Litty Finds the Right Summon


There were countless books on summoning in the Summoner’s Guild.
The books contained all the items necessary for summoning, and if one succeeded in summoning and making a contract with a summon, they would be awarded the title of “Summoner”.


However, Catalana was not happy with that anymore.
She rented out a room and ransacked a large number of books.


“If only the branch manager had been more careful…” (Catalana)


“Oh, um.
Why am I also in Rank 3?” (Kuufa)


“You have lost your summon, right?” (Catalana)


“Yes… I am useless now…” (Kuufa)


To be honest, I did think about not promoting you to Rank 3.” (Catalana)


Kuufa was not shocked to hear this, but she became increasingly confused.
Even if she succeeded in summoning and signing a contract, she was not confident that she would be able to match other Rank 3 adventurers.


Since Galiel had taken care of everything for her, Kuufa did not have enough knowledge to overcome the situation herself.


Kuufa’s choice to become an adventurer was one that came to her when she was on the verge of death at a certain point.
She had no feelings or passion for it.


“Kuufa is probably thinking that it’s annoying to have someone like you hanging around, after all, Litty was the one who actually saved you.” (Catalana)


“Ye, yes…”


“Well, it’s because of your talent.” (Catalana)


“Talent? Mine?”


Catalana let out a short sigh and put the book down on the table.
Kuufa sat down beside Litty, who was reading her book attentively.


“You know, you managed to summon a demon without any knowledge of its existence, didn’t you?” (Catalana)


“Well, I mean…”


“Let’s be clear.
There hasn’t been anyone like that, even at the Adventurers’ Guild headquarters.
I actually freaked out when I heard about it.
Listen, Kuufa.
You might be a gem compared to any of the people here.” (Catalana)


“Oh, no, no, that’s not true!”


With a slightly flushed face, Kuufa waved her hand in denial.
But Catalana’s eyes were sharp and serious, conveying that every word she said was the truth.
Glancing at Catalana, Kuufa casted her gaze down to the table.


“I, you know, I think the ultimate requirement to get to the top is talent.
Of course, I like people who work themselves to death.
But when someone with talent does it, they are so much better than someone without it.”


Catalana poured black coffee into a cup she had taken the liberty of borrowing and sipped it, and Litty tried to imitate her, but made a very bitter face after tasting black coffee.


Litty did her best to follow Catalana’s example, but it was quite a struggle for her to endure.


“I wish the last group of test takers had shown a little bit of guts.
As for those people, it’s not just a matter of talent, but also the lack of effort.”


Catalana, how can you say that?”


“Not only did they give up easily after being beaten to a pulp by me, but they went out drinking.
They could have at least continued to get smacked until they were in tears of frustration, then I might at least have reconsidered.
On the other hand, Litty-chan didn’t give up.”


“Yes, but…”


Litty still did not approve of Catalana’s ideology, but she understood what she was trying to convey.


Litty, who was once pointed out for her lack of talent, was not proud that she actually possessed talent, even after achieving results.
She was not distracted by such abstractions and only looked at her goals.
That was simply Litty’s way of doing things.

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