Litty, Being Scouted


After Litty regained consciousness, people started to visit her as they had heard about her waking up.
Those who came to express their gratitude left some gifts of sympathy as well.


It was like offerings.
They were so plentiful that there was no room left for anyone to sit properly, but Litty never turned down anyone and accepted them without fail.


Moreover, the elderly couple also brought homemade sandwiches for her and everyone else, including the medical staff.


“It looks like you’re ready to be discharged.” 


“Is that so? I can’t wait to visit the Adventurer’s Guild.” (Litty)


Although her injuries have been severe enough for everyone to think that she would die for sure, after regaining her consciousness, she recovered so fast that now she could move around the hospital room freely and even do somersaults and backflips.
And Litty, being warned by Roma that everyone else couldn’t move yet, was just another daily occurrence in the hospital room.


“There is a rumor going around the town about a girl adventurer who hunted down the Queen, y’know?”




The aerial battle between the Scarb Queen and Litty was witnessed by many.
Because of that, Litty had gained a lot of recognition in the city, and after that incident, she was no longer a stranger to the town’s people.


However, Litty was not satisfied with the situation.


“Everyone worked hard, so it’s kind of strange to get all the recognition for myself.” (Litty)


Many people, including the branch managers, were involved in the battle to defeat the Queen.


In the town, however, Litty alone was praised by everyone as if she was a great hero.
It was making Litty uncomfortable.
When she tried to explain that it wasn’t just her accomplishments, she was met with a dismissive response.


The branch managers she fought with had not yet been discharged from the hospital, and some of the team members still could not get up.
The fierce battle was not just about her.
So Litty continued to emphasize the contribution of others, no matter how much praise she received.


Litty said in a rare impatient tone, “I was inexperienced.
Without the help of all of you, I would not be able to do much, so it’s outrageous that I’m the only one being hailed as a hero.”


“Litty, you can’t be serious.
But I guess this way of thinking is also a source of your strength…” (Roma)


“Roma’s prowess was also a surprise.
You were precisely hitting the blind spots of that praying mantis monster…” (Litty)


Roma felt less than complimentary, wondering how Litty could have observed that much in that heated battle.


She wanted to say, “For you to see me doing that is much more surprising,” but forcefully swallowed it down.


“Well, Litty, there’s no need to worry about it.
I just met some apprentices from the Swordsman’s Guild in the hallway.” (Roma)


“They came to visit too?” (Litty)


They are worried about James and Toito.
They said they want me to get back to training as soon as possible.
These apprentices are also some of the people who appreciated the work of the instructors and branch managers.” (Roma)


“So, for the apprentices, the instructors are their heroes.
Glad to hear that.” (Litty)


Their success in defeating the Scarbs would also improve the morale and performance of the entire Swordsman’s Guild.


The same was true for the heavy warrior guild, with Gonza saying that he was sick and tired of all the annoyance when people came to visit him every day.


Litty was happy that there were still people among the others who understood and appreciated the efforts put by instructions and the rest of the team.


“Excuse me, I heard a girl named Litty is in this room…” (Unknown person)


“It’s me.” (Litty)


A female knight in silvery white armor came to visit Litty in her sickroom.
Her short emerald hair gave her a somewhat masculine image.


Her eyes were tight, and she had this particular air around her which made people difficult to approach her, but instead of feeling repulsed Litty was fascinated.
Litty could sense the physical mastery hidden within her mature feminine style, even more strongly than when she had met Natasha.

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