Litty returned to the “Sky Ocean” hotel, where she was interrogated by the guards.

Natasha treated her injuries, but they were mostly superficial and very few.

It was her employer, count De Mile, who was the most reluctant to accept the fact that Nils had died after engaging in battle with Litty.

It was fortunate that Maamu was asleep.

“That Nils, why…?” (De Mile)

“He told me a little about it before.
He said that his life wasn’t supposed to end like this, and it could have been better…” (Natasha)

“Natasha, is that true?” (De Mile)

“He was an outcast adventurer, it seems.
He was not satisfied with his current reputation, so he fell for someone’s sweet talk.” (Natasha)

“Was he behind all this? Why did he target my innocent daughter?” (De Mile)

“I don’t know…” (Natasha)

An outcast adventurer was one who, for some reason, was expelled from a party and had nowhere else to go.

Or they had been stripped of their adventurer’s license.

It most likely happened because of the problem with their thinking or character.

Rogai, who was responsible for Litty’s promotion exam, was one such person, but the people like him who chose the path of an instructor were still better off.

Most of them could not accept reality, could not let go of their pride, and went astray.

If this was someone who was incapable of achieving big fits, it shouldn’t be a problem.
But if it was otherwise, then the consequences would be unimaginable.

“It seems sometimes people go down the wrong path.
The assassins who attacked us in the daytime could be considered as one of them.”  (Natasha)

“Those people… are strangers, but Nils…” (De Mile)

“Maamu-sama also didn’t befriend him, you know.
Maybe she had guessed that something was wrong with him…” (Natasha)

Hearing that he was an exiled adventurer, Litty wondered why he got banished.

What exactly did the adventures do that lead them to be banished, but didn’t all adventures have the same aspirations?

Litty was not sure what Nils’ past was, but Litty’s encounter with him made her even more determined than before.

“It’s really a sad part.
I don’t want to be like that.”

“Yes, I hope you will stay as upright as you’re right now, Litty.”


“I’m from the Guards.”

One of the guards who went inside the door immediately approached Litty.
They let her off the hook during the thug incident before, but this time they didn’t let her go.

This was because the guard in charge of the current incident was different from the previous incident, and his eyes seemed to hold a strong displeasure towards her.

When Litty explained the situation as it was, the guard replied, “I see.”

“A 5th rank adventurer against a 3rd rank… Judging by the damage to the body, most of it was certainly caused by his own weapon.
However, he was a 3rd rank adventurer, right? How could he die just like that?”

“Guard, I can vouch for her innocence.”

“But, De Mile-sama.
A guard you hired was killed?”

“That is my responsibility, I believe.
Please, do not hesitate to investigate me.”

“Uh… that’s… no…”

The guard, after glaring at Litty, walked out of the room without saying a word.
Despite De Mile’s image of being an idiotic and naïve parent, he was a respectable Count.

If Maamu had woken up, she would have been horrified by his current aura, as Maamu had never seen her father like this before.

“Phew… Litty, sorry for getting you into trouble.
I already told the guard that it will be my responsibility for not being able to see this Nils’ character for what he actually was.”

“No, that’s okay.
I believe there will be times like this in the future, as long as I’m working as an adventurer.”

“That puts me at ease.
Well then, I shall give you a little extra for your hard work, it should be added to your guild compensation.”

“Oh, no! No, you didn’t have to trouble yourself to do so.”

“Don’t mind it, I would also make sure to include this to your achievements.
I’ll let the guild know.”

Litty could no longer refuse De Mile’s decision.

She did not feel bad about the unexpected high praise, but she couldn’t really explain in detail what happened to Nils.

With the mystery left unresolved, Litty returned home.


The next day, Litty met Natasha at the Adventurers’ Guild.
Outside, a magnificent carriage was waiting for her, with De Mile and Maamu riding in it.

Litty had just been promoted to 4th rank, and they had come to see her off.

“The Nils’ situation kind of bugged me too… The guards had informed me just now that he was the one who was directing the people who attacked us yesterday afternoon, everything was carried out in the dark.”

“So when he said he was sick…”

“He was pretending to be in his room, but he was working… He is a jerk who took advantage of De Mile’s good nature, that’s for sure…”

“Why would he do that?”

“The guards got the other guys to talk until this point, and then they suddenly started convulsing, vomiting blood and all died on the spot, not even a single survivor was left behind.”

Just from those words, she could tell that they had met the same end as the Nils, and that Zhul had done something to them.

If he was the mastermind, what was his purpose, was it related to Aldis, or was it related to Yggdrasil?

Litty was not going to be able to get to them anytime soon.

“I hope I can find some clues about this as I go on this adventure and figure it out.”

“Aye, but just be cautious.
They have lots of underhanded tricks, and it’ll be a hassle to deal with them.”

“If those people really tried to get involved…”

Natasha shuddered, for Litty’s eyes were not smiling like usual and the corners of her mouth were twisted into a wicked smile.

Litty was someone who enjoyed even the unexpected encounters with powerful enemies and the threat of death, which undoubtedly was one of her strengths.

There were not many people like her who could smile in the face of real danger.

Natasha noticed such an aspect of Litty’s nature and patted her shoulders.

Name: Litty

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Grade: 4

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