Litty could feel a faint sense of intimidation.
If this thing succeeded in attacking her–




Litty reacted by circling around and blocking the attack from behind with her sword.
The sheer power of the attack nearly crumbled Litty’s guard with ease.


Litty instantly recognized the attacker’s strength.
He was stronger.


If the enemy had made a relentless pursuit attack here, it would have been dangerous for sure.


However, the enemy was standing still, as if admiring Litty’s defense.


Are you sure you’re a Rank 5?”


“…You must be Nils-san.”


“Huh? How did you know?”


Attacker removed the cloth covering his face, revealing his actual face.
Nils, a slender, fair-skinned young man, had claws attached to his hands.


He looked like a different person from the one she had met at the hotel a few minutes before.
His face, illuminated by the streetlight, was smiling wickedly.


“It was only for a short time, but I felt like you were looking a little strangely at me.
Also, you seemed to be paying special attention to things related to me.”


“That’s because you were the one who talked about that.
I never thought I would encounter someone with connections to That Man…”


“That man?”


“You maybe know too much, so I’m going to get rid of you right here.”


Nils’ arms bulged with muscle.
The Claw strike from those arms would be incomparable to the one from earlier.


Cleave, parry, spear guard… Despite Litty’s defensive skills, the attacks were far beyond what she could handle.


She was thrown away with her weapon in her hand.
Although she managed to avoid serious injury by rolling on the cobblestone pavement, the wind pressure alone had already taken its toll on her.




“What do you think my job is? It’s rare for anyone to guess it when they first meet me.
Only these claws give it away.”




“Correct! I only pull out those muscles when I need them! It’s a little application of enhancement magic.
Most of the guys will normally be surprised by it, right? A good man hides his claws.”


A high-rank Grappler.
A Grappler was an expert in the art of physical attack.


According to the current situation, Litty’s odds of winning were not good even though Nils was a 3rd Rank adventurer and on the same level as the instructors of the Job Guild.


Thinking so far, Litty finally realized those instructors were really going easy on her.


“How’s it going? Are you scared?”




“Haha! Adventurers die in the most unexpected places! But you’re not that bad…”


Litty just looked at the man.


“Some of them don’t even know what killed them.
It’s a miserable business, that’s why I’m repulsed by adventurers.
But you know, adventurers like them are the ones who are helping make this world a better place… They are so impressive that even a child like you would want to follow their steps and dream of being an adventurer.
That’s why you had to die today.
Blame yourself for being an adventurer.”


Litty was not interested in this man’s thoughts or motives, so she just pondered.


“Like I said, adventures die without knowing why.
Hmph! I wonder? Did you pee your pants and want to run away?”






It was true that being an adventurer was a dangerous job, and one could die at any time.


“I see, I see…”


At first, Nils thought Litty was trying to be tough.
However, he could not detect any fear in her voice.


A mentality that did not mind being hit hard by the claws.


Nils thought of himself as superior, but for some reason, he was no longer amused.


“But that’s why it is called an adventure, isn’t it? If you are willing to put your life in danger, that means it’s worth risking your life.”


“Have you lost your mind? You’re going to die here, you know?”




Nils stepped aside spontaneously.
The temperature was not high to begin with, but he felt a cold chill run down his spine.


The girl there held not only a sword but also a spear in her hand.
Was she still trying to fight? In the first place, who would use a sword and a spear at the same time?


Nils had the impression that the girl named Litty had gone crazy.


“It’s fun, right?”


Litty was smiling.
It differed from Nil’s laugh, who was sure of his own victory.


From the bottom of her heart, she was enjoying the situation she was in.
Even though there should be an overwhelming difference in their abilities.


At once, Nils’ expression turned serious.

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