Litty, Being Aware of Farther Heights


The Silver Fenrir Corps were not allowed to stay long, as they had been forced to move their troops halfway through the operation.
They quickly cleaned up the aftermath and left the town of Topaz early in the morning.


But before leaving, Ilysis went out of her way to visit the home of an elderly couple who had been taking care of Litty.
Apart from the old couple, who were too embarrassed to speak properly, Litty thanked Ilysis once again.


“Ilysis-san, thank you so much for your help.” (Litty)


“It’s an upfront investment, don’t worry about it.
I just wanted to ask you one last thing.” (Ilysis)


“What is it?” (Litty)


“Have you ever worked with Yggdrasia before?” (Ilysis)


Litty’s heart was in her throat after hearing such a direct question.
How did she find out about this?


Litty thought about feigning ignorance and not responding to the inquiry, but the old couple beside her knew about her situation as well.
Maybe Ilysis also heard about her situation from someone else.


“Where did you hear about that?” (Litty)


“I see.” (Ilysis)


Litty decided not to hide it.
She didn’t need to worry about Aldis fooling with her beliefs and her anymore.


She also remembered how Toito had advised her to have self-confidence.
And Ilysis, who was standing in front of her, also expressed concern about her undervaluation of herself not long ago.
Litty was convinced that she had grown up enough to stand straight after going through so much until today.
This was partly due to her own strength and partly because of the people around her.


In contrast, what about Aldis of Yggdrasia? He treated her like a slave, with no consideration for others.
At least, she didn’t feel that he was the reason for her improvements.


The old couple here, the people from the Swordsmen and Heavy Warriors Guild, the Adventurers Guild, Roma and the others who partnered with her in the battle against Scarbs… She was thankful to everyone else other than Aldis.


“One day, I heard my subordinates gossiping that Yggdrasia was walking around with an unfamiliar girl.” (Ilysis)


“And you thought that was me?” (Litty)


“It matched the pink hair, the height, and other features so yeah… You were treated poorly, weren’t you?” (Ilysis)


“Yes.” (Litty)


“I see.
You… you did your best.” (Ilysis)


Ilysis’s lips twisted into a disgusting arc.
The emotion was conveyed so well that Litty could hear her teeth grinding.


She was furious that the disturbing rumors about Yggdrasia were true, that they had abused this promising young girl named Litty.


She was a knight innately, and Yggdrasia’s barbaric behavior was unforgivable.


“They’re so despicable.” (Ilysis)


Litty instinctively thought this person was probably on par with Yggdrasia.
Even as someone who was involved, she could not direct her intense hatred toward Aldis so straightforwardly.


Although she was angry, Aldis was far superior to her in power.
While Litty was indeed angry at him for how he had treated her, she was not sure if she wanted to kill him.


Ilysis, however, revealed the essence of anger that was different from her own.


“One must never get drunk on their power.
My father taught me this, and I believe his words are true.
Looking down on others and treating them poorly is the same as being weak.
You must never make the same mistake, Litty.” (Ilysis)


“I don’t know what difficulties I may face or what heights I will reach, but I will never develop that attitude.” (Litty)


“Great, that’s the right mindset to have.
Also remember that if one stops moving forward, what awaits them is only self-destruction.” (Ilysis)


“Self-destruction?” (Litty)


Litty wondered if Yggdrasia would self-destruct, but however much she thought she still couldn’t imagine it.
That party was too strong to self-destruct.


“Well, it’s time for us to go.” (Ilysis)


“I will definitely go to the capital.
And when that time comes I’ll come to see you.” (Litty)


“Yes, of course.
I’m looking forward to it.
Oh, can I ask for one last favor?” (Ilysis)


“Yes… !” (Litty)


And the moment Litty gave her consent, she was covered in Ilysis’s hug.
Her face was buried in Ilysis’s ample breasts, and the experience was quite painful.
After a few seconds, she was released, but Litty could not understand the meaning of this action.


“Hmm, we’ll follow up in the royal capital.” (Ilysis)


“Follow up?” (Litty)


Ilysis walked away with one hand raised, a proper lady, but there was something about her that Litty couldn’t quite figure out.


But that might also be because she was an adult woman, a different person from Litty.
So maybe she could understand it when she grew up, Litty optimistically thought.

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