Amid the dangerous combat, Litty calmed herself down and started observing the movements of the monster that the Branch Manager and others were fighting so hard against.

“Named monster Royal Execution Blade… The Queen’s guard… Hmmm… guard…” (Litty)

Litty had never heard of this monster before, but the word “guard” triggered a flash of inspiration in her.

If Litty made any unauthorized actions, she might disrupt the party’s coordination.
Also, this monster could easily injure the veterans, including Gonza, with its speed, so it would be pretty dangerous for her to implement her plan.

However, after giving it more thought, Litty felt it would be worth it to take the risk.
Litty burned all the monster’s movements into her eyes.
And then she jumped out.

“Oh, you!” (Branch Manager)

Ignoring the Branch Manager’s words, Litty ran to one aisle.
The Royal Execution Blade naturally chased after her, but Litty escaped.

From an outsider’s perspective, it looked as if she was trying to save herself by running around aimlessly, and combined with Litty’s speed backed up by her leg strength, the Royal Execution Blade gave up and stopped.
Turning toward the Branch Manager and others, it returned to the domed area.

“Over here…! Next!” (Litty)

Litty also turned back, this time running toward another passageway.
The Royal Execution Blade, who had its back to Litty, suddenly turned around.
Unlike before, it was now in hot pursuit of Litty.

“Tsk! What the hell is that brat doing!” (Branch Manager)

Litty spun her body to repel the scythe as it was delivered, while holding her shield.
But she still lost her balance and was heavily slammed against the wall.

However, Litty did not care about the pain and ran to the Branch Manager and others while avoiding the monster’s attacks.

“Branch Manager, that one is the correct path leading to the Queen.” (Litty)

“You, you weren’t possibly trying to make…” (Branch Manager)

“It gave up chasing me when I ran toward that passageway, but it chased after me like mad when I ran toward that one.
As a Queen’s guard, its main responsibility is to keep us away from the Queen.
That path must be leading to the Queen.” (Litty)

“You took such a risky gamble just to make it show the way…” The Branch Manager said with a bitter smile.

The Royal Execution Blade blocked the passageway that seemed to be the right path.
The Branch Manager again fired a spiral thrust at the mantis monster that stubbornly refused to move from there.
Litty’s gale slash and James’ and Toito’s multiple slashes were launched at the target, which were barely dodged by the monster.
Although they failed to land a fatal blow, they still steadily inflicted damage.

Whenever the monster tried to unleash a scythe attack, Litty rushed towards the path, forcing the monster to stop its attack and block Litty’s advances.

The Branch Manager exploited that gap.

Litty and the others repeated the same cycle again and again.

It was a monotonous attack, but they were trying to finish off the Queen’s guard.
But, as the name implied, it was a tough opponent.

“One more push!” (Branch Manager)

The Branch Manager was right, the Royal Execution Blade could no longer stand properly.
It could only endure the pain with its multiple limbs on the ground.

“Hah! SPIRAL THRUST!!!” (Litty)

It was an imitation of the actual skill that Litty fired from her one-handed spear, but it was enough to stop the wounded monster.

Although it hit the monster’s head, the attack did not destroy it because of its hardness.
After a while, the monster finally collapsed in a crumpled heap.
The Branch Manager quickly looked around to confirm that everyone was alive.

“Litty, Gonza, Dimos, heal up!” (Laila)

Laila’s restoration magic filled the three of them with vitality again.
After checking on them, the Branch Manager approached the monster carcass.

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