Litty Fights the Scarb Queen

When the branch manager and team carefully looked at the heap of dried up corpses situated at the opposite end, they soon noticed corpses of David and his guards with countless eggs planted on them.
The whole group shuddered at the thought of Scarbs feeding on humans as a source of nourishment.

The Branch Chief Regal was barely breathing, but his companions were all gone.
The Rank 3 adventurers who had accompanied him were reduced to almost nothing but skin and bones, without even an egg on them.
It was a sign that they had already been sucked dry.

They at least wanted to save Regal, but the giant praying mantis was watching them closely.
The branch manager was desperately racking his brain about what to do in this situation.

“Oh, many Humans.

Everyone could not believe what they just heard.
The monster in front of them just now spoke.
It was bipedal, had several transparent wings, and multiple layers of fangs.
What was even more surprising was its size.

As if to outwit the group, the Scarb Queen was not much larger than that of an adult woman.
Her body was similarly sculpted, with a silhouette similar to that of a woman, despite being an insect monster.

“I’ve learned.
To eat a lot, you have to have a lot.
A lot, but not that much.
I knew.
Humans are a lot.” (Scarb Queen)

Although the words were spoken awkwardly, the monster was indeed speaking in a human language.
Monsters that could speak human languages themselves were not that uncommon.

However, they were advanced monsters, as one would expect.
The branch manager of the Heavy Warrior Guild knew this fact, so he was still able to swallow the situation.
The rest of them were however simply stunned.

“Human, small.
So many, so tasty.
If you eat it, you become strong.” (Scarb Queen)

“Aren’t you small, too?” (Litty)

Litty plunged in without hesitation, making the queen give her a beastly look.
Then, as if to show off her good mood, she snapped her teeth.

“You look strong.” (Scarb Queen)

Litty had no time to pay attention to Scarb Queen’s words.
Her advance was blocked by something troublesome, a Royal Execution Blade.

This time, there were even three of these Royal Execution Blades.
Those three were by far the most powerful of the bunch.
Without any doubt, this battle was going to be very tough.

Everyone thought the priority was to rescue the Branch Manager, Regal.
Although he appeared to be dying, he might still be able to put up a fight if he could recover at least a little.
It was not the most ideal treatment for an injured comrade, but in the face of the current crisis, they could not do more.

“Please…” Branch manager Regal pleaded in a low and weak voice.

Litty and others understood the meaning of that word.
As the branch manager, Regal was very well aware that he was asking them to do something reckless.

Litty suddenly pointed at the Queen and shouted, “Queen”

Others immediately understood that Litty was going for the same strategy they used not long ago by pointing at the Queen to show her intention to aim at the queen as a distraction to the Royal Execution Blade.

This time, there were three of the Royal Execution Blades, and she couldn’t take them all by herself, so she needed everyone’s help.

Litty attacked and fled, followed by Roma and the other swordsmen.
After surviving previous battles, they were surprisingly sophisticated in their movements.
Experience had strengthened the adventurers’ will to overcome this struggle for survival.

The head of the Heavy Warriors Guild branch was aiming to help Regal to at least bring him back.
Only after succeeding would they plan for their ‘next’ move.

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