Litty still dared to walk next to her and even peek in trying to get a glimpse of her face.
Litty realized that this person was a little girl, probably younger than she was.
Hooded Muffler turned away from Litty slightly and did not look at her at all but, straight ahead.


“That Demon, he seems strong.
Are all Summons that strong?”


Again, Litty’s words were ignored.
However, Litty did not care at all and continued to speak.
She wanted to find out the girl’s true intentions.


“I wonder how far this cave goes.
I dove into Scarb’s lair once before, and it was amazing.”


The Hooded Muffler did not respond to Litty’s rambling speech.
On the contrary, she kept her face down.
This caused her to trip and almost fall, but Litty supported her.


“You have to watch your step, or you’ll be in danger.”


“Oh, oh, thanks…”


The girl uttered what sounded like an apology in a feeble tone.
However, immediately after that, she moved away from Litty quickly.
She walked as fast as she could, creating a large distance between them.


“I was also helped by you, and I am grateful for that!” (Litty)


Her walking speed increased even more.
However, Litty caught up with her instantly, thinking that it would be dangerous if she stumbled again.
The girl was quite surprised when Litty did so.


Then she looked at Litty for the first time.
Litty smiled back, but without any expression, she then still looked away.


Litty was satisfied with the girl’s reaction because she now confirmed that she was not hated.


“It’s still dangerous without a light.
Um, if a Monster attacks us, let’s fight together.”


The girl actually nodded this time in response.
She still didn’t speak, but this was a big step forward.


Litty thought it was fine if she didn’t like her, but she didn’t want her to hate her either.


And since they were of the same age or close, she wanted to get to know her better if she could.


“Speaking of which, it should be almost night.
Let’s find a camp as soon as possible.
The cave is filled with darkness right now, but when the sun rises next morning, there might be light coming from somewhere.”


Although the cave was unfamiliar to her, she was able to easily find a campsite thanks to her training and her experience at the Scarb’s nest.


However, Litty was concerned that it would be less safe than that time because of the monster moles.


As Litty started preparing the evening meal, the girl also helped.


“You’re very skilled at this, you know.”


The girl, who had finished her preparations diligently, placed a small pot on the fire.
She then poured the simple meal, which was simmering slowly, into a cup and handed it to Litty.


Litty took a mouthful without hesitation.


“It’s delicious! What did you do to make this?”




“Sugar? I’ve always cooked it the usual way.”


Her voice was still husky, but now she was staring into Litty’s eyes.
Deciding it was a good sign, Litty moved boldly to sit next to her.
Just then, the girl shuddered and moved away from Litty.


“Um…I’m sorry.”




Litty regretted what she had done.
She was worried that the girl might not like her because of what she just did, but the girl glanced at Litty again.
Then she turned her face down.


It was frustrating not knowing what she really meant, but Litty was in no hurry.
Even if she didn’t understand what she was trying to do, the two of them were still in an unknown place.
There was even a possibility that they would not be able to get out without mutual cooperation so she had plenty of time in her hand.


Litty wanted to close the distance between them to the extent that it would not affect them during the battle.


“I’ll take care of the watch, you can take a break first.”


This was all Litty could do at the moment.
As she looked at the girl who had fallen asleep, it occurred to her that it might have helped if the girl summoned that Demon.


But Litty decided not to ask her to do that.
Seeing that Demon, Litty didn’t have a good feeling about it.
That was the only reason why Litty chose to keep watch while the girl took a nap nearby.

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