Litty, Trying to Understand The Bandits


The bandits were holed up in a natural cave that was gaping in the cliff.
It was surrounded by a dense forest, and the topography made it a blind spot for many people.


If one were to search for them without Caron’s magic detection, they would need a lot of manpower and time.
This would give bandits enough time for escape, also the reason why Charl thanked Caron from the bottom of his heart.


“Caron, we’ll probably be enough to handle this battle.” (Charl)


“You’re kind, and that’s one of your virtues, but no need to do that.” (Caron)


“I understand.” (Charl)


Seeing Caron’s serious expression, there was no way Charl could refuse her.
Charl approached the yawning guard with an air of dignity.


Seeing the uninvited guest, the guard stopped yawning, and Charl, instead of attacking, smiled at him.


“Yo, a gang of bandits, huh?” (Charl)


“Who are you and why are you here?” (Guard)


“We’re adventurers here to take you down.
Anyway, please call the people inside.” (Char)


“You’ve got to be kidding me!” (Guard)


The man, in a fit of anger, pulled out his sword, but Charl simply sidestepped his attack and grabbed him by his neck until he almost passed out.


They didn’t have a strategy meeting when they aimed for the bandits.
Litty also addressed it, but the answer from Charl, their leader, was simple.


“We’re going to fight the crooks fair and square, head on.
Otherwise, it would be meaningless as a learning experience.” (Charl)


“Ah, I see…”




“Call them, okay?” (Charl)


Charl released the man, who barely nodded.
Coughing from the lack of air, the man ran into the cave at once.


Litty could not understand why Charl would go to such great lengths to put himself in a disadvantageous position.
However, Litty could feel the essence of what was going on.
Fair and square against the crooks, that was all.


“Oh, here they come.” (Charl)


“…Adventurers?” (Bandit 01)


Every single one of the bandits was unkempt, especially the man scratching his bird’s nest on his head.
None of them had bathed in a long time, and the stench of the place wafted through their noses.


Charl smiled at the sight of the men who came out of the cave.
It was not out of affection, but more like a sneer.


“We are Red Flag, and we are here to exterminate you.” (Charl)


“Re, Red Flag?”


“You’ve come all this way…!”


The bandits expressed their fear towards the Ref Flag.
Litty gulped, knowing that the party was so well-known even among the bandits.


In this vast world, it was no small feat to make a name for yourself.
And to make people fear you just by hearing your name, it was a task that could not be done by just having an ability.


Litty knew this, and that was why she was awed by the Red Flag.


“Huh… I see.
Well, I guess we owe you a lot for your efforts.” (Zakir)


“Zakir, Red Flag is bad….
They are the ones who destroyed the Mad Lion, the great bandit group that was once a major force.” 


“What kind of joke is this, a group of bandits being crushed by a young boy who doesn’t know anything about the battlefield? You know, I’ve killed many guys like that.” (Zakir)

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