Litty Fights Attackers


Nils was the first to make a move.
He was trying not to be intimidated by Litty’s smiling face in this tense atmosphere.


The difference between their skills, physical abilities and experience was so vast that Nils believed he could easily kill her in the blink of an eye, but…




He was countered by a spear.
Something was obviously wrong.
Unlike before, his movements were being read.


After successfully blocking the upcoming attack, Litty ran and went for her own attack.


“Too slow…eh?!”


Litty thrust her spear into the ground and sent herself flying.
In the manner of a pole vault, she was able to get on top of Nils.


In the midair, Litty immediately prepared to execute a gale slash with her one-handed sword, but as expected, Nils was not so naïve.
He expected Litty’s attack and made a counterattack by taking her landing spot into consideration.


“Ascending Strike!”


As a series of claw strikes came from below, Litty, who was on the verge of landing, had nowhere to run.


Fortunately, at the last moment, Litty thought of an idea and counteracted the Grappler’s skill [Ascending Strike] by spinning herself in the midair.


With the momentum of being repelled, she landed at a distance from him again.


“You’re pretty good.
Surprisingly, troublesome.”




“I’ll settle this right away.
That spin you just did… it’s a little lacking, y’know?”


Nils stretched out his arms and started to rotate himself like a beyblade.
It was a Grappler’s skill, the “Circular Claw,” nothing compared to Litty’s.


Nils executed a highly difficult skill that excelled at both offense and defense.
Moreover, it also worked as a surprise attack on the enemy’s position.


Cleave, catch, spin, and spear guard.
None of them had any way to prevent it.


Relieved by Litty’s look of impatience, Nils laughed again.


“Scary this time, isn’t it? This is the might of higher position, for you–“


“It’s neither troublesome nor scary, but rather very exciting.”




“Because this is also part of an adventurer’s life, you know?”


Again, Nils was annoyed by Litty’s incomprehensible remark.


This was the end, anyway.
Or so Nils told himself.


As he was spinning around, Nils suddenly lunged at Litty, expecting her to end up as a lump of meat.
That was his motive, but Litty’s next move surprised him.


She threw away her sword and held up her spear with both hands.


“Are you going to use that spear to hit my spinning claws?”


However, the moment Litty approached him, Nils realized that her aim was at his feet.


She concentrated on nothing else.
With that slender spear, she aimed at just one point.






It was the Nils’ feet that were struck.
The spear not only pierced his feet but also shattered the cobblestone below, causing him to halt his attack.


Because of inertia and momentum, Nils immediately lost his balance and fell down with his arms still outstretched.
He also injured himself with his own claws, making blood splatter everywhere.




“…Hah I won, didn’t I?”


The girl declaring victory provoked intense hatred in him, but the wounds he sustained were not shallow.


The increase in power with reinforcement magic proved to be a setback.
Not only was his rotation destroyed, but the power of his rotation was sent back to him.


In the first place, this girl should not have been able to keep up with his movements when he confronted her.


He still could not understand what went wrong.
Why was he defeated?


Nils looked up at Litty, holding the wound that had carved deep in his chest.


“Why would someone like you know the weakness of this skill?!”


“When I was spinning myself while practicing a certain technique, I wondered what I would do if my opponent used a similar skill, so I thought of this counter.”


“No way a kid like you can think so far!”


“Why are you doing this?”


“You! Zhul must have taught you something! Otherwise, I wouldn’t have lost!”


Litty was confused by the situation, but she decided to put it aside for now.


Although Nils was injured and would probably die if left alone, Litty had no mercy.
She pointed her sword at him, trying to get the information out of him.


“I received nothing from him.
I was abandoned deep inside the forest and was told that I had no talent.”


“Oh, really? Hahaha! Of course, they did! That’s what Zhul is all about!”


“Do you think Zhul-san is an outstanding person?”


“Yes, he is! He hires outcast adventurers like me, and he doesn’t care if I lost my adventurer’s license! He looks at everyone as an equal! He’s… ah…”


Suddenly Nils’ expression tightened.
Then, his teeth clenched together and even tears came to his eyes.


“No, no.
Oh no, that’s not what I just said, that’s not what I meant.”


“Eh? Eeh?”


Nils vomited a lot of blood from his mouth, and his body started to convulse violently.
By the time he was finished, he had completely stopped moving.


Litty checked his pulse, and the result was as expected.


“What is this…?”


Litty staggered.
The amount of blood expelled was enough to shock the guards, who had finally heard the commotion and came to the scene.


They, too, were speechless.

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