special now.
  After all, the emperor is the emperor, and the Xiao family is powerful.
Although it is rumored that the emperor wants to make him the emperor's younger brother, he is close to the Xiao family, and it will inevitably cause the emperor's suspicion and suspicion.

  Yan Lin lowered his eyes and pondered for a moment: “Mr.
Xie is willing to point you.”
  Shen Jie didn't care, he only said: “Mr.


  The fact that the Duke of Chengguo and the Uncle of Qingyuan together to invite the Chongyang Chrysanthemum Banquet has been quietly spread among the high-profile households in Beijing.
  Without him, the Xiao family would be too prominent.
  The door is not very high, so they rushed to cling to
  it ;

  Therefore, although they felt that this matter was very refuting the face of You Mansion, many people had to find an excuse, and even if they were too lazy to find an excuse, they pushed the Qingyuan Uncle Mansion side.
  Everyone guessed that not many people would go to Bofu this time.
  But no one expected that news suddenly came out in the afternoon, saying that the Young Marquis of Yongyi Hou's Mansion and His Royal Highness Prince Linzi had replied, and they would go to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion together tomorrow for a banquet!

  Everyone's jaw dropped in shock.
  Even Bo's mansion was at a loss, and everyone looked at each other: Do we have a friendship with Yongyi Hou's mansion? Who knows Xiaohou Ye? Which one has caught up with His Royal Highness King Linzi? Did you say a few words? How did the innocent people come?
  But then came ecstasy.

  When they had a banquet with the Duke of Chengguo, they were both sincere and embarrassed.
The replies they received these days were sparse, so I won't mention them.
When I opened it, half of them were declined.
  You can all foresee the desolate scene of tomorrow's banquet.
  But suddenly it was said that His Royal Highness King Linzi and the little Marquis were coming.
This is really great news that fell from the sky.
You must know that the identities of these two masters are second to none in the entire capital!
  The whole house was suddenly excited.

  In the evening, the news that Yan Lin and Shen Jie were coming tomorrow had already spread, and various replies and salutations flew towards the uncle's residence in Qingyuan like a snowflake.
  Originally, they had prepared to leave the table, but they thought it was too much.
  But I didn't expect to grab the abacus and pull it, it's not enough!
  So I got up all night, and the courtyard in the mansion was brightly lit all night.
I was afraid that I would not be ready, and I would wait for the distinguished guests tomorrow.

  There are two direct misses in You Mansion, the eldest is called You Shuang, and the second is called You Yue.

  The two sisters are both average in appearance.
  When the next person said that the King of Linzi and the Young Master were coming, both of them opened their eyes wide and covered their lips with their hands in shock.

  The servant's face was full of joy, and he only said to the two of her: “Uncle has explained, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
The eldest and the second must get ready and dress up beautifully.”
  This sentence was subtle.
  But You Shuang and You Yue both understood, her face was slightly red, but she said, “Father is really busy, and our sisters will naturally not lose the honor of Uncle Mansion for such an important banquet.”

  The servant said “yes”.

  Yu Shuang thought about it but felt that something was unusual.
  Her face should be colder, and she only pondered: “It's really strange, when did our uncle climb up to Yongyi Hou's mansion? I have never heard that the brothers have any friendship with Xiaohou Ye and His Royal Highness King Linzi.
How do you say it today? Come?”
  And it was too late to reply.
  It's like a temporary decision.

  You Yue were overjoyed.
  She has a brighter appearance and is younger, and she looks very delicate in a goose-yellow dress.
  Hearing her sister's words, she didn't pay much attention to them: “My sister is just too careless, don't you want people to come up temporarily? It is said that the Xiao family is at odds with the Yan family, and the Shizi Yan may be deliberately trying to save the face of the Chengguo Gongfu.
That's why it came.”

  It's not impossible.
  ”I just want to take the face of the Duke of Chengguo's mansion, so it's fine if I don't go.
How can I take my turn to give face to our uncle's mansion?” You Shuang is a sister, and she has learned many things from her mother.
Always thinking more deeply, he asked the servant, “I ask you, before the reply from Shizi Yan and His Royal Highness Prince Linzi came, who else said they would come?”

  The servant counted with his fingers: “Before the Prince and His Highness, there were not many people who replied that they would come, and the generals were also in Shangshanbo Mansion, Censor Tai Zhou Mansion, oh, and in the morning, there was also Jiang Shilang's mansion.
The second girl!”

  You Shuang couldn't help frowning: “Miss Jiang Er…”

  God knows, the post from the uncle's house to Jiang Shilang's house was sent out of courtesy, and they were not familiar with Jiang Xuening.
  It's normal for Jiang Xuehui to come.
  But when Jiang Xuening came, she was as strange as Yan Shizi and Linzi King came, and she was still before these two masters…

  You Yue was too lazy to think so much, when she heard the words “Second Girl Jiang”, she immediately snorted, showing disgust: “It was a good thing that the prince of Yan was coming, but I didn't expect this country girl to come too, It adds to the bad luck!”

  You Shuang felt that something was wrong and didn't answer.
  When You Yue talked about Jiang Xuening, she thought of another person who she hated, raised her chin, and instructed the servants: “By the way, if you have a distinguished guest tomorrow, please show me that hoof and keep it in the woodshed.
Don't call it a collision with the noble.”


  Jiang Xuening was in the mansion, but she didn't know how long a series of reactions would be drawn because she decided to go to the banquet in Qingyuan's uncle's mansion, and she didn't know that Yan Lin and Shen Jie were going.
  She had a headache thinking about You Fangyin.
  I didn't sleep well last night, and I was sluggish all day long, without any energy.

  Meng Shi heard that she was going to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion instead of Chengguo Gong's Mansion, so she didn't ask much.
  Jiang Xuening thought to herself that she might be relieved.
  After all, she was going to a banquet in Chengguo's mansion, and she took Jiang Xuehui to be dignified, virtuous, and knowledgeable.
If she took her there, her temperament was indulgent and naughty, and she didn't know what would happen.

  Early the next morning, Jiang Xuening got up, had porridge and rice, dressed up, and then boarded the carriage prepared by the mansion, bypassing half of the imperial city, and heading to Qingyuan Uncle Mansion.

  Qingyuan Bofu is located in the east of the city.
  That piece is the house of honor.
  Compared with the terrifyingly high lintel of Duke Cheng's mansion, the two stone lions at the entrance of the Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion are still a little imposing, but the gates have already shown a bit of decline.
  Fortunately, many people came to the banquet today.
  The old cold front of the door can also be called a lot of traffic at this moment.
People are constantly greeting each other with smiles on their faces and entering the door, which makes people wonder if Bofu is about to gain power again.

  Jiang Xuening heard from You Fangyin in his last life that he was very aware of the current state of the Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion.
When he first got off the car and saw the lively scene around him, he almost thought that he had come to the wrong place.
It's Bofu.
  She felt strange, but she didn't ask much.
  As soon as the post was handed over, the servants led them into the house.

  A group of people walked under the hand porch, smelling the fragrance of osmanthus and chrysanthemums along the way, and the arrangement was somewhat elegant and delicate.
  Just when he was about to enter the round gate to the back garden, a thin figure rushed over from the slanting thorn.
  A green dress is a little dirty.
  It was a girl with a messy bun with her hair down and her hair down, her face terrified and her eyes red.

  Jiang Xuening felt familiar for a while, and his heart was already shocked.
Seeing her hurriedly running over, before she could tell the difference or avoid it, she bumped her shoulder.
  The embroidered sachet tied around his waist fell to the ground.
  Jiang Xuening stood still, just looking at her.

  You Fangyin just escaped from the firewood room, and she just wanted to see her aunt who was dying when she was seriously ill.
She was afraid that she wouldn't even be able to see her for the last time.
  She hurriedly bent over to pick up the sachet.
  But the tears fell but wet the white peony with dense stitches on the sachet.
  When I wiped it with my hands, it was already dirty.

  At this time, You Fangyin hated her clumsiness so much that she didn't dare to wipe it with her stained hands anymore, she held the sachet with both hands and handed it back to Jiang Xuening: “Fangyin is clumsy, ramming If the girl broke your sachet, I will embroider one for the girl to make amends, and ask her to forgive me!”
  When she stretched out her hand, her sleeve slipped a little.
  There was no good skin on the exposed part of the wrist, it was black and bruised, and there were even a few welts.

  The servants who led the way were stunned when they saw her.
  Jiang Xuening's gaze moved from her face to her wrist, but her face became more and more dazed.
  It was Tang'er who responded very quickly and saw that something was wrong, so she hurried up and took the sachet first: “Just give it to me.”

  On the other end of the porch, there were cluttered footsteps, and a few old women shouted sharply: “It's not good for a person! Even if she is locked up, she can be told to run away! It's such an important day again.
You can't eat anything and go! Hurry up, go find it!”
  You Fangyin heard it, how dare you stay longer?
  She hurriedly bowed to Jiang Xuening, raised the corner of her skirt, and ran towards the other end.

  The woman behind her soon found her trail and chased after her.
  Noisy for a while.
  The servant knew that the house was not very peaceful recently because of the aunt's affairs, so he didn't dare to let the guests know, so he quickly apologized to Jiang Xuening: “I made the girl laugh, the servant girl just bought in the house has no rules.
, aren't you shocked?”

  Jiang Xuening only took the sachet from Tanger's hand.
The originally graceful peony was embroidered with white thread, so there was a kind of elegant elegance, but at this moment, it was stained with tears, and there was a smudge on the tears.
  She blinked and looked down.
  Under the thick eyelashes, there is a dark shadow.
  Jiang Xuening could hear the voice in his heart: Don't worry, don't worry.
So many people die every day in the world.
Don't worry about it, in a few hours, you will be able to see the real “You Fangyin”.

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