A Lady and A Freak

Chapter 5: The Deal II

Xiao was woken up by the gentle chirping of morning birds, her face was bathed in warm golden sunlight from the rising sun. She remembered the pain and the temple. Oh…

For a moment, she thought she already reached heaven. But then she remembered that shes done nothing to reach heaven, and her taste in literature would put her straight to hell.

Slowly, a stinging pain erupted from her abdomen as her senses came back to her. Shes dreaded the realization that shes still alive. She tried to sit up, but another sharp pain made her collapse back to the hard ground, her messy chestnut hair fluttered around her face and shoulders as she laid there helplessly for a second.

”Ouch. ” She mumbled, clutching her stomach where the pain supposedly came from.

She was sure she aimed the sharp wand at her heart, but why is her wound a bit above her hip? She could barely move, her entire body ached because of that one wound. What happened? Why isn she dead yet?

”Little one. ” The deep voice called out to her, and she groaned.

The demon with red eyes who refused to kill her.

”Good, you
e not dead. ” He said, but she couldn pin point where he is.

Xiao only saw his large shadow hovering around. His location doesn , what matters is that shes still alive.

She doesn know how to feel about this. The witch was ready to give her life away, and the demon refused to kill her.

Oh, shit. The sun is high in the sky, around 9 in the morning. If she returns to the Monastery now, shell get the full force of the punishment, and Uncle David would give her a disappointed look even though he won write to her parents that she messed up.

The witch sighed and blinked up at the sky. Shes still in the middle temple where theres barely a roof.

Finally, she lifted her white blouse a little to trace a finger over her wound, which is an ugly mess of stitches the size of a coin holding her skin together under a layer of bandages wrapped around her waist. She recognized the factory pattern on the bandages, the same ones given in first aid kit every Monastery student had to carry around in their messenger bags.

She remembered everything going black when she channeled all her magic into stabbing herself, so why is her wound taken care of?

Another pained groan left her lips when she realized what happened. The monster not only deny to kill her, but saved her life and took care of her wound. She tried to stand up, but his deep voice kept her still.

”Sit down, little witch. ”

Xiao can barely keep herself upright anyways. Her chestnut brown hair is messy beyond help without a comb, and she winced as she tried her best to sit down on the hard stone ground. Then, she noticed that her hooded gray cape was used as a sheet for her to lay on and her bag was her pillow. Huh?

Next to her make shift pillow, Xiao found the remains of her wand, which is now just a useless stick broken in half.

”What did you do? ” She mumbled as her fingers gingerly poked the stick.

”I gave you one more chance to live, obviously. ” A snarl was heard from behind her, and her black eyes widened when she realized that his voice is coming from anywhere but the hole.

So, he can get out of the hole, but not out of the temple?

She didn understand why he would save her, but that didn matter. ”Doesn matter. Just let me die. ”

The young witch found a beautiful place to rest forever, and guess what? She can have that wish.

”Look, tiny human. I didn diverted the direction of your wand only for you to kill yourself later. ” The monster talked to her from the shadow, and she can tell that hes inside the corridor now.

”What? You have other plans? Why didn you just kill me instead? ” Xiao offered. ”A quick death or a long torture session, whatever is fine. Im not picky as long as its in here. ”

”Why do you wanna die so damn much? ” The monster stepped out of the shadow, pure toned muscles bath in the morning light. Xiao was thankful for the pants covering his torso or else she would be drooling. Oh, she shouldn be drooling over a demon like this.

The demon is obviously a male, and he looked human. Except for his red eyes and ashy skin. She had to remind herself that hes being chained in here for a reason, and hes an evil shadow wielder prince once.

But, he looks so delicious, like heaven had taken a form of something so sinister. She should be dead, and yet paradise is looking down at her. His muscular arms are shackled by his wrists, and his ankles are also bound; the chains extended into the temples walls, blending into the shadows like they belong there.

”Please, just kill me… ” She whispered when he took a step closer. Her round black eyes looked up at him, taking him in. Hes handsome, but thats only expected when hes royal blood. Xiao didn break eye contact when she stared at him. ”Whats there to live for? Im only an investment to my family, and they want to marry me out to some rich spoiled brat. They killed my motivation, took away my freedom, so whats left? ”

He raised a curious eyebrow, ”What about your magic powers? You
e from the Monasterys Academy, right? ”

”Whats the point of me studying magic if Im going to marry some bastard and bare his children once I graduate in three years? ” She doesn smile, but she bared her teeth at him. ”And then what? Be a good little wife? Be by his side until the end of time? Be a decoration for his fellow brats? That kind of life isn for me. ”

Then, she blinked as he sat down in front of her. The chains complicated things a little, but he pulled them away and made himself comfortable on the stone floor. Even when hes sitting, hes huge, and Xiao couldn help but feel her eyes wandered to every inch of his skin.

Red eyes looked down at her; the demon almost seemed nervous.

”If you don have a reason to live, then make me your reason. ”


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