Aldis, Lost

“So this is as far as you can go.”

The Burnsed Wilderness was located far north of the Royal Capital, near the border.
The place was desolate without a sign of any living being, and the demons inhabiting the area were like air to Yggdrasia.

In such a place, Dorland looked down at Aldis.
Both had injuries on their bodies, but it was Aldis who couldn’t get up.

It was the result of the fierce battle that had left several large holes and crater-like depressions around them.

“That’s all you’ve got now?” (Dorland)

“Don’t think you’ve already won!” (Aldis)

“Then get up.” (Dorland)

Aldis tried to stand up as Dorland egged him on, but his bones and internal organs were already at their limits.
Moreover, he had exhausted his magical power by using powerful attacks and recovery magic.
Their match was a battle of attrition.

Zhul, who had been present for this duel, was panicking, and Clarine, a bystander, was yawning with no care.

“Do, Dorland! (Zhul)

“What, Zhul, you’re worried about Aldis? You’re being overprotective.” (Dorland)

“No! No, that’s not it!” (Zhul)

“Hey, are you done?” (Clarine)

Clarine, who had protected herself well and was unharmed, was sitting on the small rock that had somehow survived through their battle, and although their reasons were different, she was in the same opinion as Dorland.

The duel began when Dorland complained about the captain’s aka Aldis’ constant trips to low-level places.
Since Aldis had magic, there was no way he could lose to Dorland.
But that was Aldis’ arrogance.

“Well, then.” (Dorland)

“Hey! Where are you going?!” (Aldis)

“I’m not interested in you anymore.” (Dorland)

“Screw you…gghh! Geho!!!” (Aldis)

Aldis vomited blood as soon as he raised himself up and started to lash out.
Carrying only his own luggage, Dorland walked away.
He was not interested in those who had stagnated in their pride and disappeared after a certain period of time had passed.

“I just let my guard down… wait a minute!” (Aldis)

“Well, Aldis, you thought he was one of us and didn’t go all out, right?” (Zhul)

Zhul offered Aldis a recovery item, leaving an unmotivated Clarine behind, and Aldis, perhaps slightly relieved by Zhul’s words, refrained from yelling.
Clarine watched the situation sluggishly.

“So what are you going to do now?” (Clarine)

“I won’t forgive that bastard or Bandera.
Who do they think they owe their wealth and honor to, Clarine, and that goes for you as well!” (Aldis)

“It’s true that it was thanks to you that I am out of my boring life as a saint, but…” (Clarine)

“So you’re going to leave as well?” (Aldis)

“Are you nervous?” (Clarine)

Clarine’s nerve-racking comments nearly caused Aldis to reignite his anger.
However, Aldis could not force her to do anything because she was the daughter of the high priest of the Matthias Church in Restona.
Even the great hero Aldis was unable to make an enemy out of them.

“Well, I’ll follow you for a while.” (Clarine)

“Tsk…” (Aldis)

Aldis’ response could be considered as a good one, as he merely clicked his tongue.
He could have had any woman he wanted, but not Clarine, as he didn’t dare to touch her.

Even he would suffer misery worse than being executed if he were to destroy the purity of the saint of the Matthias Church.
Being fully aware of his thoughts, Clarine was also making fun of Aldis.

“Clarine, Aldis is a really great guy.
So don’t say something like you’ll only stay with him for a while.
You know?” (Zhul)

“Zhul, you’re desperate, aren’t you? By the way, you were gone for a while last night, weren’t you?” (Clarine)

“Yeah, I had to run an errand.” (Zhul)

“For a few hours?” (Clarine l

“I heard that there was an outbreak of Scarb in the town of Topaz.” (Zhul)

Dodging Clarine’s pursuit, Zhul helped Aldis to stand up properly, and Clarine said nothing more.

She knew that Zhul was boosting Aldis’ pride.
From their interactions, she had slowly gotten to know what kind of person Zhul really was.
He may look like a man of low self-esteem, but that was not his true nature.

Although Clarine saw through that, she didn’t want to deal with him seriously either.

“What about that?” (Aldis)

“Well, you see, there was that abandoned mine over there, right? Whatever the cause was, it seems like a new Scarb nest was discovered somewhere close by.
I heard the town was in trouble because of that.” (Zhul)

“I’m sure those little worms could be dealt with by the local punks around there.” (Aldis)

“I heard there was a Queen Individual born, and they barely managed to take it down.
It’s funny, isn’t it?” (Zhul)

“Pfft, sure.
I mean, a queen is at best a Rank 1 creature, right?” (Aldis)

“Yes, yes!” (Zhul)

Clarine’s deep sigh didn’t reach the heated pair.

Zhul was trying to get Aldis in a good mood, and he always used this trick of telling different stories whenever Aldis was in a bad mood.
This simple act made Aldis happy, which in turn made him easier to control.

Clarine felt she was getting to understand Zhul’s intentions a little better.

“You know what I think? I think those poor guys need to be made to understand.
The real thing.” (Zhul)

“Oh, sure.
Many of them only know what we’re capable of through rumors.” (Aldis)

“Yes, yes.
So, how about we go to the Royal Capital for a start?” (Zhul)

“It’s a dumping ground for the lowly adventurers, right? Okay, I’ve decided then.” (Aldis)

“Yes, yes,” replied Zhul.

Yggdrasia would never challenge unexplored areas again.
They would continue to pretend to be glorious just like they were in the past and bully the weak.

Even Clarine, who thought it was better than the boring life of a saint, was on the verge of giving up on them.

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