A Lady and A Freak

Chapter 1: The Witch

XiaoLan Devinsky officially joined the Monastery of Magics Academy at the age of 13. Its not long until she mastered all subjects. Many students envied her large capacity of magic powers and intelligence. Soon, she became one of the Monasterys youngest top students at the age of 15.

She hasn even finished her first of five years of studies at the academy yet, but her power is ranked alongside her older cousins, which is in the top ten.

Then, she wondered, whats the point of all of this when shes going to graduate in three years and marry a man she never met?

She went to the only person she could in this place, David Devinsky, the Abbots secretary. Hes her fathers youngest brother, and he managed to avoid marriage for two decades after he graduated. Hes still single now, and shed want to know his secret of how.

”Ah, isn this our new prodigy? ” He greeted her warmly as she opened the door to his office. David is a handsome man, with the same shade of chestnut brown hair as hers and dimples adorning his peachy cheeks when he smiles. His uniform coat is draped over his chair, and his white dress shirt hugged his figure nicely.

The young witch gently closed the door behind her, and she made her way to the chair in front of his desk. His office is rather comfy compared to the other authorities in the Monastery. Unlike them, Uncle Davids office is full of decorations which he took from their hometown such little pieces of colorful stone animals, random brick-sized books about cooking, and of course, geode bowls and silverware scattered across a dresser in the corner. Her uncle is also a hard working man, and most of the time he skipped lunch at the cafeteria, and instead hed cook instant food in his office later.

Xiao made sure the glass stain window was closed, and she pulled the curtains shut for good measure before she sat down on the chair.

”Do you need a silent spell? ” Uncle David asked. His thick eyebrows lifted in amusement, but she knows if she says yes, hed do it.

”Is there a way you can null the marriage? ”

”Ah… Well, Id need to write to the head of your family— our family — and make up an excuse for you. A prodigy such as yourself shouldn be married off so soon. ” He sighed. ”We, the Abbot and I, tried before with other students, but… You know we don have a choice in this too. Usually, it depends on the family head. It only works if the family head agrees with the excuse and stops the engagement. ”

Basically her father has the final answer.

”Thanks for trying anyway. ” Xiao smiled at him nervously. ”Trying is better than nothing, right? ”

”Of course, but I can promise anything. Don get your hopes up, little one. ” Uncle David got up from his desk and stretched. ”Ill call you in personally when the letter comes back. ”

The head of the Devinsky familys response letter arrived at the Monastery a week later. Her fathers response was clearly a giant No written in red disguised under sugarcoated words of how the Devinskies wanted the best for the first daughter of the head of the family, and becoming a professor after she graduated isn good enough for them.

Xiao clenched her teeth in anger, and she slapped the letter on Uncle Davids desk.

”Sorry. ” She immediately apologized for her rude behavior.

The secretary only gave her a sad smile as he patted her back. ”Ah, little one. It won be too bad. You can still come here every week. ”

Its not about her visiting here, its about her freedom. She doesn want to be her mother, who graduated from the Monastery of Magic and then straight up married to her father and started pumping babies. However, her mother and her father didn have any children until five years after their marriage. Unfortunately, they got a daughter, so they tried again until they got a son. Xiao doesn want to be her mother.

But, she really can escape this fate, can she?

Whats the point of her living if her life is controlled by her father? Sure, he sent her to the Monastery, but its purely out of tradition and the fact

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