Litty, I will Register as an Adventurer


The first thing I did in the morning was to go to the Adventurers’ Guild with the money I got from the old couple.


It is necessary to pay the registration fee to the Adventurers’ Guild, so I was truly grateful for my earnings the other day.


The Adventurers’ Guild was a massive organization with branches all over the world.
For a world where there were still many unexplored areas, national forces alone were not enough.


The bottom of the world conquered by Yggdrasia, led by Aldis, was one such place.


The discovery of unknown underground resources and the unraveling of the mysteries of ancient civilizations impacted countries around the world.
Many of the adventurers who had accomplished great things rose to become important figures in their own countries and earned the wealth enough to last for several generations to come.


Profession as an adventurer had garnered a lot of attention in many countries and organizations.


“Hello! I would like to register as an adventurer!”


“You want to be an adventurer?”




Girls like me were not the only ones to apply for adventurers these days.
Yggdrasia, which became known as a universal group of adventurers, was mostly made up of people in their early twenties.


The receptionist, however, was inwardly concerned.
Of course, it was good that there were good adventurers out there.
However, many of them lost their lives.


The receptionist sighed in her heart, wondering if this was the right time for such a young girl to aspire to become an adventurer.


Then please fill out this form.
After that, I will start the explanation.”


“Name, hometown, and…job?”


“Swordsman, Heavy Warrior Warrior, Archer, or whatever job you are.”


“Umm, I don’t have any.”


“Then just write Unknown for now.”


After getting the answer, I discovered the crux of the form.
I was truly embarrassed and diffidently submitted it.


Little by little, the adventurers in the guild, who were settling up their rewards and enjoying the thrill of the battle results, started to notice my small presence.


“If you have a certificate of achievement, there is a system that lets you skip ranks.


“What’s that?”


“It is issued when you have formerly worked somewhere and retired.
If you have a good record in combat, you can take an advancement test after our review.
If you pass with a good grade, you can start from the third rank in certain cases.”


“Wow, that’s really impressive.”


I, as a country bumpkin and a beginner, stood out like a sore thumb.Despite the probing gazes of those around me, my heart was filled with anticipation to take the first step of registering as an adventurer.


“Let me explain about Ranks.
They represent your achievements as an adventurer, and the higher the rank, the higher the difficulty of the missions you can accept.
Here are the ranks I explained to you earlier.
Rookies in the 6th rank are not allowed to hunt demons.
For each upgrade, you will be required to take a promotion exam as soon as you are permitted.”


Rank 6 would be on the level of Apprenticeship.
It was mandatory to acquire the required skills and earn a title in at least one of the jobs.


Rank 5: An adventurer who has mastered the minimum level of skills.
They can also accept hunting missions.


Rank 4: An adventurer who successfully completed a level 4 certification.


Rank 3: An adventurer who had been recognized by the headquarters of the Adventurers’ Guild.


Semi-Rank 2: An adventurer who had achieved the level to take the promotion test to rank 2 and passed.


Rank 2: An Adventurer who has been approved by an important person in a specific organization or a noble after completing the promotion exam.


Semi-Rank 1 Recommended: An adventurer who had been approved by the guild headquarters to take Rank 1 promotion exam and passed.


Rank 1: An adventurer who has been approved by the royal family of any nation and passed Rank 1 promotion.


Special Rank: Adventurers approved by the royal families of multiple nations.


Super Rank: Adventurers who had been recognized and respected by all nations.


“What is this Semi-Rank 2?”


“The requirements to reach 2nd rank included passing an examination for promotion and being recognized by an important person.
If you just pass the exam, you are at the Semi-Rank 2.
By the way, Yggdrasia, led by the famous hero Aldis, was recognized as “special grade”.”


I would be starting at Rank 6.
This is where I had to learn about combat, demon dismantling, and camping out.
In addition, I should learn how to behave in a way that would not offend clients, and some other things that had been made more strict for adventurers recently.


“You can learn the necessary skills at the training center in the guild of respective jobs.
You should choose the guild that suits you best.”


“Are you referring to the Swordsman or heavy warrior that you mentioned earlier?”


However, there are no guilds other than Swordsman and Heavy Warrior in this city.
In the Royal City, there are all kinds of guilds except Thief Guild and Assassins Guild.”


“Thief! Assassins!”


“Well, it’s also just an job, in case you’re wondering.”


Having a job would make one acquire combat skills, not the actual essence.
I already knew about this, but it was still exciting for me.
Even these surprises are amusing for me.


“Now, here is your adventurer card.”


Name: Litty

Gender: female

Age: 15

Rank: 6

Main Job: None

Jobs Mastered: None


I picked up the adventurer card I received with both hands and held it up.
I’ve finally become the adventurer I’ve always dreamed of.
I was so moved by it that I nearly squealed in delight.


But this was no time to be overwhelmed.
There was still so much to learn, so much to do.
A cough from the receptionist brought me back to my senses.


“The first thing Rank 6 needs to do is learn the basic skills of an adventurer.
First, please go to the nearest job guild.
The job you should be aiming for… you don’t know, do you?”


“Hmmm…Swordsman is good, and Heavy Warrior is hard to throw away.


“Cynthia-san, for goodness’s sake, there should be an age limit in joining a Guild.”


One of the adventurers called out the name of the woman at the reception desk.
He was a middle-aged man with a beard.
He was dressed in iron armor that covered him from chest to waist, and an axe was resting on a table.
The man approached the counter and his gaze swept over me.


“I know adventurers exchange lives, I don’t know if it’s Yggdrasia’s influence, but I’m seeing more and more of younglings these days.”


“But there are also people as young as this girl who are doing fine work.
And it’s also stated in the rules that one is responsible for their own life and injuries, and that our guild is not responsible for any of that.”


“That’s not true.
If this kind of person makes a mistake out there, it could be our lives at stake.”


“Age has nothing to do with it, right? Besides, everyone starts out as a Rank 6 rookie.”


“By the time I was a Rank 6 rookie, I was already past 20.
This one is way too young.”


“If you have an opinion about our guild, please use the suggestion form.”


The man who realized that he was getting nowhere with the receptionist naturally pointed his finger at me.
I bowed to the man respectfully, who just clicked his tongue.


“I’m Litty, and I’m an adventurer from today onwards.
I know I’m not best at any job yet, but I’ll improve myself.


“If you are saying you are not good at anything, just go home.”


“I still want to be an adventurer.”


“You must be a complete amateur, seeing as you don’t even have a weapon.
Are you from this city? Where are you from? Do you have any parents?”


“I couldn’t buy weapons because they are too expensive.
My hometown is Ruiz Village.
My parents are also there.”


“Ruiz Village? Never heard of it.”


“You came all the way here without weapons? Did she hire an escort?”


The adventurers started speculating among themselves.
How could she hire an escort if she can’t even buy weapons? When someone mentioned this, their curiosity about me grew stronger.


The bearded man, Dimos, was a Rank 4 adventurer.
He was not a bad guy.
However, he failed in every Rank 3 Rank promotion test.
Maybe that was the reason why many people these days avoided him, as the feeling of discontent was very heavy around him.


Although he was such a man, it was true that he had completed numerous requests, including hunting.
He had the proper physique, and if someone were to be looked down by this man, coupled with the overwhelming difference in sizes, it was only natural for them to feel intimidated.


“I want to become an adventurer and roam around the world.
I will earn a lot of money and provide a good life to the people in my village.
So, I’m sorry.”


I was not afraid of Dimos.
Surrounded by world-class adventurers, Dimos looked like any regular human to me.


“It’s the objective of my life.”


Dimos nearly backed away when I added.
I simply stated what I was thinking about.


But someone in the crowd felt that there was something peculiar about the young girl.
They felt a faint chill go down their spines.


Litty was not smiling.
Perhaps she was subconsciously keeping Dimos in check.


Dimos himself did not want to admit the appalling fact that he was frightened by a girl who had not even lived half his age.


But eventually, he returned to his seat at the table, still showing his displeasure.
The unexpected incident just now was enough to make Dimos think differently.


Turning on my heel, I faced the receptionist.


“So can I go to Swordsman or the Heavy Warrior guild?”


“Huh? Ah, yes.
That’s right.
Good luck.”


“I’ll do my best!”


Receiving an adventurer’s manual with detailed information, Litty left the guild.
Even after that, the guild remained quiet, including some adventurers from Rank 3, all of whom watched the girl’s back to the end.

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