A Lady and A Freak

Chapter 1: The Witch

that ”men prefer educated women ”, and the Monastery of Magic is the best educational institution there is to send ones children to.

Xiao gritted her teeth, but she thanked her uncle nonetheless. Its not his fault that shes born in a society where she can live her life. Her classes had already ended for the day, and she decided to go for a walk to clear her mind. Once she got out of Uncle Davids office, she looked out the window saw her fellow female students in the air. The waved at her as they made their way to the next tower, their brooms holding them up in the air.

Huh, forget a walk. She needs to fly to clear her mind.

She made her way to the closet broom closet, and she took out the first broom she saw. The old thing has splinters and the straw head is missing in patches, but thats how she knows its reliable.

Without much thought, she opened the balcony door next to the closet and took off. The sun is setting soon; Xiao keeps a constant supply of energy channeled into the broom to keep herself afloat. Her black eyes looked down at the scenery underneath her. The small oak trees became bigger and denser as she got into forest territory of the Monastery, which isn bound by stone gates like the Main Monastery ground where people actually live.

The Monastery looks so beautiful from a far, dark stone and pointy roofs made up the five towers, and some students are out and about on their brooms too, like bees buzzing around a goth flower bush.

Before she knew it, she found herself already wandering out of the Monasterys territory. Her black eyes widened when she turned around and saw the thin, barely visible fences on the forest floor that separated the Monasterys territory from the rest of the kingdom.

Shit, shes gonna be in trouble if the guards catch her outside like this. Students are not allowed to be outside the territory, and most got in trouble for it because they didn see the little fences which are little intentionally. If they dare to go over those little wooden fences, theyll be punished with writing the Monasterys rules a hundred times over and wash the dishes in the cafeteria after meal times for a week.

The students don dare to walk over a barrier because they
e afraid of the consequences, which is a very effective form of control, to be honest. After all, the Monastery of Magics Academys main purpose is to pump out obedient little witches and wizards who are loyal to the crown, and if you
e born with magic, or come from a sorcerer family like the Devinskies, your parents will throw you in there for the sake of tradition.

As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she sighed.

The sun is now blazing orange behind the Monastery, and Xiao bites her lips. No guards are shouting at her yet, no fellow students are calling her out yet.

The Silverin Temple.

Her beady black eyes widened when the name crossed her mind.

She has never been there since the Monastery doesn allow their students to explore outside their territory, and its not like she really has any reason to. The temple isn tourist famous or anything, but its still a known temple in the records since shes tasked with writing an essay about it in history class.

Every 250 years, the royal family Mistichestor of Rechena will give birth to a prince with shadow powers, a form of dark magic, which naturally corrupts whoever wields it. Two centuries ago, one of those evil shadow wielder princes was born, and he raised hell to all five nations surrounding the Monastery. Unlike the evil shadow wielder princes before him, he couldn be killed, so the five kingdoms and the Monastery sent their best mages, witches and wizards and warlocks to seal the genocidal prince. Like the evil shadow wielder princes before him, his name was erased from history.

Its said that if you go deep into the temple, youll find the prince chained there, but once people go in, they never come out.


A perfect place to end her life.


Little does she know, the ”evil shadow wielder prince ” is waiting for her.

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