Litty, Training at Heavy Warrior’s Guild


“Can you equip this one?” (Unknown person)


The next day at the Heavy Warrior Guild, Litty’s physique was the first thing to be criticized.


The man with square-cut hair presented Litty with a full-body armor, but it seemed like the armor didn’t fit her in any way.


It was the first time a woman, to be more specific, a little girl, had visited them, so the man was at a loss for what to do next.


“Is there a smaller version of this armor set?” (Litty)


“There are few, but I’m not sure if one of them will fit you.
Don’t you already have the title of Swordsman?” (Man)


“Please, let me have a look! I want to try everything as long as there is a possibility!” (Litty)


“I see.
We’d be glad to have someone like you with us.
Just give me a minute.” (Man)


At the warehouse, he brought another set of armor that had been stored in one of the warehouse’s corners.
It was not exactly a fully plated one, but it covered the shoulders, torso, and waist.


Litty immediately reached out to try it on.


Thankfully, she was able to put it on without much effort.
But then she felt that it seemed a little heavier than she expected.


“Oh, it is heavy…” (Litty)


“It’s supposed to be.
In fact, that is pretty meager equipment for a Heavy Warrior.
Even if you succeeded in wearing it, I don’t think you would be able to demonstrate the full might of the job.” (Man)


The Heavy Warriors used their weight to perform body blows.


The armor equipped by Litty was half as protective and heavy as regular ones, this one looked more like that of a Swordsman.


As Swordsmen moved around flexibly, extra weight was a hindrance, so it was not a popular piece of equipment even among them.


“If you have money, you can easily register with the Swordsman Guild over there, right? But here, we don’t allow it.
We don’t want to be like those guys and just accept the money.” (Man)


“I can assure you that I can work finely with this armor, please let me.” (Litty)


“Hmmm, I’ll see what I can do, let’s go to the reception desk first.” (Man)


After they reached the reception desk, the square-cut man hurriedly disappeared along the stairs.
Meanwhile, Litty was still wearing her armor, waiting at the reception desk.


It’s really heavy.
She wanted to take it off.
Such thoughts kept coming to Litty, who had always used her speed to gain advantage over her opponents.


Suddenly, Litty had a flash of inspiration at that moment.
If she could fight with this heavy armor equipped–


“Hey, thank you for your patience.” (Man)


“I’m the branch leader of the Heavy Warrior’s Guild.
Oh, isn’t that… this is indeed a rare visitor.” (Branch manager)


A large, middle-aged man with a skinhead appeared before Litty, and unlike the Branch Manager of Swordsman’s Guild, this one was a big man.


He was around 40 or so years old, but his muscles showed no sign of decline.


“Alright, I know what to do next.
Take her to the training grounds.” (Branch manager)


“Heh? What? Won’t that crush her?” (Man)


“If that’s all she got, then that’s the end of it.
Anyway, this young fellow is eager to prove herself.” (Branch manager)


“Okay.” (Man)


After paying the registration fee, Litty was finally led to the training grounds.


As she approached it, she heard deafening shouts.
The men’s roars were so loud that they caused the building to shake.


Litty felt the difference in atmosphere from Swordsman’s training grounds, as she braced herself for her upcoming battle.




The men were all training together.


Everyone was busy doing push-ups, sit-ups, squats, etc., while sweating in nothing but just a pair of half pants.


They were straining their bodies in every possible way.
Perhaps because of this, every man had enormous build and muscles.


Litty felt that one of their original characteristics was their large physiques, which made them more demanding than the Swordsman Guild.


“We have to build our bodies first before we can wear armor or do anything else.
If we must point out the difference then if the Swordsman Guild focuses on skill, then this place focuses on strength.” (Man)


“I see!” (Litty)


“If you’re up for it, I’ll introduce you to an instructor right away.
Are you alright still wearing your armor?” (Man)


“Yes, I am.
I’d like to get used to it as soon as possible.” (Litty)


Understandably, the man with the square-cut hair had some doubts.
The armor she was wearing was heavy, and even the girl had complained about its weight.


But now she seemed perfectly composed.


Perhaps she was just being desperate, but the man didn’t care and called for an instructor.


“Oh! Barrigan! What do you want!” (Approaching person)


“Hey, Gonza, this kid wants to start learning here today.
Well, I know you have something to say, but higher ups have already decided.” (Barrigan)


“Oh, okay? Huh…” (Instructor Gonza)


“Nice to meet you!” (Litty)


Even Gonza, the bulky instructor, had difficulty accepting Litty’s presence the moment he saw her.


Everyone who came to this place was a strong, rugged man.
If it were a man, he would have yelled at him or slapped him, but what to do with a girl?


For 34-year-old Gonza, it was going to be an ordeal.


“I’m telling you, you don’t have to go easy on her just because she’s a girl.
She’s here with that intention too.” (Barrigan)


“Oh…” (Instructor Gonza)


“Oh… instructor! Do you want me to do what they are doing?” (Litty)


“No, well… uhm, ah… Yes, but can you do it?” (Instructor Gonza)


Litty pointed to people doing squats.
Contrary to the uncertain instructor, Gonza, Litty suddenly started squatting.


Just as Gonza was about to give her a hard time for her mindless, high-speed movements, Gonza realized something and suggested.


“Ah, hey.
I don’t mind if you take off your armor, okay?” (Instructor Gonza)


“You don’t mind?” (Litty)


“Ah, would you rather do it while wearing the armor?” (Instructor Gonza)


“I thought it would make me stronger faster.” (Litty)


Gonza felt as if he had met an unknown creature.


It was partly because he had hardly ever interacted with the opposite gender in so many years.
Were all females this mysterious?


He couldn’t do anything but watch Litty’s squat as she took off her armor and moved at a faster speed.


“Ah! I feel much lighter!” (Litty)


“Oh, it looks like your body has already warmed up enough, so shall we continue with the next?” (Gonza)


“Really?” (Litty)


“No way… that Gonza-san let her off already?!” (Someone in background)


There was no one in this training center who had not been subjected to Gonza’s abuse, or who had been able to easily advance to the next level.


However, Barrigan, the man with the square-cut hair, who was accompanying them, knew everything that was happening.
He was certain that they had got someone talented.


Where did such physical strength come from in that small body? No matter what tasks he let her do, no matter how much he twisted his neck to think about it, he just couldn’t figure it out.


“Well, next time we’ll do something like this to stabilize the center of gravity.” (Instructor Gonza)


“Gonza, I know how you feel, but aren’t you being too aggressive?” (Barrigan)


“A Heavy Warrior’s job is to catch the enemy’s attack.
What’s the point of being a Heavy Warrior if you can’t catch the enemy’s attack and fall down?” (Instructor Gonza)


“That’s right but…” (Barrigan)


“Look at her, she has already started doing it…” (Instructor Gonza)

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