“Excuse me.”


Their conversation was then interrupted by a knock at the door, which De Mile let through, perhaps because he recognized the voice.
It was a thin, fair-skinned young man who entered.


“Nils, how are you doing?” (De Mile)


“Yes, a little better, thanks to you… I’m sorry, I got sick at a critical time…” (Nils)


“Glad to hear that you are doing better.
Don’t worry, I know how you usually work.
Oh, right.
That girl was an escort in your place.” (De Mile)


“Oh, thank you…” (Nils)


Nils bowed apologetically, and as Litty responded with a nod, her gaze caught his.


Litty was concerned that he might have perceived her as an unreliable escort.
Litty looked away involuntarily.


“Nils is a 3rd Rank adventurer, you know.
He may look like this, but he’s skilled, and has been working with Natasha for some time now.
He is reliable.” (De Mile)


“No, no, I took a leave suddenly at such a crucial time.
I heard you’ve been in a lot of trouble…” (Nils)


“Thanks to Natasha and Litty, my daughter is safe.” (De Mile)


“I’m so glad to hear that… I’m sorry, both of you.”


Litty observed Nils, the escort De Mile relied on.


Despite De Mile’s trust in Nils, Maamu seemed to be wary of the man as she stared at him while snuggling up to her father.


Natasha also recognized him as a coworker, but was not particularly interested in him.


“Litty, I greatly appreciate your efforts today.
I’ll let the Adventurers’ Guild know tomorrow that you did an impressive job.”


“Eh, was I really okay?”


“I can tell by looking at Maamu.
It seems like Maamu is quite fond of you.
You’ll make a good adventurer someday, right? Ha-ha-ha-ha!”




Even Litty couldn’t react to his Idiot Parent reaction.
And Natasha, who must have been used to this, laughed.


She also had a high opinion of Litty, so she had no complaints about the job, but the Yggdrasia story still bothered her.


If true, it would be great news.
If it became known that Litty was taken in as an apprentice by Aldis, there would be no end to the number of people who would come to her to invite her to become their apprentice.


But at the same time, there were many problems with Aldis’ personality.


“Litty, have you ever told this story to anyone else?”




That’s the right thing to do, it’s Yggdrasia, after all.
Well, I wouldn’t have believed it if it weren’t for the information about white shock.”




“Sorry, Maamu is looking sleepy, can we call it a night?”


Maamu was sleepy, or rather, she was already asleep.


After playing around all day long and all the commotion at the end, it was natural for her to be tired, both physically and mentally.
Litty was also feeling tired after only one day of escorting, but she thought it had been a valuable experience.


They were leaving tomorrow, and Litty told them she would like to see them off.


If Litty ever stops by the Royal Capital, their offer of support would be a great help for her.


Litty left the hotel, determined to stop by the Adventurers’ Guild and call it a day.




Something felt strange on the road at night.
She had experienced this feeling at the hotel as well.


A gaze that was watching her intently.
From somewhere, someone was watching her.


Litty dared to ignore it and walked along.


She thought that if she were to show an opening, the owner of the gaze would appear.
Yes, just like the assassin who attacked Maamu.


Litty could feel a faint sense of intimidation.
If this thing succeeded in attacking her–

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