“They have a good selection of weapons here, don’t they?” (Ilysis)

“Expensive…!” (Litty)

Even though Litty’s pockets had been enriched by the rewards she had received as an adventurer, weapons were still expensive.
Some of the weapons were beyond the reach of Litty, even if she spent all her money on them she might not be able to get even one weapon of high quality.

However, Litty’s excitement was still high when she saw a wide selection of new weapons she had never seen before at the weapons shop she was visiting for the first time.

“This particular brand is a product of a master craftsman.
Some blacksmiths offer great equipment for a good amount of money, especially if it’s a magical weapon.” (Ilysis)

“Is it okay if I hold it in my hand?” (Litty)

“No problem.” (Ilysis)

Litty picked up the outrageously priced sword and was astonished at how light it felt.
The price tag was high, but the ease of handling made it worth the price.

Litty couldn’t even imagine what kind of metal was used to make it.

“Woo, this is a great sword.” (Litty)

“You might want to change the way you hold it a little.” (Ilysis)

“Eh…” (Litty)

Ilysis took Litty’s arm and straightened her posture.
Conveniently putting her hands around her waist at the same time to guide her, Litty was grateful for it.

It was certainly an easier stance than she previously had.
This reinforced the urge to get out of the weapons shop and try it out on an adventure as soon as possible.

“This one-handed spear is also very light.
But maybe the tip is too narrow…” (Litty)

“It’s very strong despite its appearance.
This way it’s going to stab deeper, you know.” (Ilysis)

“Hmmm…” (Litty)

She started to count the money she had on hand.
If she was going to buy one, it would be this one or the other.
But even if it was only one of them, it’d still be a great financial blow to Litty, who wanted to get her hand on an axe as well.

Litty had never imagined that weapons would be so expensive, and she was worried about how she would be able to pay for them.

“With this spear, the stance should be like this, right?” (Litty)

“Ah, you should do it like this” (Ilysis)

Ilysis again repositioned Litty’s stance on how to hold a one-handed spear.
Litty was immensely grateful, which made her overlook the excessive physical contact.

To put into practice what was taught to her, Litty strongly hoped to be able to earn enough money to buy this weapon.

“This axe is not as heavy as I thought it would be.” (Litty)

“I’ll buy it for you all together.” (Ilysis)

“Oh, you’re kidding, right?” (Litty)

Ilysis, holding the sword, spear, and axe in her arms, brought them to the shopkeeper to pay for them.
Litty panicked and chased after her.

Litty understood that Ilysis was not joking, but she was not so thick-skinned as to accept this abrupt favor.

It was even more so since it was very hard to obtain them with the earnings of a Rank 4 adventurer.

“You don’t have to do that! I’ll work hard to earn money and buy it someday!” (Litty)

“I consider it an investment for adventurers who have a bright future ahead of them.
It is lamentable that good adventurers cannot afford good quality weapons.
I wish the Adventurers Guild would put more effort into this part.” (Ilysis)

“I don’t think I’m…” (Litty)

“I’m curious why you underestimate yourself.
I wonder if it has something to do with your past?” (Ilysis)

Ilysis had noticed this off-putting point for some time now.
However, seeing that Litty didn’t want to answer her curiosity, she didn’t pursue the matter.

“Well, you don’t have to answer me.
Shopkeeper, I’ll buy these in bulk.” (Ilysis)

“Yes, thanks! Ahahaha, I’m glad to hear that a distinguished knight like you is buying them from here!” (Shopkeeper)

“I’ll buy this batch, but you might want to lower the price a bit.
That would bring in more customers and a much more stable number of sales.” (Ilysis)

“Yes, of course!” (Shopkeeper)

The total price was dizzying to Litty, but Ilysis generously paid for everything in one go.
At this moment, Litty got a glimpse of a different world, where she was shown what a transaction between adults was like rather than a knight buying equipment.

As Ilysis said, a talented person could increase their ability proportionally to the assets and equipment they have.
Litty decided to be aware of that from now on and work hard.

“I bought it all, but can you carry all of these equipments?” (Ilysis)

“Yes, I carry it like this…” (Litty)

“You’ve been fighting in that state?” (Ilysis)

Ilysis watched Litty strap her equipment on her back and held her sword.

“Yes.” (Litty)

“I see.
You should do something about that as soon as possible.
For example, storage skills, magic, making a contract with something…” (Ilysis)

Out of nowhere, Ilysis turned serious and clapped her hands as if she had come up with some great idea.

“Skills and magic are much more difficult to learn and also require talent.
The easiest way I guess is to make a contract but you would need to go to the Capital to get one.” (Ilysis)

“Really?” (Litty)

“There’s a Summoner’s Guild over there.
Those guys might know a good beast to contract with.” (Ilysis)

“Summoner’s Guild… Summoning magic?” (Litty)

“Yup, it also takes some luck and some talent, but it’s better than trying to acquire skills and magic on your own.” (Ilysis)

Unlike skills and magic, some summoned beasts might be difficult to handle, but it all depended on the summoner with whom they signed a contract with.
In addition to this, luck played a huge role in such cases, as the contract conditions could be very strict.

However, the fact remained that contracts were the best solution to the problem of portability.

When Ilysis explained everything in this way, Litty decided that she had to move quickly and reach the capital.

“You can get more details from that guild in the capital.” 

I’m truly grateful for your help but also sorry that you have to go through all this trouble.” (Litty)

“Next, you’ll need some clothes.” (Ilysis)

“Clothes?” (Litty)

“Spats are a good idea.
They’re very popular with the female adventurers.” (Ilysis)

Litty was taken aback by this sudden change of topic.
She had never heard of such a word as “spats”, and Ilysis was urging her to hurry, making it difficult for Litty to catch up with her speech.

After moving to the armor shop which was right next to the weapons shop, they moved quickly.
It was hard to turn down Ilysis’s offer to help Litty change in the locker room.

Litty’s heart jumped at the comfort of the spats, and she realized that even though she didn’t do her daily things but because of Ilysis she had had a productive day.

“Mmm, maybe they don’t fit quite right.
Let’s try this one.” (Ilysis)

“Um, I’ll try this one then.” (Litty)

Litty didn’t mind the excessive number of times she had to try on the clothes.

In fact, she wanted to be the kind of woman like Ilysis who was such a helpful person and cared about others.

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