Jennifer circled around Litty and then tapped her on the shoulder.

“That girl over there is attractive, too, isn’t she?” (Jennifer)

“Aida-san too?!” (Litty)

“Yes! I should scout her out, right? And it would be fun if we formed a unit!” (Jennifer)

“Nice, nice.
It’s good to see the girls getting along with each other, isn’t it?” (Charl)

Charl propped his weapon against the wall and was completely absorbed in the situation.
He looked completely relaxed in this stinky sewer.

“It’s really weird to see you like that…” (Caron)

“Hey, is that how you look at me, Caron-chan? It makes me want to leave the group.” (Charl)

“…” (Caron)

Litty listened to Red Flag’s conversation as they continued to finish off the rats that came into their way.
The atmosphere surrounding them was different from Yggdrasia’s, and it was interesting for Litty to watch them.

She even hoped to be able to meet them again someday.
Just then something unusual happened to Aida.


“Oops, sorry about that.”

Aida’s foot was blocked by Baider, making her almost fall into the sewage.
However, Jennifer caught her arm with a follow-up move of pulling her back.

The way Jennifer danced and supported Aida was enough to make Baider click his tongue.

“Are you okay?” (Jennifer)

“Thank you, I…” (Aida)

“Shall we dance like this?” (Jennifer)

“Eh?!” (Aida)

“By the way, if you keep sneaking around, you’re going to get in the way of us defeating the rats, you know?” (Jennifer)

Baider’s expression was distorted after Jennifer’s comment.
Everyone was antagonistic to his behavior, but it was Charl who looked the most furious.

He was holding a halberd, a weapon that had been placed on display.
Litty wondered if he would do something to Baider.

“Well, let’s get this over with, shall we?” (Charl)

“Ugh?!” (Baider)

The fiery aura from him made Baider shudder.
It made Baider feel as if he were included among the targets.

The adventurers appeared from the back of the sewers, chasing rats.
Standing in front of them, Charl took a single swing of his halberd, and it was over.

The rats were quickly torn in half.
The adventurers nearly fell on their butts.

Even the most ignorant Baider could tell that this move was the last warning for him.
If Charl wanted to, he could always get rid of him.

“Join hands with me, okay? Let’s start with a few simple moves!” (Jennifer)

“Ye, Yes!” (Aida)

“That’s it, that’s the way!” (Jennifer)

Aida and Jennifer’s dance seemed to break through the tense atmosphere.
No, it was a battle.

Caron showered the rats with balls of flame like bullets, and Charl wielded his halberd.

Aqua Road created by Kuufa and Aquaria, and Daido’s Wall… Looking at those people made Litty refine her moves.

She did not want to be outmatched.
As a fellow adventurer and a like-minded person, she admired them.

Litty was impressed once again, realizing that Yggdrasia was not the only great adventurer party in the world.

“I will also…! Myan!” (Litty)

“Myan!” (Myan)

Litty took a bow and arrows out of Myan’s mouth and shot them all at once.
After accurately shooting the rats on the other side of the sewer, she used her technique to fight at close range.

Charl and the others were not the only ones to appreciate Litty’s ability to handle even long-distance attacks.
The adventurers were also speechless.

Some even thought that with Litty’s skills in handling all kinds of weapons, and her ability to use them in the right place, her actual fighting ability was definitely not limited to that of a Rank 3.

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