Litty had to finish it off no matter what, but the damage she had accumulated so far made her barely able to move.
But with Litty’s vitality, which exceeded common sense, she forced her body to move even if she was in extreme pain.


She managed to point her spear at the queen, who had fallen and could not get up.
Litty didn’t care if she coughed up blood.
Because not only the people of the town but also the old couple whom she recognized were looking at her anxiously at the end of the road.


She wanted to scream, “Run away,” but even her voice wouldn’t come out.




“hu-man… food…” (Scarb Queen)


The Queen approached the old couple step by step, and Litty desperately followed behind her with the spear in her hand.


The guards hurriedly rushed to the scene, but not in time.
It was the last, really the last blow.
Even If her arm got shredded, she had to finish it in one blow.


“Hu, man…” (Scarb Queen)


The last blow, delivered with her wounded body, pierced through the Queen’s back.
After letting out a high-pitched scream, the Queen dropped to the ground, unable to stand up ever again, just like Litty.


She wanted to urge the onlookers to run away, but Litty didn’t even have the strength to do so.


Litty realized that it would be easier to just run out of steam, but her will and energy wouldn’t let her.


“What is this?


“Take care of Litty! Make sure you put a stop to that bug’s breathing!”


“Branch Chief, it’s already dead…”


Litty was listening to the exchange between the branch manager of the Swordsman’s Guild and someone else, but this was the last thing she remembered.
Her consciousness slowly drifted towards darkness, but even after that, she did not let go of her one-handed spear.




The first thing Litty saw after she opened her eyes was Roma.
She was lying face down, holding her hand.


From the bandages on her head and everywhere else, Litty knew she’d been properly treated, too, and before Litty could speak, Roma had already noticed her movements.


“Ah, you woke up…!” (Roma)


“Roma-san… you’re okay…” (Litty)


“That’s my line!” (Roma)


Litty was bewildered by the tears that began to stream down Roma’s cheeks.
Here, she finally realized that she had been saved.


She followed the Scarb Queen to the town of Topaz.
After getting over her bewilderment, the first thing that came to Litty’s mind was the Queen.


“What about the Queen?” (Litty)


“The guards are handling the body.
No one seems to have been killed, so don’t worry.” (Roma)


“What about others?” (Litty)


“The Branch Manager Regal is still bedridden, but he is alive.
Everyone else was able to get out in time thanks to the reinforcements from the Royal Capital.
Litty, you should worry about yourself now.” (Roma)


Litty was told by Roma that she had been unconscious for more than three days.
Everyone thought she was dead when she fell after delivering the killing blow to the Queen.


The same was true when she was brought to the hospital.
It was only recently that she surprised the medical staff with her quick recovery.


“If we had not had a few more recovery items at the time, we would have been wiped out.
It’s a miracle that we survived.” (Roma)


“But one person…” (Litty)


“…Rest for now.
Even I can barely move myself.” (Roma)


Looking at Roma, she was also bandaged, showing the depth of her injuries.
Her injuries were also severe, but she had managed to extend her life thanks to recovery items.


Litty, on the other hand, had gone after the queen before using it on herself.
After she had cooled down, Litty thanked her luck.


Then she realized Roma was still holding her hand.


“Um…” (Litty)


“I’m sorry.
I was just…” (Roma)


“No, you were worried about me.” (Litty)


“…Yes.” (Roma)


Roma’s cheeks turned a little red, and she hurriedly pulled away her hand.
Litty thought, “There’s no need to be so shy”, but then the sleepiness came flooding back.


“…Good night.” (Roma)


After confirming that Litty had fallen asleep, Roma returned to her own bed.
Both Litty and Roma drifted off to sleep with the same thought in their minds: “I wish that this was real and not just a dream.”

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