The leader of the party, Charl’s broom-like blond hair, made an impact on Litty.

“Charl is actually talking to that kid?”

“Is she somehow related to him?”

“Why don’t you go ask him?”

“I don’t want to… I heard they’re super scary.
I heard they are the kind of guys who would laugh at a screaming bandit and stab him to death.”

As the adventurers were spouting information about the Red Flag, the person who was supposed to manage the task on behalf of the government finally appeared on stage.

It was someone Litty also knew, but it was enough to lower her spirits.

After all, the sign on the request only said that it was to be led by the Knights Order.

“You’re all here.
This time, the attack will be a joint front between the adventurers and us, the Amphisbaena.
You have to listen to what I say.”

No one was excited by the appearance of Baider.
He was always the subject of suspicious rumors.

The men who were expecting to see the Silver Fenrir team led by Ilysis were discouraged by the appearance of Baider and his team.
Perhaps sensing their mood, Baider twisted his lips more nastily.

“We don’t have time for this, either.
We have no choice but to do this because we have orders from the top.
Well, adventurers, all you have to do is follow behind us, okay?”

“Hey, seems like I’ll be learning from you guys.”

The owner of these words, which could only be considered sarcastic, was Charl.
He, too, was not impressed with Baider.

For him, who showed no mercy to humans, good or bad, Baider was just a walking bag of meat.


The sewers of the royal capital were vast.
A few adventurers were not enough to deal with the countless monster rats that infested such a place.

Magic traps, magic tools, and magic itself could not be used because of the possibility of damaging the city above.

“This place stinks! Why am I doing this?”

“Captain Baider, sword rats are smart monsters.
If you fall behind, you’ll be disadvantaged…”

“Shut up! Do you know who you’re talking back to!?”

“I’m sorry, sir!”

No one was in a good mood after hearing their supposed leader say such an unreasonable insult to his subordinate.
Charl, who couldn’t help but notice the low atmosphere lingering in the team, clapped his hands to get everyone’s attention.

“Your good subordinate there is right, don’t underestimate the enemy just because it is Rank 5.
They are intelligent enough to target the rear guard, who are not good at close combat.”

Baider immediately replied while snorting, “Oh, really!?”

Charl decided to just ignore Baider’s response and addressed others, “Yup.
That’s also why it’s troublesome when they breed.
This time, we’re going to exterminate every last one of them.
First, we’ll split up into sections…”

Seeing Charl ignore him like this, Baider pushed the man, who was considered an excellent subordinate, away with one hand and stood beside Charl.

Seeing Baider’s actions, Charl said with an expressionless face, “The foothold is very narrow here, you know.
If you slip, you’ll dive into the sewage.”

Charl’s response made Baider’s expression turn more ugly, but before he could say anything, one of the team members shouted.

“Well, here they come!”

Sword Rats were about the size of a child’s head, but with a small blade growing out of their back.
At high speed, they emerged from the depths of the sewers, displaying hostility towards the intruders.

Baider moved in after them.

“You’re all here just to die, I suppose! One Snake Slash Single Hub!”

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