Seeing Baider, Duggam clenched his fist, but unclenched it after a moment.
He decided he didn’t need to be rough with Baider.
He did not falter, even when an enraged Baider drew his twin swords.

“Do you smell something?”

“Yeah, apparently it’s coming from that guy.”


Baider panicked and sniffed his body and arms.

It was the smell of the sewer where he had been tossed into by Charl.
He had cleaned his clothes, armor, and body like a madman since then.

However, the sewage flowing in the sewers, which could be called a collection of dirt, was tough.
As a result, anyone at close range would still pick up the scent.

“Baider-san, didn’t you take a bath?”

“Of course I did! That Charl is the reason I’m like this, you know!”

“Oliger-san was stabbed in the back by you.
Aida-san almost fell because of you.”

“Don’t compare my position with that of adventurers!”

“That’s not reasonable.
Please apologize.”

Duggam was the first one to notice that something was strange about Litty’s presence.
It was as if she was ready to attack at any moment.

“Wha, what are you saying? You people should be the ones apologizing…”

“You’re a knight.
You should be reasonable.”

“You, you, do you even know what a knight is?”

Baider could not understand why but he was feeling a sense of danger crawling over him.
It was as if he was being swallowed by something.

Baider’s breathing became raspy and his throat dried up as time passed.
At some point, he lost his voice and backed away several steps from the entrance.

“If you won’t do it, please don’t come back.”

“Ah, ah… ah, ah.”

With shaky legs, Baider almost fell over.
Fortunately, his men caught him on both sides in time, but he could not take his eyes off Litty.

“Next time I will not let things slide.”

“We are retreating for now, but we will be back soon!”

Baider was dragged away by his men, and the Amphisbaena squad disappeared.
Even after they were gone, the silence remained.
Everyone could see that Litty was angry.

“…Litty, that’s enough.”

“Uh, yes.”

After hearing Duggam’s words, Litty finally returned to her usual self.
Then, as if in alarm, Litty tilted her head at those who had been watching the whole event.

“Um, everyone? What’s wrong? They’re gone, aren’t they?”

“Yes, that’s right, Litty-san, thank you.”

While Aida was acting friendly, the surrounding tension still remained unresolved.
It was partly fear of Litty, but most importantly, it was a simple question that made them wonder.

“That girl… what is she?”


Whether it was an answer to that question or not, Myan’s cries made everyone return to normal.

Duggam, however, came to a conclusion.
She was a Monster.


A man was sitting on his bed and a beautiful woman was sleeping beside him.
Baider noticed that the beautiful woman was a different person from the other night, but did not mention it.

Baider had heard rumors about the man’s taste, but when he witnessed it himself, he wanted to take advantage of the situation and his taste.

“You stink, Baider, you know you’re supposed to be paid at the door.”

“Ha! I washed it off thoroughly, but…”

After his humiliation at the Martial Guild, he bathed and changed his clothes, but could not get rid of the smell completely.

“This was all done by Charl from Red Flag, you know! We should take him to court…”

“That would be difficult.
There are many members of the royalty and nobility who are attached to him.
And if he claims that it was an accident, it will be the end of the story.”

“But, won’t that be…”

“That’s not worth it.
More importantly, Baider, you.”

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