Litty, Fighting on the Peat Grasslands

On my first day as 5th rank adventurer, I decided to hunt in the Peat Grasslands.

The plains north of the city were almost free of obstacles that might block people’s line of sight.
Trees and small hills scattered around, with green landscapes and tranquil environment would be visible till a person’s eyes could see.

Litty took a deep breath of fresh air.
It was a place filled with natural air, but was getting polluted by demons.

After a short rest, Litty started exploring.

It was a large plain, but most of the demons inhabiting it were of 5th rank.
There was a reason for that.
The main pathways from town to town were often maintained by the nation.

This place was no exception, and if one followed the roads, they would never get lost.

Nation periodically sent knights and soldiers to hunt down demons nearby town roads, causing their number to decrease in that region, though not to the point of extinction.

It would be great if the country could just kill all demons, but the expenses needed for that would be ridiculous.

Of course, demons could not be left unattended during the periodic cleaning by knights as they could quickly multiply and cause major disasters.
That was where the adventurers came into the picture.

“What is that… a Yangra and Baffolos?”

I was familiar with Yangra, a demon that had inhabited the Demon Forest, but I had never seen Baffolo before.

It was built like a bull, but its horns were branched and facing forward.

Although both Yangra and Baffolo were of the same 5th Rank, it was the latter that was more dangerous.
Moreover, they often form herds.

So far, there was one Yangra and three Baffolo.
At that moment they were each chewing grass in different places, but their attacking prowess were admirable.

Litty knew that the more time they spent wandering around, the more likely they would notice her.

As these thoughts passed Litty’s mind, she stealthily made her way towards one of the demons.
With a surprise attack from the back, she smoothly took down one of them which was standing far away from others.
Unsurprisingly, the demon she killed was Yangra.

This was a demon she could defeat even without a weapon, so she handled this one without much effort.

‘One down, alright! Next!’

As soon as the three bafollos around noticed her, they reflectively took a step back.
But after the initial shock died down, they then aimed their horns and charged toward her.

Rather than taking a reckless approach, they moved in a straight line creating a path of attack that did not interfere with each other.

At the last possible moment when bafollos were about to hit her, Litty made a sudden turn to the right.
She flanked the Baffolo on the outermost corner, and replicated the skill that Roma had shown her. 

“Gale slash!”

It hit at an angle from the bottom of the front leg to the back.
Even if it didn’t kill it, it won’t be able to stand back again once it falls down.

Litty did not miss the gap between the two Baffolo, who were struggling to stop the momentum of the charge attack (aka Rush skill).

She jumped directly above the two Baffolos, and again delivered a Gale Slash.

However, their backs appeared to have thicker skin than their sides, so the attack was not powerful enough to knock them out.

When she landed on the other side, one of the Baffolo shook its head and launched an attack.
The horns were as sharp as blades, and a single hit from them would be life-threatening.

She immediately moved to avoid the horns, which made a swoosh sound as they cut through the air.

Then, aiming the moment when their charge attack had just started, she launched a Parrying Cleave at both pairs of horns aimed at her.
It didn’t matter if they had successfully used charged attacks (Rush skill) because they had not gained momentum yet.

As Litty observed both of them during the attack, she soon understood their state and released another Gale Slash when the Baffolos’ heads were deflected by the cleave.

‘Two hits! Gale Slash!’

She released two Gale Slashes almost at the same time.
That’s an application of the skill that even the guild did not teach them.

The two Baffolos, after sustaining a number of blows, finally ran out of strength and collapsed.

As Litty had successfully taken down one Yangra and three Baffolos, she approached the Baffolo’s corpse and felt its skin.

They were not as fast as a gulf, but they were stronger.
They were also much more powerful.
If she was hit, a single blow could be fatal.

That was all according to Litty’s analysis.

Even though both of them were the same rank, they had different characteristics.
The danger also varied accordingly.
Litty interpreted that the Rank was only a rough measurement.

The flesh of Baffolo and Yangra had good demand in the town.
The proof of subjugation would be a piece of the horns.

However, Litty alone could not carry so much, so this total of four demons was the limit.
This alone would be enough to bring in some money.

But it was not enough for Litty.


That was when Litty came up with the idea of going back and forth to the town.
Since this place was not that far from the town, it would be easy with Litty’s physical capabilities.

While running to the city with luggage on her back, Litty wondered, “How am I going to carry all of this back?” Transporting the luggage was the most important issue.

Above all, the most important thing she felt during the battle earlier was the importance of weapons.

The Gale Slash was fast and powerful, but it failed to kill highly tough demons like those Baffolos.

It may seem excessive, but there would be times when that kind of situation could become fatal.

“If I could master many skills and weapons at the same time…I would definitely be stronger.”

Mastering a large number of weapons at once.
It was an idea too far-fetched and simple.

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