Litty was walking down the street at night after completing her training.


Her instructors told her to have confidence and also informed her that she had talent.


Litty’s tension was heightened since she was told that she was already at the stage where she could take the final exam.


Just as she was about to set off, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.


In front of her were several shadows hidden under the darkness of night, and as she got closer, she recognized them as apprentices from the Heavy Warrior guild.


“Um, what can I do for you?” (Litty)


“You’re sure getting carried away, aren’t you? Even though you were only praised just a little by the instructors.” (Apprentices 1)


“I’m getting carried away?” (Litty)


“Hah, how rude! You’ve got some nerves to not even greet the senior apprentices present.” (Instructor 2)


A group of bulky young men surrounded Litty who was puzzled by the difference in culture from the Swordsman’s Guild.


One of the big young men stood in front of Litty.
This man was the leader of the group, Litty guessed.


“I apologize for the late greetings.
I am Litty from Ruiz Village.” (Litty)


“Too late, you’ve already missed your chance.
You know, we have a very strict hierarchy here.
However, it seems that a lowly fellow like you needs to be reminded of that.” (Leader)


“Oh, remind me of what?” (Litty)


Two young men slowly approached Litty from behind and tried to tightly hold both of her hands and shoulders.


Litty, sensing the danger, reflexively tried to escape.


With a small jump, she heavily stepped on the two young men’s feet, using the same strength that she used to run through the Peat Grasslands.


The young men, who were getting stepped on, groaned in extreme pain and let go of Litty’s arms.


“Aaaaah! Ouch!”


“Are you okay?”


“You! Seeing that you’re just a mere little girl, I was planning to go easy on you, but you’ve successfully angered me!” (Leader)


Done speaking, the leader of the young men, threw a fist with all his might, which Litty dodged from the side, just like Caddock’s swipe.


Without giving him time to stabilize himself, Litty soon followed up with a punch to his gut, making her small fist sink into his body.


Within a few seconds, it was all settled as the young man fainted, falling limply to the ground.


“Geez! What’s up with you? You can’t just lead us here and get beaten up that easily, how embarrassing!”


“Hey, hey, get up…”


While the two of them were trying to wake up the leader, other men were frightened by the ending of the leader, who was foaming at the mouth and convulsing in pain.
The big guy, who was acting as their leader, was originally driven by jealousy, and called out to the others to teach Litty a lesson.


All they planned to do was to scare her a little.
After all, she was only a little girl, so they were confident that they would surely scare her with their numbers.


However, none of them expected things to turn out like this.


What more reason was there to continue? The young men looked at Litty.


“Can I go now? If I don’t return home soon, Uncle and Auntie will get worried…” (Litty)


“Oi, what are you doing over there!” (Town guard)


As the town guards were about to rush over, the young men left the leader behind and ran away, only Litty waited there for the guards to arrive.


Having a clear consciousness that she had done nothing wrong, Litty kept standing right there and didn’t run away like those young men.


“What happened! That guy over there… Did you do this?” (Guard)


“Well, you see…” (Litty)


Litty recited the whole story, including the part where she was scolded for being rude.
Hearing this, the guard nodded in understanding and slapped the fainted young man on the cheek.


“Hey! Wake up!” (Guard)


“Ughh…” (Leader)


“I never expected that the Heavy Warrior guild had many roughnecks like you.
It’s late at night, but now I have to take you with me, how troublesome.” (Guard)


“Where are you taking me?” (Leader)


“Of course.
The guardhouse.” (Guard)


“Ueeh! No, that’s… wait.” (Leader)


Without listening to the young man’s words, the guards forced him to stand up.


He would surely be punished for what he did.


The young men who had escaped would eventually be found and suffer the same fate as their leader, but Litty couldn’t help but watch the situation in a daze.


“Wait a minute! Why do you believe that girl?” (Leader)


“She hasn’t been in town for long, but there are many of us who are grateful to her.
You don’t know this, but she has been working hard as an adventurer all this time.” (Guard)


“Wha, what are you…” (Leader)


“She has been cleaning up all those Rank 6 Requests that people like you should be doing.” (Guard)


“She… Is she that well known?” (Leader)


“Well, she does have more credibility than a roughneck like you who just happened to be an apprentice at the Heavy Warrior’s Guild who had a reputation of doing things roughly… I will further inquire about this matter later.” (Guard)


Litty did not know the guard, but the guard knew her well.
His grandfather had once been saved by Litty.


His grandfather was happy enough to even want to make Litty the successor to his business.
At first, he still held his suspicion, but when he actually saw her and witnessed her hard work, he changed his mind.


The guards were repeatedly impressed by how she never ran out of energy running around the city and completing requests.


“Um, I didn’t hurt her…” (Leader)


“That’s right.
You should be thankful that you only attempted to do so, otherwise I won’t be so gentle with you.” (Guard)


“Ugh, damn it…” (Leader)


Even though he brought along several people with him, he was still unable to do anything.
He no longer had any pride to brag about.


Litty watched for a few more minutes as the guards took him away, but soon, she lost her interest and hurried to the old couple’s house.


Litty had no personal attachment to the young man.
Although she was surprised to be attacked, she was not even injured, so she just left it at that and didn’t think about it further.


In the first place, Litty wasn’t going to get anything from thinking about this incident so her interest soon shifted towards today’s dinner.


At first, she was reluctant to freeload, but now she had been completely spoiled by the couple’s cooking skills.


Litty was determined not to let such incidents happen again, but when the hot dishes were served to her, she completely forgot all about it.

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