Baider felt like he had just been hit.
It was the man’s power that even made him feel as if a sharp blade were being held to the tip of his nose.

This forced Baider to grit his teeth in silence.

“With how things are going, I don’t think you can take down the Martial guild.”

“It seems that more and more people are eager to join that guild…”

“So you just tucked your tail between your legs and ran away?”

“Ah, eh, no! I just felt that it was better to think of a plan before taking any action!”

Baider replied hurriedly, but the fear he felt for Litty during the confrontation was still seeping into his body.

At the same time, it was a humiliation that made him squirm.
Only now could he pull himself together.
He wondered why he ran away back then.

Why did he run away when he could have won the fight? Over and over and over again, he had to remind himself of this.

The man took slow and leisurely sips from his wine glass, and Baider couldn’t help but be horrified by his next words.

“You look like you’ve seen something terrible.”

“Well, no, nothing like that.”

If this man had his way, Baider could easily lose his head.

“Well, Baider, I don’t think this country needs an invasive species known as adventurers.”

“You’re right, sir!”

“Even if you look at the history of our country and other countries, the loss of those eaten by invasive species is great.
Yes, they are full of holes as if they were eaten by insects.
What will be mixed into those holes?”


The man approached Baider right up to his nose, not caring about the smell.
There were no words Baider could utter.
At best, he could only plead in his mind for his life.

“It is depravity.
The power of our own country is waning, and we cannot survive without outside help.
You open a hole in the ground, and they pour their selfishness into it.
They are proudly claiming that it’s all thanks to them.
What do you think… Can you forgive them?”

“I can’t forgive them…”

“I don’t just want the land.
I ordered you to destroy that guild.
Not only you couldn’t do what you were told, but you also ran away.
You bastard!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry!”

The man pushed Baider further back until he fell.
Then he crouched down again and looked into Baider’s eyes.

Unable to control his ragged breathing, Baider was already shedding tears.

“I will show no mercy to anyone who stands in the way of my ideals.
Yes, no matter who it is.”

“Please give me one more chance! Please!”

“What would you like to wager?”

“What, I mean…”

By the time Baider realized that his bluff was a bad move, it was too late: he was grabbed by the head and suspended in midair.
After writhing in agony, he was struck in the stomach.

Baider felt as if his internal organs were going to explode, and he vomited as soon as he was dropped.


“That carpet is vintage.
Oh well… a big service equivalent to your entire fortune.”


“So, what do you want to wager?”

Baider, in tears, searched for the right words.
Then he made a desperate bet.

“My life… how about it…?”

“You are not allowed to withdraw or make any excuses, got it?”

The man snapped his fingers, and a servant came into the room to remove the carpet.

Baider had been humiliated twice that day, first by Litty and now by this man.

He felt like he was being underestimated as a knight in active service.
If given the chance, he would definitely do something about this man…

“Baider, you shouldn’t underestimate me too much.”

It was the moment when Baider felt like he had been seen through.

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