The branch manager backed away and was overwhelmed by Catalana.
With her hands on the desk, Catalana moved her face up to the tip of the branch manager’s nose.

“The girl has barely interacted with anyone.
No one questioned her, but rather, they all praised her.
Only because she summoned something rare.
But did you know what happened after?”

“But, but you see, it’s bad manners to go into the details of Summoner’s contract.”

“You could have at least asked someone to make an evaluation of the result.
With a branch manager like you around, it’s no wonder why there aren’t any decent adventurers around here.”

“…I doubt that’s our problem.”

The branch manager, defeated, glared back at Catalana.
Litty was thinking about the current conversation, which was creating a hostile atmosphere.

There was none of the warmth that Litty had felt when talking to the branch manager of the Swordsman’s Guild, nor the gentleness amidst the roughness of the branch manager from the Heavy Warriors’ Guild.
Litty’s first impression of this branch manager was that he appeared to be cold.

“So, what do you think I should have done?”

“You’re going to ask me that? Confirm the contract, and see if it would be good for Kuufa-chan.
And whether she will grow in the future.
Or is there a more suitable summon for her.
That’s your guild’s responsibility, right?”

“You are just being overprotective.
How can you expect us to deal with other people’s circumstances?”

“That’s what your job is, you stupid branch manager.”

“That’s too much for us to be bothered with.
Hey, come in!”

The branch manager clapped his hands, and several Summoners entered the room.
Litty was now on high alert because of the situation.

As long as it was obvious that the branch manager was about to use force, there was no reason for them not to defend themselves.

“So people like you are sitting around and doing this kind of nonsense.
I can’t believe that decent adventurers will be raised in a guild like this.”

“It doesn’t matter if you are from the headquarters, please refrain from speaking out against the branch manager.”

“Do you guys really want to do something to me?”


Litty was genuinely impressed by Catalana’s capabilities.
She wasn’t letting them, the instructors, get the better of her.

“Do you know why I came all the way from headquarters to Royal Capital? I’m the one who is screening the adventurers you’ve brought up.
I want at least one adventurer who can go to unexplored regions.
This is not a game.
Do you understand?”

“Yes, of course, I understand that.”

“Then do your job properly!”

Catalana’s fist hit the branch manager in the face, and the branch manager slid down from his seat, his face covered in blood from the punch of a High-Ranking Adventurer.
The branch manager crawled on the floor, with his nose bleeding.
The punch was quite strong.

“You almost destroyed such a promising talent! Do you understand? Hey!”

“Sh, shtop with the violence.”

“If she did not meet Litty, she would have just continued to decline! Is your seat just for warming up while HQ is doing everything to explore more areas?”

I’m sho, shorry…”

Catalana’s angry voice was felt by Litty.
The change was so drastic that even Litty, who was not involved, felt a slight sense of fear.

Kuufa, on the other hand, was closely pressing her body to Litty.
She was so scared that she was in tears just from listening to Catalana’s rebuking words.

“So what are we gonna do about these people?”

“Oh, you, you people can go back to your posts…”

The instructors quickly fled the room just as the branch manager finished his instructions.

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