The next day, when Litty visited the Adventurers’ Guild, the branch manager Regal stopped Litty.
He was bandaged up and he looked really pitiful, and his body was still very thin.
Since she was not allowed to see him in the hospital, Litty had not seen him since the battle against the queen.


“Thank you for that time.” (Litty)


“I’m the one who should be thanking you instead.
I just want to punch myself in the face for underestimating those guys.” (Regal)


“Everything is fine so don’t worry.” (Litty)


By the way, you went far beyond what I thought you could do… I wonder how many people in the history of the Adventurers’ Guild have ever managed to defeat a Rank 1 while being a Rank 4…” (Regal)


Litty was embarrassed by the change in the way Regal interacted with her.
She knew he was good at what he was doing, being the manager of the guild, even though she had never seen him in action before.


The blow he delivered to the queen was still burned into Litty’s eyes.
It was enough to make her decide that while fighting with weapons was good, she wanted to hone her bare-handed fighting skills as well.


“Oops, I got distracted.
Well, it’s not that big of a deal.
Like Dimos-san over there, you want to move up to the 3rd Rank, don’t you?” (Regal)


“Yes! I want to get promoted to the 3rd Rank!” (Litty)


“As expected.
Hey, Dimos-san, you’ve also been a big help.” (Regal)


“What, why mention me all of a sudden…?” (Dimos)


He pretended to be bothered by it, but his cheeks relaxed, and he seemed pleased with the praise.
After all, he was one of the participants in the Queen’s battle.


He had stopped at 4th Rank for many years, but he had already proven his ability.
He was strong.
The only thing preventing him from moving up was the promotion exam, which Regal wanted to talk about.


“Back to the main topic, you two should take the exam for promotion to 3rd Rank in the capital.
Of course, I’ll give my recommendation.” (Regal)


“Keh, I’ve already taken the promotion exam a few times.” (Dimos)


“Don’t be so naive, Dimos-san, everything is a matter of timing and luck.
You should take this exam again.
You did survive that life-threatening battle, I’m confident that you can do it this time.” (Regal)


“You’re just being irresponsible about this…” (Dimos)


Scratching the back of his head, Dimos’s expression was slacked.


Litty was ready to take on the challenge, even without being told.


If she could advance to the 3rd Rank, she would become an adventurer recognized by the Adventurers’ Guild Headquarters.
In other words, there was a possibility that requests from the headquarters would be handed out to her.
But Litty had a question.


“Why the Capital? If one is ready to be a 3rd Rank, shouldn’t one go to the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters?” (Litty)


“The Capital and other major places in each country are staffed by people dispatched from the headquarters, and you won’t be able to reach the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters with your current level of strength.” (Regal)


“Eh? Why?” (Litty)


“You really want to know it?” (Regal)


“Yes, I’m listening!” (Litty)


Regal grinned, and Dimos looked aghast.
Regal started explaining in a mysterious tone to Litty, who leaned forward.


“The Adventurers’ Guild headquarters is located near the end of the world, and the surrounding area remained unexplored until recently.” (Regal)


“That’s really far away!” (Litty)


“The people over there are always challenging themselves day and night in their adventures to discover what’s beyond the end of the world.
The most interesting and challenging place in the world is the headquarters of the Adventurers’ Guild.” (Regal)


“Whooooah!” (Litty)


Not so surprised, Regal rambled on in response to Litty’s reaction.
Explaining this could dishearten some of the higher ups as this may demotivate new adventures from moving upward in rank.
However, it was not a big issue.


“However, even adventurers at headquarters are stuck at the edge of the world, unable to make more progress…” (Regal)


“I’m not ready for this yet….” (Litty)


“Did I make you feel down? By the way, the end of the world is…” (Regal)


“Don’t tell me anymore! I’ll take on more adventures, and I’m going to catch up with them! And for that, I will become 3rd Rank!” (Litty)


“As expected.” (Regal)


Regal enjoyed telling these facts to scare adventures off.
However, as expected, instead of making Litty afraid, it only made her more determined to take promotion exams as soon as possible.


“Well, I did recommend you to go to the Capital for now.
But if you decide to go, you’ll have to say goodbye to this town and everyone living here.” (Regal)


“Ah…” (Litty)


The familiar town of Topaz, the old couple who took care of her, the people from the various guilds.
She had to say goodbye to all of them.


The old couple would send her off with a smile, but just thinking about it made Litty feel a bit sentimental.
With every encounter, there was a farewell.
That was part of being an adventurer, but Litty was too young to accept it so easily.


Understanding what was going through Litty’s mind, Regal said in a low voice, “Hey, it’s not like we’re parting for life.”


“Yes, that’s right.
I’ll be happy to come back again once I’m stronger.” (Litty)


Litty quickly forgot being sentimental as she focused on the goal at hand.

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