Litty’s first destination in the morning was Mount Baruni.
This mountain was home to many Gulf species, but in one corner of the mountain was an unusual place.

Flowers bloomed all around a small, circular lake.
It was a stunning sight to behold, but those who knew the mountain well would never settle down there.

The trees around the flower garden were home to a hive of vespas, a species of monster bee, who was of 5th Rank.

The honey from these giant beehives fetched a high price.
Adventurers were frequently asked to collect the honey, but the success rate was not very high.

Vespas, like Scarbs, were known for the strength of their swarms.
Moreover, they were venomous.

With such a large army of giant bees, each around the size of an adult’s head, a face off with them would definitely turn into a fatal decision.

“That flower…!”

Another source of the danger was the moving flowers that were found in this area.

Lurking in flower gardens were laflas, mimic plant-type monsters, which preyed on humans as well as monsters.

Although they sometimes showed small movements, laflas hardly moved from their original position, so there should be no problem as long as one did not get too close to them.

However, laflas’ stems and petals were also valuable materials, so Litty had no reason not to aim for them.

Adventurer’s Guild did warn Litty to stay away from laflas because although they were marked as Rank 5, their actual power was no less than those of the Rank 4 monsters.

“Gale slash!”

Litty did not aim directly at lafla, but fired her skill at the ground.
The ground shook from the attack and the extent of the impact went as far as where the lafla was rooted, which caused it to tilt to one side.

Lafla was damaged by Litty’s attack, but after seeing the attacker, instead of retreating and running away, it actually extended its tentacles in an attempt to entangle Litty.

Despite getting a few slashes from Litty’s sword, lafla was still relentless in its attacks, not even minding losing its tentacles.

To top it off, lafla’s attack was accompanied by the release of a dissolving fluid.
Lafla’s aggression, with its tentacles and dissolving fluid, and its thorough rejection of melee, was indeed a headache for Litty.

If only she could use magic like Bandera, or if she had the means to attack from afar…

Litty believed that lafla preyed on the creatures after depriving them of their resistance with its tentacles or dissolving fluid.

The range of their attacks might be short, but to a careless prey which got near them without any knowledge, the damage that laflas could do would be fatal.

“I can’t get close, not like I want to get close… I see…!”

On the spur of the moment, Litty thought of another skill.

Holding her sword and shield, she spun herself around and rushed towards the lafla after gaining proper momentum.

Slashing away the tentacles, she repelled the dissolving liquid with the momentum of her rotation.

The attack and defense were combined into one as she rotated with her shield, every move was perfectly executed by Litty, as she sliced lafla bit by bit.

“Ugh, ueeeeh…”

Despite her victory, Litty’s mood was terrible as she looked at the plant mucus covering her body.

However, she quickly recovered and collected various materials from the dismembered lafla.
She understood that there was still room for improvement in her current skills.

It suddenly occurred to Litty that this skill might also work for the swarm of vespa.

Litty took a deep breath as she looked at the nest of vespa, which had become one with the tree.

The soldier vespas which were guarding the nest finally noticed her.

“Eeiiiaaaah! Eeiiiiaaaah!”

Litty finished off the approaching vespas with a series of rotational slashes, killing them one after the other.

Sustaining the rotation was difficult, so she stopped once and launched a counterattack after switching her shield with a spear, using a mix of sword and spear strikes.

Carrying a spear and shield on her back and a sword at her waist was truly a challenge, especially when it came to the heaviness of those weapons.

Litty wondered what she could do about it, as lots of her energy was wasted while spinning.

Fighting with a sword and a spear in each hand was hard but Litty had already developed her own style.

It allowed her to intercept the approaching vespa at close range with her sword and at medium range with her one-handed spear.

Not just anyone could have the dynamic vision to quickly stab the approaching vespas by just sensing their presence.

By interweaving rotational slashes in small increments, she was able to complete a more precise offensive and defensive attack.

“Oh, is it over?”

There was almost no person in their right mind who would annihilate every vespa in their nest.
There were various ways to harvest vespas’ honey, but the rule of thumb was to leave the area as fast as possible after harvesting the honey.

That would be the most efficient approach, but for Litty, her approach was more interesting despite being inefficient.

A swift hitting rotational move against Lafla, and an intercepting rotational slash against vespa.
With this one request, Litty had taken another step forward.

The gathering of materials of Lafla and the collection of honey from vespa were originally two separate requests.

The former was a request for a Rank 4, so Litty, who was a Rank 5, thought that if she reported the accomplishment, it would immediately be invalidated.

But in reality, that only happened to requests that have actual restrictions, and as long as there were no problems involved, the request would still be marked as complete.

However, since it was not recommended by the Adventurers’ Guild, there would be no remuneration.
In other words, hunting Lafla would become work with no gains for Litty.

After all, this was also an act of taking away requests from those who could formally accept them, so it was the least the guild could do to safeguard their rights.

“Sword and spear, sword and axe, sword and shield… I want to try some more…”

For the person in question, such things did not matter.
She was only interested in the results she had achieved now.

Above all, it would be evaluated as an adventurer’s achievement.
The girl who had just been promoted to Rank 5 a few days ago was running down the mountain as fast as she could, tireless and determined.

Although it was close to town, the round trip would require several hours, but Litty was able to cut that time down significantly.

Upon her return, the weapon discussions happening in her brain finally ended and she started to think about her next request.

“I wonder if I could get an escort request!”

The girl who had started chasing her dreams, approaching them step by step, could no longer be stopped.

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