Not long after, Litty spotted a herd of 4 gulfs.
She seriously gave a thought to backing away.

However, after thinking about her fight with 2 gulfs not long ago, and coupled with the fact that she had the advantage of noticing them first, she decided to fight.

Although she was the first to strike and kill one of the four gulfs taking advantage of a surprise element, there were still 3 gulfs left to take care of.
Surprisingly, remaining gulfs encircled her from three different directions, as if they had done it several times.

Litty would not be able to escape, but that didn’t mean she was disadvantaged.


Compared to Supra’s aerial assault, this was somewhat easier.
She threw a fist sized rock at the throat of the gulf that jumped at her, to scare it away.

As for the other two, she immediately timed her Parrying Cleave and ruthlessly slashed at them.
Not wasting any time, she finished off the heavily injured gulfs as they tried to get up.

[T/N: Parrying Cleave is a 360* counter slash used against multiple enemies to block or strike them.]

“There’s only one left.”

The gulf that was hit by rock scratched the ground with its paw.
It seems it still wanted to fight.
Normally, the gulf would have run away by now, but this one seemed to be aggressive.

Litty took the challenge.

But the gulf was suddenly cut down.

“Well, that was a close call.”


He was dressed out of place with a sword in one hand and a bottle of Sake in the other.
Gulf’s blood was dripping from the sword of examiner Rogai, whose face was flushed.

He had come out of the woods and killed gulf swiftly.
He was a bit dazed, but he could still kill gulf in such a state.

But why was he drinking in the first place? As Litty tried to piece together her understanding, Rogai spoke.

“You’re lucky to have survived, but you failed.”

“What? However, what you just said…”

“If I had helped you, you would fail.
Didn’t I tell you that at the beginning?”

“I, I could have taken it down alone!”

“No, it was a close call.
Whatever, that’s a terrible attitude for being rescued.”

Litty understood.
This man had been planning to do this from the start.
He would appear at the right moment and dash in to help.

He could sell the favor and at the same time reject the candidates he didn’t like.
Litty, who he had thought was going to die on the first day, surprisingly persisted, so he was forced to take action.

“Thank you for that.
However, I took down the other three.”

“Yes, you did.
But I saved you in the end.
That’s a fact.”

Litty seethed at this single point of assertion.
Why was this man, as well as Aldis, so reluctant to give in to others?

Why would I let such a person interfere with my dreams? She couldn’t seem to hide her indignation.

“Why are you the one…!”

“What? Don’t tell me you’re trying to fight with me? No, I don’t think so.
You’re good for a rookie, but you can’t beat me.”

“If I win, will you accept me?”

“Hahaha! You don’t have to do that.”

“Will you?”

Rogai, whose body temperature must have been rising from the alcohol, felt a chill.
Subconsciously, he tried to reach for his sword.

But a moment later, something jumped out from the bushes behind him.


A new gulf came out and pounced at Rogai from behind.
Because of the liquor and surprise element in the attack, Rogai’s reaction speed was not fast enough to dodge or take out his sword.
The gulf’s fangs were already approaching him.


Unexpectedly, just before the gulf was about to bite Rogai, its neck was slashed.
One to strike was Roma.

With a sigh, she brushed off the blood on her sword.

Rogai, who had fallen by the impact of gulf’s dead body hitting him, looked up at Roma.

“Ki-kuh! What, you!?”

“That was a close call, wasn’t it? By the way, what happens if the examiner is saved?”

“That has nothing to do with it! I could have done something! What a waste of time!”

“You’re not even holding your sword.”

Rogai, panicked by Roma’s point, immediately took out his sword.
It was not a situation that could have been taken advantage of, no matter how one looked at it.

With a single wrong move, he could have lost his life.
He knew that, too, but knowing so made me feel deflated.

Now that alcohol he had been drinking earlier before the encounter had further kicked in, he couldn’t even stand up properly.

“Ugh, damn it! You dared to ridicule me! You mother f…!”

“Do you need a hand? I got some water here if you want it?”

“No! I don’t need it!”

“…You’re such a prick.”


As I called out to her, I noticed something strange.
Something was approaching from the depths of the forest, making a very loud noise.

Both Litty and Roma knew what it was when they saw it.
They had seen it before in the information from the Adventurers’ Guild.

“That can’t be it.”

“Roma-san, isn’t that a Named monster, the Leader of the Forest?”

Named monsters were demons that had outstanding strength compared to other demons in the area.

They could be mutated, or a monster that wandered the area from another place.
In the latter case, they could be a threat to the ecosystem, but the leader of the forest was the former.

It was the boss of the gulf herd, and its body was several times larger than that of a normal member.
It was the most dangerous demon on Mt.
Baruni, and its rank was…

“It’s a 4th level demon… We need to do something immediately.”

“What the heck is that?”

“Examiner, don’t you know? Even though you’ve retired from active duty, shouldn’t you at least check the information about the place you’re entering beforehand?”

“But it’s the fourth level, isn’t it? I could take care of it!”

He couldn’t fight with his staggered steps.
It was obvious to both of us.

He didn’t even check out the information on the named monster, but instead drank alcohol and was prideful about his past achievements.

For Roma, her disdain was shown directly, and she didn’t care about him at all.

But for Litty, he was a worthy rescue target.

“Examiner, please stand back.”

To listen to the words of a rookie, who had not even reached the 5th rank yet, was truly humiliating for Rogai.
Normally, encountering a demon of that level would make even Rogai think twice before fighting it.

But the humiliation he was to receive has just started.
As if to drive a nail, to the conceited Rogai, Roma stood in front of him to show her protection.

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