Litty confirmed Kuufa’s words and pulled her sword out of the demon’s mouth.
Just as she was about to deliver the finishing blow…


“Alright, Stooop!”


Catalana appeared from the depths of the cave.
This was the first time Litty remembered that they were still taking a test.


It must have taken them quite a while, and Catalana must have come to find them and tell them that they were rejected.
Despite Litty’s negative speculation, Catalana crouched down and stared at Baphomet.


“I didn’t think you were able to summon a demon.
I could guess how things ended up like this, but Litty-chan, I think you’d better wait a bit.”


“What? Can’t I just kill it?”


“Even if you kill the demon, its soul will simply move out of this world.
And one day it will return.
The body is just a vessel for the demon.






This demon’s attitude was affirming Catalana’s words.
Litty realized that one more step would have caused a troublesome situation.


“Hey, lesser demon Deshter?”


“Huh? Huh? Don’t put me with those mooks! I’m Galiel…”


Baphomet stopped talking just as he mistakenly said his name.
Catalana smiled and said, “I see, well said.
Galiel-san, a household belonging to the Greater Demon Baphomet.
A simple mob.”


“Ah, ah! Damn!”


Galiel, the demon, tried to crawl away, but something shot him in the back.
Galiel was pierced right through the heart, and it died without even a cry of despair.


Litty looked at the bow gun on Catalana’s arm. ‘When did Catalana take that out’, she thought.


Seeing Litty’s surprised face, Catalana said, “This? It’s a magical tool, Phalanx.
I usually keep it in a bracelet form, but it can be switched to a weapon as needed.
By the way, it’s custom-made, so don’t ask where I got it, okay?”


“Oh, a magic tool… So, did you kill the demon?”


“We’ll talk about demons later.
You guys are in the middle of a test, remember?”


“Oh! Speaking of which, how did you come to find us?”


“The ground in this area is loose because Ludwig has been wrecking it.
That’s why I fell in.”


This just confirmed Litty’s hunch that Catalana knew something was wrong with this place.
And knowing this, Catalina led them here.


Litty, who was getting a vague idea of Catalana’s personality, looked up at her, who had a sly grin.


“You got it.
It was on purpose.”


“I knew it…”


“An adventurer of this rank should be able to handle such happenings.
But well, I remembered that there was a Named Monster around here, so I came here as quickly as I could…”


“I beat it.
This is the subjugation proof.”




The Named Monster Tyrant Digger had buried a number of Rank 3 adventurers.
Catalana laughed, saying that it was a pain to handle for adventures because when it got angry, it would shake the whole underground and try to bury invaders.


Litty scratched her cheek, feeling that her timing had saved her yet again.
If she had taken more time to take care of it, she would have been dead for sure.


“Well, you really surprised me, though! You are nothing but a spectacle!”


“Thanks to Kuufa-san.”


Kuufa was most surprised by the unexpected gratitude from Litty.
However, she was too flustered to speak.
Even when she tried to speak, her voice was muffled.


“Thanks to Kuufa-san buying me some time, I was able to identify where the monster was digging underground.
If it had been me alone, I might have died.”


“Eh, oh, ah, no.


“When you were running around, it tried to follow you and got distracted.
That time had given me the opportunity to find it.”


“Eh, oh, re, really…”


It was a situation where Kuufa could have been called a liability.
Litty took that optimistically and tried to keep Kuufa included in the group.


“Right, I guess we are done then.
That should be enough.”


“What… no way.”


“It’s a test.
It’s useless to test the kids who can defeat the Named here.
Also, it was Ludwig who was raising and feeding the monsters here.”


“Was it no good?”


“You passed.”


Litty’s uneasy illusions were successfully dispelled.
That was a leap of faith for Litty.


But Litty was not pleased yet.
After all, she was dealing with Catalana, the person who had turned away most of the candidates in a half-hearted way.


“Did we really pass?”


“Yes? Aren’t you happy?”


“It’s too early to judge.”


“Hmm? …You are rig…”


As expected, Catalana couldn’t understand this and almost ended up agreeing in response to Litty’s serious look.

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