Although Jiang Xuening came back from rebirth, the only advantage is that this is a much more mature brain than the body and the foresight of some things that will happen in the future.
If you really want to talk about the situation, it is actually worse than the previous life.

  She thought about it seriously.
  In fact, if she can hook up with Princess Leyang in this life, she will undoubtedly be outside Yan Lin, adding a layer of protection to her safety.

  It's just that she is not a man.
If a woman pretends to be a man, she will first let Shen Zhiyi fall in love with her, and then she will find out the truth.
I'm afraid the ending will be similar to the previous life.
  God knows how much effort she spent in her last life to grab Jiang Xuehui's chance to enter the palace as a companion to study –
  As a result, she bumped into Shen Zhiyi on the first day she entered the palace.

  Only then did she know that the girl brought by Shen Jie that she met at the Double Ninth Lantern Festival was indeed the younger sister of the current Sage Shen Lang, the eldest princess of Leyang, Shen Zhiyi.
  And this time, the companions who entered the palace were actually chosen for her.

  So Jiang Xuening fell bad luck.
  After Shen Zhiyi found out that she was a daughter, even if her face was black, she probably felt that she was infatuated with the wrong payment, could not accept it, and could not hold back her face, so she made things difficult for her.

  Yan Lin had been playing with Shen Zhiyi since he was a child, so he quarreled with Shen Zhiyi several times.
  Shen Zhiyi hated her again and felt that her words were provocative, causing Yan Lin to have a quarrel with herself, making her more and more embarrassing.

  Although the eldest princess didn't really know how to tease people, it was difficult for Jiang Xuening at the time to accept it, so when I look back on those days now, I feel that the tone is dark.

  The bright pink Mu Furong was held in her palms by both hands, and the memories related to Shen Zhiyi in her previous life flashed through her mind.
Jiang Xuening raised her head and stared at Yan Lin, and suddenly felt that his youthful heart was really reflected in his words.
  He is domineering and does not know how to cover up.
  As soon as I came, I said to her, “I want to take you to see it”, not “Would you like to see it together”.

  Jiang Xuening smiled slightly, and suddenly felt a little teased, and asked him: “The Chongyang Lantern Festival is on the ninth day of September, but today is only the seventh day of September, so you came to me?”
  Yan Linyuan was still sitting on the wall very casually.
  As soon as she said these words, his eyes suddenly became a little dodgy, and even his fingers holding the sword tightened, but after a second thought, he felt that he really had no need to feel guilty, so he immediately became confident: “I want you Come on, I do! I just want to see you, what's the matter?”

  Lian'er, who was standing beside Jiang Xuening, was stunned, and quickly buried her head, not daring to raise her to take a look.

  Jiang Xuening didn't expect his words to be so bold and straightforward, and when he thought of those things in his previous life, he couldn't help but become silent.

  Yan Lin was dissatisfied: “Are you going?”
  Jiang Xuening showed a slightly apologetic smile: “I won't go this time.
But if you want to see a lantern festival next time, come and find me, and I'll go with you again.

  She can actually go out in women's clothes.
  In this way, you can avoid being spotted by Princess Leyang.
  But women's clothing will inevitably attract attention, it is very inconvenient, it is better not to go, and she is not interested in any lantern festival.

  Yan Lin frowned: “It's strange what you said, why did you not go 'this time? What's the difference between this time and the next time? It's just that the lights are different each time.
Or is it different on your Chongyang day? Can't go?”
  Jiang Xuening thought for a while, and simply made an excuse for himself: “I felt dizzy when I came back this morning, and I wanted to rest at home for two days.”

  Yan Lin looked at her face.
  Not really good.
  His Ningning is much whiter than others.
When standing in the light, his skin is like a very clear jade, which makes people want to reach out and caress him.
After returning to the house, he changed into another dress, and he was no longer dressed in men's clothes.
The girl who has passed the age of eighteen is already exquisite and elegant.
At this moment, she is standing under the flower tree, holding the wooden hibiscus he just smashed with both hands, and her fingers like scallions are placed on the bright pink petals covered with red clouds.
Zhang's palm-sized face was raised, and he looked up at him slightly, his eyes were gentle and clear, which was movingly bright and slender.

  I didn't notice it when I first arrived, but this look stirred up the young man's mind.
  Just looking forward to the day of the crown coming soon.
  I wish I could marry such a good-looking her back home and spoil her.

  Yan Lin met her eyes, coughed again, avoided a little, and said, “It's all my fault that I didn't care about you last night, and I told you to drink several cups secretly and become a lazy cat.
You can rest at home for a few days, I will find out how long the next light will be, and I will make it up for you later.”

  Jiang Xuening was trying to get back to him.
  Unexpectedly, a shout suddenly came from the other end in the distance: “Okay, let me catch you and climb the wall again! Believe it or not, I will go back and tell Lord Hou, and ask him to judge! Is there anyone who does this to the prince?”
  It was Jiang Boyou who happened to see the situation here when he passed by.

  Yan Lin suddenly felt a headache.

  Jiang Boyou came here without saying a word, and flung his sleeves, wishing he could find a long bamboo pole to stab Yan Lin down: “Little Marquis, is it too much for you to do this? There is more than one girl in my house, Ning Yatou.

  Yan Lin doesn't understand: “But I only see her.”
  Jiang Boyou was so angry that his beard blew out: “Anyway, you are not allowed to climb this wall anymore.
The next person will pass on a message, and the old man will not tell you.
Like this, what kind of etiquette is it!”

  Yan Lin and Jiang Boyu were already familiar with each other, and with a twist of his wrist, he flipped the long sword over and made a joke without hesitation: “Mr.
Jiang, don't be angry, isn't this wall built for people to climb on? If you feel unhappy, you can turn back and build this courtyard high, just to use the juniors to practice your skills.”
  Jiang Boyu was so angry that he was speechless.
  Yan Lin saw that it was getting late.
Although he still wanted to see Jiang Xuening for a while, he really wanted to go back to the house to say goodbye to his parents, so he looked back at her and said, “I'm leaving today, and I'll see you another day.”

  Jiang Xuening nodded.
  Yan Lin supported her hand and jumped from the top of the wall full of wooden hibiscus.
In the blink of an eye, she went to the other side of the wall and disappeared.
  Jiang Boyou was left staring and angry.

  Seeing this, Jiang Xuening smiled, and for some unknown reason, she felt a lot more comfortable, so she only bowed to Jiang Uncle before turning around and going back to her room.
  She could only hear Jiang Boyou muttering behind her, “What's this called!”


  When Jiang Xuening returned to the room, Tang'er had been waiting for a while, and when she saw her, she said, “I just followed the girl's instructions to find Lord Zhou, and when Lord Zhou heard that you were looking for it, he waited outside.
It's just that you were called by your wife, and you haven't seen it for a while.
Lord Zhou has something to look for.
You can't wait.
But I left a message for you.
You can go to Xiejie Hutong to look for him, but you won't dare to neglect the girl.”

  It was already dark after coming back, and Jiang Xuening didn't expect to see Zhou Yinzhi.
  But after all, the other party still left a sentence.
  Judging from what happened in his previous life, Zhou Yinzhi during this period was when he tried every means to catch up with Yan Lin, and I was afraid that he also wanted to see her very much.

  She only said “I know”, and when she was going to find a convenient way to go out without attracting attention, she went to talk to Zhou Yinzhi, and then sat down by the window.
  When he reached out his hand to serve tea, he suddenly saw a post on the table.
  Jiang Xuening raised his eyebrows slightly and picked it up: “What is this?”

  Earlier, when Tang'er was pulled into the room by Lian'er, she actually had this post in her hand, but she almost forgot about Jiang Xuening's bathing, tea, etc.
When I saw this, I remembered and quickly said: “It was a post sent by several young ladies in Qingyuan's uncle's mansion, please go to their mansion to appreciate chrysanthemums on the Chongyang day.
The post was delivered to the mansion this morning, and the servant wanted to tell you earlier.
Then, after the delay, I almost forgot.”

  ”Uncle Qingyuan?”
  Jiang Xuening's eyelids suddenly jumped.
  ”But Qingyuan Boyu Mansion?”

  Tang'er felt a little surprised when she saw her reaction, but she didn't know why she reacted like this, so she said: “It's the You Mansion.
The Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion is not a famous family in Beijing, and the Xijue is now a generation worse than a generation.
Although this young lady is good at handling flowers and plants, this invitation collided with the time when Chengguo Gongfu invited people to admire chrysanthemums.
Those in Beijing who could receive invitations from Chengguo Gongfu would probably not go to Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion.
Just now, someone said that the invitations from Duke Chengguo’s mansion also went to his wife, and I think they are here to bring you and the eldest girl with you.
You don’t need to care about the invitations from the uncle’s mansion.”

  do not mind?
  How can you not care!
  Qingyuan Boyu House.
  You Fangyin, whom she had known in her previous life, was the concubine of Bo's Mansion.
In the eyes of outsiders, she had “a big change in her personality.” She eventually went into business and became the richest person in Jiangning City, the most prosperous place in Dagan.

  But the fall into the water this morning happened precisely on the day when the Chrysanthemums were admired on the Double Ninth Festival in the Uncle's Mansion in Qingyuan!

  That is to say, You Fangyin, who was in the world of business and wealthy in later generations, has not yet fallen into the water, and has not really come to this world!
  Now You Fangyin of Qingyuan Uncle's Mansion is not the same person as You Fangyin, who she had met in her previous life and who she wants to re-acquaint in this life.

  You Fangyin once said that she came from “traveling”.
  Jiang Xuening didn't understand these words at the time but only understood that she came from a faraway place that she couldn't go back to, and she was not from their place.
  But after she was reborn, she could vaguely understand what You Fangyin meant.

  You Fangyin is lonely after all.
Others only know that her actions are different from those around her.
When she is deviant and daring, only she knows that she is different from the people around her.
  Perhaps neither is a “world”.
  In Jiang Xuening's understanding, the word “world” is something that Buddhism likes to talk about, but You Fangyin always seems to like to use it instead of the word “world”.

  At this moment, looking at the invitation in his hand, which has been painted in a very elegant manner, the small smile that Jiang Xuening had on his face before disappeared little by little.
  Another choice was in front of her.

  If You Fangyin came to this world like her previous life, she may be one of the few people who can understand her.
After all, in her last life when she was under house arrest, she became a confidant who could talk about everything, which proves that she is indeed Compatible with You Fangyin.
Relying on You Fangyin's ability and her reincarnated prophet advantage, two-phase cooperation, as long as you are careful in the early stage and manage well, you may not be able to fight Xie Wei.
  In You Fangyin's words –
  she will become Jiang Xuening's “golden thigh”.

  However, Jiang Xuening also knew: You Fangyin hated this world in her bones.

  That night, lying in the curtain of the veil hanging down, she tossed and turned, unable to sleep for a long time.
  Memories of past lives flooded my mind.
  As soon as he closed his eyes, he was in a trance and hazy in the dream, and he actually returned to the days when he was trapped in Kunning Palace, playing chess, drinking, playing leaf cards, and telling the truth with You Fang.

  At one time, she was dressed in common clothes and threw a shelf full of classics and historical collections into the brazier.
  one time, she was walking on the ground barefoot and humming songs she had never heard before in the cold night.
  for a while, she was drunk again, sitting on the window sill with a bottle of wine, looking at the full moon outside the palace wall, lonely and lonely…

  You Fangyin crooked on the couch and said, “Niangniang, I came from afar, and it was a much better era than this one.
I was outside the bureau, and you were in the bureau.
I never felt that there was anything wrong with a woman being a little ambitious.
Quite a bit.
The queen wants to be the queen, and she didn't do anything to harm the world.
It's not you, it's this world!”
  You Fangyin held up the wine cup and sneered: “Poor, ridiculous!”
  You Fangyin also pointed at the circle on the horizon Yue said: “Others see me as a rich man, and there is nothing in the world that I can't buy with money.
But I see myself as a pitiful creature.
A free heart, but trapped in a prison, can't bear suffering.
Empress, You know, in that world, there are friends who miss me and parents who treat me with filial piety…”

  Those words gradually became choked up in Jiang Xuening's dream, filled with tears.

  One night passed, unable to sleep.
  When Jiang Xuening got up early the next morning, there was a faint bloodshot in her eyes, and she felt a kind of hesitation that even she couldn't catch.
  She really needs You Fangyin so much.
  But at the same time, the rebirth gave her the opportunity to change the fate of this confidant.

  Tanger was very worried when she saw her appearance.
  Jiang Xuening only asked, “Is the invitation from Uncle Qingyuan still there?”
  Tang'er said cautiously, “It's still there, are you going?”

  Jiang Xuening blinked, and after a long time, he said, “Go.”

  Always go.
  But after leaving, what should I do?
  she does not know.

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