The men on the ground had their faces covered with cloth.
Perhaps they were hiding their identities.
Or they were in camouflage.

Natasha honestly admired their stealth, their ability to keep a 2nd Rank adventurer unaware of their presence.

“Now, let’s clean them out, Litty-chan, hurry up.” (Natasha)

I’ll restrain them.” – Litty

This was one of the things she learned in the Adventurer’s Guild training course.
Litty quickly tied their hands and feet, and confiscated their weapons and other hidden items.

Litty understood that these assassins were professionals and were not weak.

And yet, Natasha was able to take them down instantly, even under the unforeseen circumstances.

“Natasha-san, that was remarkable.
I couldn’t even do anything…” (Litty)

“What are you talking about? I don’t know many people who can react that fast to a situation where their vision was taken away without any prior warning.” (Natasha)

“That was… well, I had come across a similar situation before.” (Litty)

“Hmm?” (Natasha)

Litty was at a loss for words.
There was no reliable evidence, and it was an event that happened to be something similar to what she experienced and didn’t want to talk about.

However, her answer might lead to the true identity of these assassins, so she was not sure if she should keep mum about it.
Litty was conflicted about this.

“Let’s go back to the hotel for now, I’m worried about De Mile-sama.” (Natasha)

“Litty-san, everything should be fine now…” (Maamu)

“Ah, sorry, I was spacing out!” (Litty)

Maamu’s face had an unusual shade of red, as if she was embarrassed about something.
She hastily took Litty’s hand and led her back to the hotel.
They quickly left, not knowing if they would get ambushed by a second batch of assassins.

After arriving at the hotel, they discussed the matter with the guards who were at the entrance.
As a result, it was decided to hand over the detained men’s custody to those guards.

The process of getting them to talk was beyond the scope of this report.
Natasha, who was acting only as an escort, was quick with the cleanup.

I have to report the details to De Mile-sama now…haha.” (Natasha)

“I’m sure he’ll be worried, right?” (Litty)

“It will be fine with me! I’ll do my best to help with the report!” (Maamu)

Natasha was so moved by Maamu’s positive attitude that she couldn’t help but give her a hug.

Even though Litty had acted on the spur of the moment and held Maamu at that time, Natasha was still a little jealous.

“Um, Natasha-san?” (Litty)

“Ah, sorry, did I scare you?” (Natasha)

Natasha considered herself to be something like a sister to Maamu, even though she was her escort.
With such thoughts in her head, she could not remain calm when Litty acted like that.
Although she should stay calm, she could not help it.

On the other side, Litty was still pondering about the earlier attack.
Those people used an item which she had seen several times.

If her words were to be believed, the name of that item was White Shock.
She had heard that person boasting about how only he, a special class adventurer, could make that item.

Not necessarily the same thing, but Litty could not help but feel a connection between him and those assassins.

It was strange that the assassins used something similar to Zhul’s special item, a special class adventurer and also a member from Yggdrasia.

Litty still did not know how to interpret this situation in detail.

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