Litty Getting Ready to Pick a Summon

The time had reached midnight.
Magic stone runes, Magic Parchment made of Baffolo Skin, and Magic Candles were needed for the summoning technique.

A specific chant with sufficient magical power and a precise magic circle must be written on the parchment as well.

There were further detailed requirements, but Kuufa figured them out just by reading books; Catalana once again praised Kuufa.

“Kuufa-chan, I keep telling you, you are a genius.”

“Oh, I..I…”

“You’re a genius!”


While Catalana, tired from her research, was messing around with Kuufa, Litty was quietly reading a book.

What Litty needed was a Phantom Beast to carry weapons and other items.
There were several types of Phantom Beasts which could do it, but they all had their own quirks.

Litty was torn, but after considering her own fighting style, she decided on a particular Phantom Beast.

How about this Phantom Beast?

“What about…what? This one? Well, it certainly meets the requirements… but why don’t you go for something stronger?”

“It’s okay.
I have a feeling she’s the one for me.”

The Phantom Beast that Litty showed Catalana was not as strong as Catalana had expected.

“If Litty-chan has decided that, I won’t say anything… What about you, Kuufa-chan?”

“This one is scary… this one looks good…”

“I’ll make you some coffee.”

Litty and Kuufa were not happy with the (black) coffee, but Catalana still offered it to them.
Kuufa only smelled it as she could not bring herself to drink it, but Litty on the other hand still managed to sip a little bit of it.

“Catalana, I’m not certain… I’m afraid of getting a scary summon… and fighting…”

“I understand.
I was the same way.
My first battle was terrible.”

“Catalana was?”

“During the day, I said something about talent.
I’m more of a hardworking person myself.
That’s why I’m so obsessed with talented people.”

Catalana put sugar and milk in Kuufa’s coffee and offered it to Litty as well.
Finally satisfied with the taste, they both sipped their coffee.

“It’s still bitter, but kind of tasty…”

I put a lot of milk and sugar in it this time, so Kuufa-chan can drink it too, right?”


“At first I also thought coffee was not a drink for humans.”

Litty had felt the same way until this moment.
But with just one twist, it became drinkable.
Catalana continued to take a sip of her black coffee.

“I had also tried to make it easy to drink at first, with adding either milk or sugar.
I used to get mad when people would say, ‘You’re such a child if you can’t drink it black.’ I did my best and finally I can drink it black without feeling anything and I even enjoy it now.”

“So, summoning and fighting are all about ingenuity and challenge?”

“Well, technically, yes!”

Litty interpreted that it was important to get used to things that might be new for them.

Now that the two of them had made it to Rank 3, all Catalana could do now was to guide them patiently and make things easier for them to get used to.

That’s why she was taking the responsibility and would do whatever it took to raise them to the next level.
Despite her outward appearance, Catalana was also very excited.

*Knock *knock

“Excuse me.”

“Yes, yes, if you’re not an assassin, feel free to enter.”

The woman who visited them was the one who summoned the unicorn.
On her tray were sandwiches and fruits, which seemed to be her evening meal.
The woman bowed deeply to Catalana, which made her wonder about the unexpected reaction.

“I apologize for my behavior during the day.
I was wondering if I could be of some assistance after knowing what happened…”

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