Litty visits the Summoner’s Guild

The gateway to Summoner’s Guild, located within the Royal Capital, was so exaggerated that it could have been mistaken for a castle.

With its triangular, cylindrical, and other non-uniform roofs and few windows, it was clearly a unique building on the outskirts of the Royal Capital’s commoner’s district.

“Well, let’s go in with a grand gesture.”

What exactly are you going to do?”

“I’m going to blow them up, depending on what the situation calls for.”

“Blow them up!?”

Catalana kicked open the door, and the woman at the reception desk was startled by the sudden impact.
The triangular-hooded beauty immediately responded to the violent visitor.

The woman drew something in the air with a cane in one hand, and a unicorn with white fur appeared.
It was a horse with a single horn growing out of its head.

“A unicorn is not enough to stop me.
Rather, I need to talk to the branch manager.”

“I can’t let him meet with a violent intruder like you.”

“I’m investigating by authority of the headquarters.”

Catalana presented her adventurer’s card, and the woman turned pale.
She hurriedly stepped in front of the unicorn and gave a big bow.

“I beg your pardon for this! Um, did something happen that involved our guild…?”

“I wish to speak with the branch manager.”

Litty was petting the unicorn next to the woman, purring and sniffing Litty as he nuzzled her, which surprised the woman.

“That’s unusual.
I can’t believe that my unicorn could be so friendly to someone other than me…”

“Summoning magic is wonderful! I want to use it as well!”

“The only condition for signing a contract with a unicorn is to be pure, so perhaps even you can sign a contract.”


“Alright, time to go!”

Catalana hurriedly moved to the back of the room as if she were trying to cover something up.
The guild employee then mentioned that breaking one’s purity would be a breach of contract, and the summoner would be stabbed by its horn.

Neither the woman nor Catalana explained this to Litty.
They decided that there was no need to give impure knowledge to a girl who just wanted to have a unicorn.

Kuufa, on the other hand, was disappointed that she could not sign a contract with a unicorn because she was a thief.
However, she didn’t know what purity the woman was talking about.


Litty was ushered into the branch manager’s office, where various items were on display that Litty could not understand.

There was an elderly man sitting in a chair with his elbows on the desk and his hands folded.
He was dressed in a sorcerer’s robe and sported a drooping catfish-like beard.
The man welcomed Catalana and the others with a smile.

What brings you all the way from headquarters here in person?”

“You know about Kuufa-chan, don’t you? And about how she was able to summon a demon.”

“Yes, that’s right.
A child with no knowledge of summoning has successfully summoned a demon.
She has received the acknowledgement of our guild.”

“You didn’t explain anything about demons to this girl?”

“Now, then, there seems to be some discrepancies with that.”

The branch manager brushed his fingers over his beard and then gave Kuufa a downcast look.
Avoiding his gaze, Kuufa stuck close to Litty.
From this observation, Litty assumed that this branch manager was not a good person.

“Of course, I explained it well enough, didn’t I? I’m sure Kuufa over there knows that, as well.”

“The name of the demon is reflected in their personalities, and there are many people who have been ripped apart both physically and emotionally by contracting with them.
Some of them are easy to deal with, but some of them are too difficult to manage, right?”

“Yes, that’s right.
Fortunately, the demon she contracted with is of a lower rank, so it doesn’t seem too serious…”

“Are you trying to mess with me?”

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