Litty Writes to her Hometown

At the Adventurers’ Guild, Litty was looking at the task forms being displayed.
A woman at the reception desk noticed Litty and called out to her.

The adventurers relaxing at the nearby table followed Litty with their eyes to see what was going on.

Because of the previous incident, she had successfully attracted people’s attention.
However, other than Dimos, no one got involved with her so far.

“Litty-san, first of all, congratulations on your Advancement to the 5th Rank.” (Receptionist)

“Yes, thank you.” (Litty)

“I heard from the Swordsman’s Guild’s branch manager that you had slain the Leader of the Forest.
You’re going to receive a reward for that as well.” (Receptionist)

“What? I am getting a reward for that?!” (Litty)

“Of course.
Actually, it was a long-forgotten task, but I never  expected a 6th Rank rookie to complete it.
I’m very impressed.” (Receptionist)

“You are very impressed?” (Litty)

“What did you say…?”

The adventurers, who had heard about it for the first time, could not sit still and they all stood up one after another.
It went without saying why they couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

The Named monster Leader of the Forest had killed many adventurers so far.

Some of the adventurers here had lost their friends because of that monster, and even some of the 3rd Rank adventurers had trouble dealing with the Leader of the Forest because of the number of Gulfs it could gather.

One could say that Litty and Roma were lucky in their battle, but they could not deny the outcome.

“Do I really get this much reward money?!”

“The Leader of the Forest alone is a 4th Rank Demon, which is not that high a ranking.
However, considering the damage and danger it had brought, the amount of reward is reasonable.
On the other hand, no matter how strong a Demon is, if they didn’t do much damage, the reward for hunting them usually is not that much.
Of course, the Leader of the Forest also has a large group of gulfs at its back and calls which make it much more dangerous than other 4th rank demons.”

“Oh, that! This is no good! After all, I was with Roma-san!”

“Don’t worry, that girl had already received her reward.
So, it’s a 50-50.
By the way, she received it very calmly.”


Litty could only sigh or make goofy sounds.

She had just learned another thing about Roma’s character.
Unlike her, Roma was not that flustered by the amount of money she had received.

Litty had no choice but to accept the money with a flexible attitude.

For Litty, who lived in the countryside and was not well-off, the amount of money she received was enough to make her hands tremble.
Even after taking it in her hand, she could not stop her trembling.

“I’ve always wondered about the rank of Leader of the Forest.
I heard it’s equivalent to 3rd Rank.”

“If the Leader of the Forest had done a little more damage, the rank would have been raised.”

“And it was actually killed by a little girl? What the heck is going on with that girl…”

The adventurers were not at all happy to see Roma, and then followed by Litty.
Unaware of their unhappiness, Litty kept the money in her pouch.

‘As an adventurer, I would eventually receive more money in the future so I must learn from this incident and keep my calm in similar situations.’ Litty told herself.

With this much money, it should be possible to save the village from poverty.
Then, it occurred to her that she should go home soon.

However, no matter how much she stared at the map, she could not locate the village of Ruiz.
The woman at the reception desk, sensing Litty’s concern, gave a suggestion.

“Do you want to send money back home?” (Receptionist)

“Yes, I do.
But I’ve come to a really far place… I don’t know where my village is.” (Litty)

“Then why don’t you use Harpy Transport?” (Receptionist)

“Harpy Transport? Oh, that’s right!” (Litty)

Harpy Transport was a service that delivered goods anywhere in the world.
They were highly reliable and were affiliated with the Adventurers’ Guild.

“Yes, I would like to use the service!” (Litty)

Harpies were demons with strong claws and soft wings instead of arms, but they were friendly to humans.

Harpy Transport, operated by harpies, was a popular service among adventurers who left their hometowns.
It naturally attracted a large number of clients.

Because of the Harpies’ own abilities, there was almost no fear of them being robbed along the way.
Litty was unaware of the existence of such a service.

No, to be more precise, she did read the description of it in the Adventurer’s Manual, but in her busy schedule, she had forgotten all about it.

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