“That’s right, what he said was a marriage activity.” (Gonza)


“Marriage activity?” (Litty)


Gonza, who had also been discharged from the hospital but was not yet able to engage in mock battles, answered with certainty.
Litty finally understood the meaning of “marriage activity” when it was explained to her by someone else, but she was not satisfied with it.


Litty also thought about trying marriage activity, but was not motivated to do so


If she really wanted to get married, then she would not be looking for adventure.


“…So, so, a woman hooked up with a guy like that.
I don’t know if I should let you go along with something like that at all.” (Gonza)


“Huh…” (Litty)


“Look, Litty, if you’re going to choose a man, he has to be strong! Otherwise, he would not be able to support a family!” (Gonza)


“Huh…” (Litty)


Gonza’s nagging spirit heated up, regardless of Litty’s repetitive replies.
She wanted to leave because Gonza didn’t seem helpful from the way he was behaving.


For some reason, Litty felt pity for Gonza but she couldn’t say it clearly.


“Litty, since you came all the way here, you could at least help me with a mock battle.” (Gonza)


“Sure.” (Litty)


Perhaps unable to bear the excitement, the apprentices here also offered Litty a mock battle.
It was a good opportunity for Litty to work up a good sweat as well.


After defeating the apprentices, Litty once again remembered that she was on holiday.




As she unconsciously made her way to the Adventurers’ Guild, Litty realized that she had strayed away from her holiday routine.
Her legs lured her towards the request board, feeling that she had been distracted from running a holiday for a half a day.


Although she had just been discharged from the hospital, she just got nailed with a warning not to overdo it.
She was about to accept a request when she spotted Ilysis in one of the corners of the guild.


“Litty, you’re here.” (Ilysis)


“Ilysis-san, what are you doing?” (Litty)


“I reported to the Adventurers’ Guild that we need their help with clearing out the remaining Scarbs.
It’s going to take some time to get rid of them completely.” (Ilysis)


“Then, can I help, too?” (Litty)


“How about getting yourself a new weapon first?” (Ilysis)


Ilysis pointed out and picked up Litty’s weapon.
The blades were badly damaged, and the one-handed spear could break any moment.
The axe was also in bad shape.
She had been overusing them since the time they were given to her by the guilds, so it was only natural that they were worn out.


Litty reflected on the fact that she had been so caught up in the excitement of working on the immediate request that she had overlooked such an important part of the job.


“The government provides salaries and funds for us Knights so we can purchase necessities we need, but adventurers have to pay for everything themselves, so it’s not easy for them.
Oh well, why don’t we go shopping together?” (Ilysis)


“With Ilysis-san? Are you sure you don’t have any work to do?” (Litty)


“We’re almost done.” (Ilysis)


“”Not again…”” (Subordinates)


Litty had no idea what that meant, but then a subordinate quickly approached Litty and spoke to her.


“Be careful.
There is a rumor going around that she is being rude to people, but she is doing it out of concern and good will.” (Subordinate)


“Huh?” (Litty)


“Leave the rest to us, and go along with her.” (Subordinate)


Ilysis beckoned Litty over.
Her expression was relaxed and maybe somewhat enthusiastic as well.


Litty pondered the meaning of what the knight had just said, but she had no idea what to make of it.

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