Litty, Ordered to Standby


The next day, there was a flurry of activity in the Adventurers’ Guild.
An out-of-breath adventurer was talking about something with the branch manager of the guild.


And as the branch manager continued to listen to that adventurer, his face grew grim, and out of impulse he angrily struck the wall with his fist.
The force of the blow penetrated the wall, forming a hole in it.


When the guild branch manager came back to his sense, he patted the wall with a somewhat regretful expression on his face.


“…I’ll pay for the repairs.
So, are you sure about that news?” (Branch manager)


The entrance was many times larger now than it previously was.” (Adventurer)


“He is probably going to use the Magic Tool Burst Mine, right? We must do something about it as soon as possible.” (Branch manager)


Litty wanted to ask him about what happened, but the atmosphere was so grave that it didn’t seem like she would get a proper reply.


The branch manager, accompanied by several other staff members of the guild, called out to several more adventurers present.


“We’ll do our best to stop them.
Bloom, would you mind coming along? Of course, I’m not asking you for free service.
I’ll reward you accordingly.” (Branch manager)


“Okay, I’ll join you guys.” (Bloom)


“Kenny, as well.” (Branch manager)


“Yes, yes.
But if it’s going to be a serious clash, you know, it will not end up well for everyone.” (Kenny)


“Don’t worry, I will not let that happen.” (Branch manager)


Litty was completely ignored.
She understood very well why they didn’t let her take part, all because she still lacked credibility and achievements to back up her actions, and a serious situation like this required the experience of a veteran.


However, rather than being discouraged by this, Litty was instead inspired.


Just as she was about to come forward and say, “Me too”, Roma called out to the branch manager.


“Branch manager, they would need permission from the feudal lord to do what they’re trying to do, right?” (Roma)


“That’s right.
But I don’t think they would have the luxury to get such a thing.
In the first place, if they had tried to get a permission first before taking any action, they would not be allowed to do so and might as well just offend the lord.” (Branch manager)


“Then, shouldn’t we also contact the royal capital for reinforcement?” (Roma)


“Of course, we are parallelly proceeding with that as well.” (Branch manager)


Litty did not get the chance to take part in the conversation, frustrating her to no end.
Why was it necessary to contact the capital?


Finally losing her patience, Litty asked Roma about her doubt.


“It’s because we don’t know the size of the Scarb’s nest.
So, we would at least need the help of the Kingdom’s regular army in case there are too many of them than the guild could handle.” (Roma)


“Are Scarbs going to attack this town?” (Litty)


“There’s a high possibility that they would if Burst Mine is really used.” (Roma)


“And yet, those people want to use it?!” (Litty)


“…That’s precisely why we’re hurrying over there.” (Roma)


Roma chuckled at Litty’s delayed one-tenth-of-a-second anger.
Sometimes she would show a flash of horror, and other times she might react in an almost careless manner, as she was doing now.


Roma still couldn’t understand Litty completely, but she also adored that part about her.


She was supposed to see Litty as a friend, but somewhere along their journey she may have started to treat Litty like a sister.
Roma suddenly had such thoughts.


“We have to stop that David guy!” (Litty)


“We’re on standby for now.
Besides, the branch manager will be there, so it won’t be much of a problem.” (Roma)


“Is he strong?” (Litty)


“Regal used to be a Rank 1 adventurer called Bomb Fist, and rumor has it that he can defeat demons of Rank 2 or lower without using any skills.” (Roma)


“Wow! If that’s the case, I’d love to join him right now! I want to see for myself how he fights!” (Litty)


“Litty, you’re just…” (Roma)


Roma thought Litty might be a little intimidated if she got to know what the branch manager was capable of doing, but she was wrong.


Litty was instead excited, and this was precisely the reason why everyone called her a monster.


She might even jump into a dragon’s den out of mere curiosity, Roma thought to herself.

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