Aldis, Outraged


A week after leaving Litty alone in the Demon Forest, Yggdrasia found themselves in front of the Galadea Cave, located in the northernmost mountains of the kingdom.


The atmosphere was not that great as they camped at the mouth of the cave, which they were planning to attack tomorrow.
One of the reasons being, the stew prepared by Bandera, who was responsible for the meal that night, did not taste good.


Aldis didn’t eat the remaining half of the tasteless and bland stew.


“Hey, Bandera, are you certain that you used proper seasonings?”


“The nutrition value is well-balanced.”


“That’s not what I’m asking, it’s about the taste! Are you trying to feed the sick?”


“It’s good if it settles in your stomach.”


Bandera was indifferent to everything but magic, and cooking was no exception.


Clarine and Dorland both barely touched the stew, but Zhul was the only one to wholeheartedly swallow the stew.


“Oh boy! It’s so good! With a sprinkle of salt, it becomes even better!”


“Zhul, stop exaggerating.”


“Try it Aldis.
It’s really good, alright?”


“I’d rather eat salt soup than this…”


Bandera glared coldly at Aldis, who reluctantly sprinkled salt on his food.
Aldis, noticing the gaze of Bandera, returned the glare.


Aldis, however, didn’t say anything in the end, as Bandera was not really looking for the fight.


Yggdrasia was a party of exceptional talents, and they were the best of the best.
That was why they did not want the Party to disband over small disputes.


Even Aldis was mindful of this.


“Aldis, this Galadea cave has already been taken care of.
It is not an unexplored area.”


“Are you questioning me, Dorland?”


“We won’t be getting any experience here so why are we stopping by?”


“I just felt like doing it.”


“…felt like doing it, you say?”


Dorland snarled at Aldis’s off-hand response.
He was a man who honed his skills to challenge those on the top.
That’s what he had been doing in unexplored areas.


He didn’t care about the mysterious resources.
A challenging battle was what he was looking forward to.


Yggdrasia was also a source of interest for him.
He would also like to eventually challenge them in the future.
To do so, he would have to stay close to Yggdrasia.


Dorland believed that in this vast world, there was no guarantee that they would see each other again if they were separated.
Normally, for other people this type of concern would be over the top, but for Dorland, it was big enough to ponder about.


“We need to break free from this gloomy atmosphere, don’t we? Let’s have fun hunting weaklings this one time.”


“Is that what you came here for?”


“Haah, you’re the most boring person I’ve ever met.”


“It’s nice to have a break once in a while, right, Clarine?”


“Yeah, but…”


“It’s fun to tear up the playground of those lousy adventurers, isn’t it?”


Aldis found everything worthless other than Yggdrasia whose talents rivaled his own.


“Haah, so annoying…”




Dorland clicked his tongue and Clarine rolled her eyes languidly.
She was willing to go along with Aldis, the leader, but she could not hide her dissatisfaction.


Bandera understood what Aldis wanted to do, but she had a different view about everything.
It was the first time she had taken interest in anything unrelated to magic.


“If you’re looking for something to amuse yourself, why did you leave that girl behind?”


“That girl?”


“She’s the girl you took under your wing.
You dumped her in the Demon Forest not too long ago.”


“I am using her for amusement, you know? She’s not that amusing, though.”


“Since she was your apprentice, you should have given her a sword or something to train with, she could have at least gotten a general idea.”


Even though it was awful that he didn’t do it, Bandera’s question was still a reasonable and valid point.


Aldis couldn’t answer Bandera immediately.
He had a vague idea as to why, but he himself didn’t want to admit it, so he simply said.


“How can a kid like that hold a sword? She is not even a good plaything.”


“If she was unable to wield a sword, then you would have used that as an excuse to kick her around.
So, why didn’t you ever let her hold a sword?”


“It certainly is unusual for you to discuss something not related to magic.
What’s wrong with you?”


“You’re the one who should really know about it, right?”


“Know what?”


“You’re afraid of her.”


Bandera gave a provokingly cold smile to Aldis.
If anyone other than a person from Yggdrasia had mentioned it, he would have been killed right there and then.


Of course, Aldis’s anger reached the top of his head.
He stood up violently, but did not draw his weapon.


“Haah, if you’re looking for a fight, say so clearly…!”


“Are you really going to fight? With me?”


“Aldis, Bandera, calm down! What’s the use of fighting here?”


“Zhul, stay out of this.”


If they were to confront each other, no one would be able to get out of it intact.


Aldis knew this, which was why he did not attack directly.


Bandera was not the least intimidated by Aldis.


“That girl fled to a safe zone to avoid getting caught in my magic, or from Dorland’s obnoxious air bullets, or from your techniques, even unconsciously dodging the traps Zhul had placed around her.
If she were a normal person, she would have been dead long ago.
she could barely sleep, and yet she didn’t break.
Did you not notice this?”


“Notice what?”


“She was frequently observing our battles.
The whole time, to the point of being creepy.”


“She wasn’t capable of anything other than watching, so she was probably just bored, you know.”


“Most likely, even a 1st or 2nd Rank adventurer would lose confidence if they saw us fight.
But not that kid, she was observing everything too calmly, despite not having any combat experience.”


Dorland nodded silently.
He was not unaware of the girl’s strangeness, either.


But his interest was only in perfected strength.
No matter how many qualities she had, if she was lacking even in the slightest bit, he had zero interest in her.


Accordingly, his dissatisfaction towards Litty was not entirely unfounded.
It was because it was true that she lacked experience.


The girl endured everything, gritting her teeth, and did not even try to test her own options.
This irritation with Litty was also what prompted him to hurl harsh words at her.


“That’s enough.”


“Bandera, where do you think you’re going at this time?”


Bandera stood up and was about to leave, making Aldis’s mood finally turn grave.


Ah, don’t worry, I won’t be coming back.”


“Huh? Stop fooling around.”


“What? Are you going to stop me by force?”


Bandera’s magic spread throughout the surrounding area, enough to make even Aldis realize how threatening she was.


Aldis reached for the hilt of his sword, but wasn’t able to pull it out.
It was Zhul again who interrupted the stand-off between the two.


“Bandera, you are not serious, are you?”


“I’m serious.
Extremely serious.”


“Wait, wait! Are you really sure about this?”


“Because I don’t think I’m going to get anywhere with you guys anymore.”


This time, without turning back, Bandera disappeared into the night, leaving Aldis unable to do anything but kick the pots and pans placed around the campsite


Dorland started meditating and Clarine was finally able to sleep.
Zhul, feeling stupefied, held his head.


Aldis was so incensed that he wanted to kill Bandera but he also knew that he had to control himself.


“Aldis, I’m going to ask you one more time.
When are you going to challenge the world ceiling?


“Wait a little longer….
And we’re missing one member, remember?”


“Okay, I will wait a little longer.”


“I’ve received more than my fair share of credit for conquering the bottom of the world.
I had all the riches anyone could ask for.
No woman can resist my advances.”


What more could he want?


Maintaining a sense of superiority, he wandered about and was honored in many places.
He acquired a great reputation at such a young age because he had always been extremely talented in whatever he did.


What more was there that he couldn’t do? The ceilings of the world, the ends of the world, and these unexplored zones, conquering those places would only bring him more fame.


No one could compete with him.
No one could catch up to him.
And that was good enough for him.


But deep down, Aldis was not satisfied.


“You’re not afraid of the challenge, are you?” (Dorland)


“What?” (Aldis)


“Nothing.” (Dorland)


It was as if Dorland had shot him in the heart.
Aldis knew those words implied two things.


If he were to challenge the “world ceiling” and fail, all the fame he had accumulated would be lost.
The royalty would all turn their backs on him.


In fact, “the bottom of the world” was no easy task.
The demons, ecology, and traps were incomprehensible.
They were prepared to die not once, but twice.


That was the first time in his life that he regretted diving into a dungeon.
The fact that he was able to conquer and also survive the dungeon was partially due to luck.


That was why he was afraid.


“Why would I be scared of anything!?”


“If that’s the case, then I can let go of my worries.”


There was another reason that he didn’t want to admit to.
The girl, Litty, who Aldis tormented to no end.


At first, it was just a way to vent his frustration, but slowly, his annoyance started to build


He kicked her, hit her, starved her.
Even sleeplessness was not enough to crush her.


The stress was magnified by the fact that when she had been recruited in Ruiz Village, it was only on a whim.


He was also aware that she had been observing their battles.


This was precisely what he didn’t want to admit.


Aldis was just a little startled by the penetrating gaze and calmness on her face.


It felt as if she was looking at her prey.


He wondered if someday this girl would catch up with him.
Subconsciously, he sensed the possibility.


He was afraid to even touch her directly.


“Aaaaah! Darn it!”


He drew the sword he was carrying and swung it toward the entrance of the cave.
The explosion that connected horizontally crushed the entrance of the cave that was attached to the cliff.


An Arc Knight could use Magic Sword, a skill that was sublimated from the skills of a magic swordsman, a higher level position.


Magic sword did not consume much magic power, but was powerful enough to make even high-ranking High Wizards run screaming for their lives.


Since they were able to use this skill for each attribute, it was inevitable that they would be feared as someone extraordinary.


“Ahh, it’s great.
It’s great.
There’s no way I can lose.
As expected of me.”


Dorland did not look directly at Aldis, who was mumbling this to himself.
Without a word, he laid down and went to sleep.


Clarine had been awakened by the explosion of the cave, which was a disaster, but when she realized it was Aldis, who did it, she closed her eyes back.




Was she angry that her sleep was disturbed, or was it her true feelings of dissatisfaction towards Aldis?


It seems I, Clarine, the angel who has lost my temper, is also upset.

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