Litty Settles the Match


Once done with her battle with the queen, Litty immediately responded to members who were critically injured from poison and supersonic waves by using all the restoratives she had at hand.


The branch manager had serious wounds from missing one arm and heavy bleeding.
Regal was also in a dangerous state, having been rescued at the last breath and was traumatized by almost becoming Scarbs’ nourishment.
It was already a miracle that he was able to get up and land a blow on the Queen.


He was known as “Explosive Fist,” and normally, he would have never lost a battle against the Queen.


However, it was the greedy merchant David and his group that had led to this disaster to the adventurers.


“By the time we caught up with them, it was already too late.
Even though I know that it all happened because of David, I am still going to lose sleep knowing that they all died such a death.” (Regal)


Regal commented, as Litty fed recovery medicine.
He also mentioned that the Named Monster “Royal Execution Blade” pursued one of David’s fleeing bodyguards, who left David and other bodyguards behind.
He ran into Regal and his team at the mine’s entrance, but eventually got caught and killed by the Royal Execution Blade.


Litty had managed to defeat the queen, all because adventurers were cooperating with her this time.
Hearing about the actual situation, Litty couldn’t help but think that she was helped by the situation again.


“David and his group were still alive when we arrived at this place.
However, it was only a matter of time, though, as the eggs had already been sucking nutrients out of them.” (Regal)


It seemed like there were around 10 to 12 Named Monsters when Regal and the other adventurers arrived, so it became very difficult to fight them all at the same time.
The situation worsened after Regal got injured in the process.
The party was then reduced to a total failure, and they all became prey for the Scarbs.


It was thanks to Regal and his team that the number of Named Monsters were reduced to 4.
Their party was fighting under far harsher conditions than they were.


There was no way that Litty, hearing this, could have felt that she helped Regal.


“I was saved by Branch Manager Regal.” (Litty)


“It’s mutual.
How are others?” (Regal)


“One of them has passed away… Others are fine for now, but they need to get proper medical attention soon…” (Litty)


Looking at everyone’s condition, Litty could tell just how badly injured they all were.


Litty was breathing heavily as well, having been chomped off in various places by the Queen.
While Laila was still unconscious from the effects of poison.


Litty wondered what she could do to help them, but realized it would be impossible to get everyone outside by herself.
Even if she carried them one or two at a time, there were still other Scarbs on the way, as there were many tunnels in which they were hiding.


There was no way she would be able to fight while protecting someone in her current state, so she decided.


“I’ll go to the town while avoiding Scarbs on the way and bring more people here.
Branch Manager Regal, can you look after everyone here?” (Litty)




Suddenly, Litty turned around at the sound of vibrations behind her.
The queen was moving her wings again.
Realizing that she had misjudged the situation earlier thinking that she had already finished off the Queen, a monster on a rank equivalent to 1, Litty forced her tired body to chase after the Queen.


However, the Queen’s body suddenly started to float.
She flew in the opposite direction of Litty, showing a flight speed that could not be expected from a barely alive monster.


“It’s running away!”


“It’s on the verge of dying, and it couldn’t kill us, so it’s not going to attack the rest of us right now! But if it found something to feed on and replenish its energy, then it would be too late!”


Litty rushed out, with only her spear.
She endured the pain in her entire body that made her want to cry out loud, and followed the fleeing queen’s tail.

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