Litty, Completes the Escort Request


In a hotel room, Natasha reported the details of the assassins attack to De Mile.


During the briefing, De Mile’s expression seemed to be on the verge of collapse, although he was trying his best to restrain his emotions and keep an indifferent facade.


De Mile was sure that someone was after the life of his beloved daughter and that she must be feeling terrified.


“I see… Maamu, it’s my fault.
You were scared, weren’t you?”


“No, thanks to Natasha-san and Litty-san, I am fine.
And it’s not my father’s fault for listening to my selfishness.”


“But, but, you know!”


De Mile cried as he held his daughter in his arms, the guilt of having put her in danger was weighing on him.


However, both of them were wrong.
It was Natasha who pointed out the truth.


“Neither De Mile-sama nor Maamu-sama are to blame.
It is the people who have been trying to destroy our lives that are to blame.”


“Yes, that’s right.
However, I don’t think I have wronged anyone.
No, I might have done something to someone without even realizing it…”


“Two of the three men the guards captured were former adventurers, one an assassin and the other a thief.
Last one did not have a job and does not appear to be an adventurer.”


“Former adventurers…?”


Litty wondered about a different question than others.
Why were they not adventurers anymore?


And why would an assassin, a high-ranking job, go so low to be a thug?


Litty looked at Natasha, who had been trying to lighten up the situation with her easy-going manner, but still had an intimidating aura surrounding her.


Litty observed her from behind.


“They committed violations in the past and had their license revoked.
They haven’t talked about it, but I checked with the branch, and they gave me the details.”


“Those former adventurers have no reason to hold a grudge against me… no, did someone hire them?”


“That’s probably the reason.
In any case, I’m uncertain if there are more of them around, so I’ll be on high alert tonight to protect the place.”


“I’d appreciate it if you would.”




When they were done with the conversation, Litty decided to talk about White Shock.


That she was once with Yggdrasia, and that an adventurer named Zhul had manufactured the same thing there.


Litty was thinking that they might not believe her.
However, if this would reduce the risk of Maamu’s life being threatened, even if only a little, then it did not matter where she stood.


After hearing Litty’s part of the story, everyone’s reaction was mixed.


“That Zhul from Yggdrasia, huh, Litty, can I ask you something?”




“Today is the first time I have seen an escort like you.
Do you know what the consequences will be if you reveal everything in such situations?”


“I don’t care if you suspect me.
I’m prepared for that.”


Natasha pointed out the possibility that Litty was making up stories to try to distance herself from the truth.


Under normal circumstances, this was hardly a believable story.
However, Natasha was not actually doubting if Litty was telling the truth or not.
She was simply testing Litty.


In addition to standing her ground with the information about the White Shock, Litty was the girl who had accompanied those heroes and survived.


Since Natasha understood the weight of those accomplishments, she wanted to find out if Litty was also capable of being a good adventurer.


“Do you know what procedure was used to create that White Shock?”


“I don’t know the details, but I have a vague idea of the materials.”


Among the materials Litty listed, there were some that a 5th Rank adventurer would probably not have known about.


The manufacturing methods that Litty explained, though poorly done, would make anyone who heard it look up in awe.


Natasha was awestruck when she heard about what it was like to be a special class adventurer.


It was not just about Rank.
It was on a different level.
The way they think was fundamentally different.


It may be due in part to her efforts, but she was definitely destined to be a special class, was what Natasha believed.


Natasha was struggling to maintain her composure as the information Litty presented was something that even she, a high ranking adventurer, did not know.


She was now completely sure that Litty was not lying and it also demonstrated Litty’s great observation skills, a trait of a good adventurer.

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