From the depths of the darkness came two Scarbs, named so for their six legs and skull-like backs.


Litty stood in front of Roma to intercept the two Scarbs.


One of the Scarbs crawled on top of the other as they approached Litty and Roma.


“There’s no space to escape in this narrow cave!”


“That’s right! It’s also why I choose to be a Heavy Warrior!”


With a spear, she would be stuck in the narrow cave passageway while, with an axe, it would be hard for her to maneuver.
So here, she chose a sword and shield.


Litty decided that since she couldn’t move around as freely as she could in the grasslands, this was the best weapon combination for her to use.


Without wasting any time, Litty used her shield to 


Without wasting any time, Litty held her shield firmly in place to block the attacks of the bottom Scarb while she used her sword to slash at the top Scarb.
After dealing with the top Scarb, she then focused on the bottom Scarb.


It didn’t even take a lot of time for her to dispose of the two Scarbs.


“Wow, Litty, you’ve made great improvements during your stay in the Heavy Warrior Guild.
Also, the way you use your shield is truly amazing.”


“Yeah, it helped me to stand my ground and expand my fighting style.”


“I’m going to try my hand at it…”


Having spent a year on acquiring the title of Swordsman, Roma had become cautious about pursuing the next title.


As Roma collected the Scarbs’ antennae, the proof of subjugation, she mocked herself.


“When I came here last time for a solo adventure, I had also managed to reach this fork, but I couldn’t proceed further.
The Scarbs have been attacking from both sides of the passage.”


“But there are two of us now.”


“Yes, this time, we must hunt more Scarbs.”


Scarbs were coming from the inside of the cave, which was divided into two halves.


Litty could manage a few Scarbs, but Roma was at the disadvantage when faced with a lot of them.


Since she did not have Heavy Warrior skills like Litty, her wounds would steadily increase.




“Focus on that one!”


From both openings, the left and right ones, a large number of Scarbs had appeared.
Comparing the momentum of the Scarbs, Litty noticed that there were more Scarbs on the Roma’s side.


Was it really just a coincidence? And where did these Scarbs come from in the first place?


Was there really a nest of Scarbs which was dug up? If so, they needed to destroy these monsters thoroughly.


Litty was thinking of ways to stop this seemingly endless Scarb chain.


After eliminating those around her, Litty came to Roma’s side to help.


“Litty, I’m sorry.”


“It’s okay.
More importantly, Roma… Is there something like Scarb Boss similar to the Forest Leader?”


“I haven’t heard any reports related to the Named Scarbs before.
In the first place, it even seems that no one has come to this mine to hunt them down for a while, except for me.”


“I wonder if the people at the bar didn’t want to come here…”


“The unit price for Scarb hunting is too low.
The guilds also don’t pay much attention to it, as the Scarb haven’t done any damage to the town.”


After annihilating the first wave of Scrabs, Litty and Roma moved further in.


As they were facing more and more Scarbs, the two began to have noticeable issues dealing with them as they were exhausted and the number of Scarbs was also showing no signs of reduction.


The Scarb’s specialty was that they attacked in numbers.
Litty, however, got more motivated and started to push against the Scarb horde.


Litty could tell, among the forks of the paths they approached, something ominous was at the end of the road on their left.


The number of Scarb coming from the left, the size of the individuals, and their speed were all different from the rest of the Scarbs coming from other paths.


The difference was so subtle that Roma, who was frantically swinging her sword, had yet to notice.


“Roma, look they are almost gone, this is our only chance! Run to the left!”




“Let’s go!”

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