Litty, Promoted to 5th Rank

Later that day, Litty and Roma were invited to the Branch Manager’s office of the Swordsman’s Guild.

They were currently sitting on the sofa situated inside.
Litty was so excited by the sofa’s softness that it almost made her squeal, but considering the environment, she held it in.

The branch manager once again bowed towards the two girls in order to apologize for the disaster caused by the Rogai.

“It was all my fault.
I’m sorry.” (Branch Manager)

“It’s all right.
Please raise your head.” (Roma)

The Branch Manager of a Job Guild was a person of 2nd Rank or higher, so it was understandable that Roma would feel uncomfortable after receiving the bow from such an individual.

Litty wanted to say something, but was troubled by the warmth of the tea she was served.
The branch manager watched with worry as she blew on the tea and finally managed to take a sip.

“I didn’t expect a 6th Rank rookie to beat a Named Demon.
Even if one were to flip  through the history books of the Adventurers’ Guild, there would be no such instance.”

“Hmm… If I recall it correctly, 6th Rank rookies are prohibited from hunting down demons, right? Will we get punished for it?” (Litty)

“There is no need to worry.
It’s not that we want to stop people from doing so, but it is just to keep lower rank adventurers from any harm.” (Branch Manager)

“Oh, I see.
I’m relieved…” (Litty)

The branch manager did not take his eyes off Litty, who was comforted and patting her chest.
Roma also noticed his curiosity toward Litty, which was a given.

“By the way, Litty, you’re from Ruiz Village, right? Do you have a mentor of some sort?” (Branch manager)

“Yes, I am from Ruiz Village.
No, I don’t have a mentor.” (Litty)

“Hmm, I see.” (Branch manager)

Very few people dared to start as 6th Rank rookies, even if they had a good background.
It was simply because the rewards for the quests were too low and there was no merit.

Of course, there had been some quirky ones who joined the rookies and used it to boost their sense of superiority but they were very rare.
And if Litty was one of them, that might certainly explain a lot.

If she had no combat experience and also was not from this town, then how did she end up in this town?

He wanted to find out, but if she didn’t want to talk about it, then he could only let it go.
One could say that she was gifted, but it could not explain many answered questions.

To be honest, Litty still could not bring herself to talk about Aldis.
The depressing part of being deceived was the only thing holding her back.

Although she did learn from him, she didn’t want to call Aldis her mentor.

“Well, rather than talking about that, let’s move to the next topic.
I am promoting you two to 5th Rank.”

“Eh?! After all that happened in the exam?”

“You could say it’s because of what happened… No, well, you see.
If I leave the title of 6th Rank to a person who is capable of defeating a Named Demon, then Adventurer’s Guild might question my post as the branch manager and even my capacity to judge.”

“Are you really not going beyond your authority as the branch manager to do so?”

“I understand Roma’s doubts.
Although I entrusted the responsibility to Rogai for the examination, I still have the authority to do whatever I deem necessary.”

In order to earn a title in one of the job guilds, the applicant must acquire the basic skills of an adventurer.
After acquiring the basic skills, they would take an examination, and if they passed, they would be promoted to the 5th Rank.

After that, the Adventurers’ Guild was responsible for advancement.

Each job guild was a sub-branch of the Adventurers’ Guild.
In other words, the Adventurers’ Guild had the higher authority.

It was no wonder that the branch manager was jokingly flustered at the possibility of being summoned by the Adventurers’ Guild.

“For now, let’s get the formalities done.” (Branch Manager)

“Aye!” (Litty)

“…I’ll wait…” (Roma)

“Wait, Roma, I told you I am promoting you as well.” (Branch Manager)

“But, I failed my final exam to become a swordsman.” (Roma)

“Don’t be so serious, it is much more difficult to defeat a Named Monster than it is to pass the final exam against Caddock.” (Branch Manager)

Feeling enlightened, Roma gave in and decided to undergo the procedure.
Although she was still troubled about it, this gave her more leverage to gain grounds against men.

That was when Roma realized that Litty had something that she didn’t have. 

“Litty-san, can I have a word with you later?”

“Yes, of course.”

After completing the formalities in the branch manager’s office, they were about to walk out of the Swordsman’s Guild when they were greeted by a large group of people.

It included Toito, James, and many other instructors they never had a chance to meet.
Even the man at the reception desk was there.

Let us see off the adventurers who are leaving the nest today.”

“I wonder what will happen to the man who had exchanged blows with me on the first day, he has been here for so long.
And I’m also feeling sorry for Rogai-san…” (Litty)

“Your path is yours to choose.
You can go ahead as adventurers.
Or you can become a knight like me.”

Litty was stunned speechless.

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