Litty joins a Bandit Subjugation


“Litty and Kuufa might be just fine since they are both Rank 3.”


At the Adventurer’s Guild, Litty approached Charl from Red Flag because she wanted to see what the Rank 1 party was capable of and what they could do.


Normally, there would be a big gap between Rank 1 and Rank 3.
The work included not only exploration of unexplored areas, but also exploration of dangerous areas where Rank 2 and below went missing.


The most popular of these areas would be the “Dragon’s Valley,” a lair of dragons, which were considered the strongest species in the world.
This time, however, they would be performing neither exploration nor monster hunting.


“Charl, aren’t you being too pushy?” (Caron)


“Caron, please get along with these kids.
It’s good for the eyes.” (Charl)


“I’m going to hit you.” (Caron)


“We’re also in charge of nurturing up-and-coming adventurers.” (Charl)


Charl’s words were so reasonable that they made Caron loosen her clenched fist, but it was not their lack of ability that Caron was worried about.


The target this time were bandits, i.e., humans.
The crucial difference from defeating monsters was that they were of the same race.


“Are you going to let those girls kill humans?” (Caron)


“That’s up to them, you know.” (Charl)


“That’s a little too much to ask…” (Caron)


Caron was unsure of Charl’s intentions, but Litty knew what he wanted.
Adventures were not always fun, and sometimes they could be bittersweet.


There were people in the world who were beyond her understanding like the Branch Manager of Summoners Guild.
As an adventurer, meeting such people was inevitable.
So the best she could do was to be prepared.


“Well, she’s no fool.
I’m sure she understood the situation and approached us.” (Charl)


“But what about that girl over there?” (Caron)


“What… ah?” (Charl)


“Kill… people…! Kill people…!” (Kuufa)


Despite accepting Litty’s invitation to join the adventure, Kuufa did not anticipate such a turn of events.
Trembling, she regretted it.


She was just about to decline when Aquaria, who had been attached to Kuufa, turned into a humanoid form.


“Kuufa, you want to be a wonderful Master, don’t you?” (Aquaria)


“Um, yes, but… but killing people…” (Kuufa)


“It’s fine, you know? Let’s go!” (Aquaria)


“Fuueeeeh!” (Kuufa)


“Heh I really can’t tell who’s the master between them.” 


Kuufa was dragged away by Aquaria.




Based on information that bandits were hiding out in a certain location within a few days’ radius of the royal capital, the group followed a route off the city streets.


Along the way, Litty actively interacted with members of Red Flag.
She was now sitting next to one of them, Jennifer, who had a peculiar Job.


At this moment, they were just relaxing after a meal at the camp.


“Hey, how’s Aida-chan?” (Jennifer)


“Not good enough yet, since she’s only Rank 5.” (Litty)


“I was hoping to get a unit together…” (Jennifer)


Charl refused Jennifer’s request.
They also discussed how fighting against bandits, or rather, against humans, was different from defeating monsters.


Because they were humans, they had no specific fighting pattern and were more intelligent than monsters.
It was not unusual to find villains who were very cunning and half destroyed subjugation parties.


The other was the murder problem that Caron pointed out as the most important issue.


“Litty-chan, don’t listen to those guys, especially when they are whining and begging for their lives.” (Caron)


“Yes, Caron-san, I’ll be careful.” (Litty)p


“The people we’re going to take down this time have killed many travelers and wiped out many traders.
They are the kind of people who would kill even a crying child.”


“The secret to victory in a fight against humans is to never hesitate.”


Daido, a man of few words, was silently cleaning up after the meal; Litty tried to help, but was stopped with one hand.


Despite his unapproachable air, he tried not to burden Litty and Kuufa, who were his juniors.


After dealing with these Red Flag people, Litty was again reminded of Yggdrasia.


“Daido-san, why did you choose to become a Vanguard?” (Litty)


“Because there’s not much I can do.” (Daido)


“Eh? What do you mean?” (Litty)


“I can’t move as fast and dexterously as Charl or Jennifer, and I don’t have the magic talent that Caron has.” (Daido)


Saying so, Daido stroked Myan’s head as she licked the container.
He was the only one who was difficult to grasp because of his silent personality, but Litty had a good impression of him.


Even Myan, who had shown her fangs at Baider, was very much at ease with him.


“I’m just a big tall guy who can only be a wall.” (Daido)


“Don’t be so self-deprecating, Daido, we’re counting on you.” (Charl)



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