Chapter 7: Striptease


“From 1 to 5 cards, there is a King.
The person who draws the king has complete authority over the person holding a specific card.
The king's order is irresistible.
Do you understand?”


“Eh? Isn't that similar to truth or dare…”


Zan Youer felt as if she had jumped into a pit again.


“It's very similar, but it doesn't stipulate which card can be punished, and this order can be varied.
Compared with truth or dare, there are not many restrictions; isn't it more interesting?”


“But ah …”


“Now it's the turn of the king to issue orders; didn't You'er frequently take the king before?”


Song Luan interrupted Zan You'er, slowly dragging her into the already dug trap.


“That's right, and it's only 19:30, it's still early for bedtime; what should Youer do if she doesn't have a mobile phone?”


Jiang Tairan, who was holding a shovel at the side, also “benevolently lured” and led her into the quagmire.


“…Okay, then I'll go to bed until 22 o'clock if it's still raining outside.”


Zan You'er, who had assumed she wouldn't have such a bad back, was already planning what she would do if she won the king.
Take revenge on them.


So the game continued, Ke Hongming hadn't put on the pants that he had taken off in the previous punishment, and Zan Youer couldn't see what was going on there because it was covered by the table.


But Hang Jiyun, who was sitting next to him, could see clearly that when Zan You'er decided to play the king game, his huge body, which was already tightly wrapped, began to swell.


Hang Jiyun narrowed his eyes.
It has already been decided that Ke Hongming will be the king of the next three rounds of games.


Ke Hongming is not as bad-tempered as they are, and the tone of the commands is relatively flat.
Although he has heard too many of those eclectic commands, when Zan Youer chooses to play, he suddenly thinks of the game scene he has seen others play before, and his lower body starts to twitch. 


That's why he gave orders that are not very interesting, such as doing sit-ups and push-ups.


But seeing Zan You'er yawn and seem bored, he changed his mind.


“Ke Hongming is the king again; what order are you going to give this time?”


Jiang Tairan was the victim of the punishment, but he didn't care about such things at all, he took off his half-wet shirt and continued the game .


“My order this time is to do a striptease at the one with ace…just take off your underwear.”


Tai Ran is looking forward to Zan You'er's striptease.


Why is he so sure that the ace is held by Zan You'er? Because he knew that both Ke Hongming and Hang Jiyun had practiced, it couldn't be easier for them to do something.


Besides, that person is not gay, so it is impossible for him to want to see some of their big boys doing some striptease.


As expected, Zan You'er's face turned red all of a sudden.
She pressed her lips tightly, put the card on the table, and said shyly:


“I…I don't know how to dance, can I change it.”


Ke Hongming Originally, he wanted to tease her, but he regretted seeing her timid expression.
Although he kept arguing with her, he really liked Zan You'er.


But the words have already been spoken, taking them back will not only refute her own assertions but also make her aware of something.
After thinking for a few seconds, he said:


“It's very simple, you just take off your clothes slowly until you are left with underwear.”


Her heart was beating very fast, and she complained about why this point hadn't appeared before, and now she ran into his hand after she was so desperate.


After rubbing the hem of her clothes several times, she stood up.


Forget it, let's go all out; he doesn't look like me at all; he doesn't care what he orders; just follow it; anyway, once I get the king, next time, see how I deal with you!


Clenching a fist in his heart, Zan Youer swears.


“Where do you want me to take it off?”


After walking a few steps, she remembered to ask this question.
Does she just have to find a place by herself?


“On the podium, in the open space on the right.”


That's where the best view is.


So Zan You'er stood on the podium, unbuttoning her coat with her hands.
She looked at the four men watching the show below, endured it without saying a word, and continued to undress.


Ke Hongming's desire is inflated.
He has been fond of Zan You'er since he just entered high school.
She is a very cute girl.
To describe her in a single word, you would say she is like a Lolita.
He is naturally attracted to such a girl.
Good impression.


But he doesn't like all the lolitas.
He had a lot of girlfriends before, but he still keeps himself clean.
It's not that he doesn't like women; it's just that he doesn't like the kind of girls he clings to.


Zan You'er has a sense of responsibility, looks very independent in everything she does, and has a generous personality.
Every point she makes has the potential to break his heart.


If he'd been asked what she does best or what impresses him most,



It must be that after the group discussion, when they went to the restaurant for dinner together, she saw her boyfriend cheating and did not immediately go up to make trouble but stopped Jiang Tairan and Song Luan, who wanted to help her argue.


The girl who stayed by his side was picked up; she walked slowly to the man and sat down, listened to his faltering explanation that she was playing with friends, then smiled and took the photo of the two kissing just now to show him.


While the man was speechless, she tore off the couple necklace that was still hanging around her neck, and threw it into the trash can together with his own.
Finally, she stomped on the man, turned around, and pulled the four of them away.


That scene was really funny, and it also made him respect You'er.


being able to remain calm in the face of her boyfriend's cheating, leaving evidence for that person to explain without giving an opportunity to argue, and thus destroying the most precious evidence in love.


The most important thing is that she didn't yell at the guy who ruined her love in the first place.
With the idea that maybe she was also a victim, she saved enough face for the three of them.
Instead of pouring a drink, she stomped a few times under the table.


together vigorously and then leave gracefully.


He often regards her as his masturbation and obscenity object and has imagined the scene of her taking off her clothes countless times.
Now he can sit in the classroom and watch her slowly unbutton her clothes.
God knows how much he wants it.


Jiang Tairan directly lifted the stool and sat in front of her a short distance away to appreciate it carefully, while Hang Jiyun raised his head and stared at it rarely.


Zan Youer blushed and pulled down the zipper of her jacket little by little.
The coat had already been taken off and placed on the desk.
The four of them did not expect that the inner lining she was wearing was actually a zipper.
underwear too.


The plump and straight breasts are wrapped in thin underwear.
Although they are not big breasts, they are also very interesting.


In the classroom, only one lamp on the podium was turned on.
Under the incandescent light, her skin appeared more white, tender, and delicate; her collarbone was clearly defined; and her slender waist was full of grip.


There isn't a single trace of excess fat on her abdomen, although she already knew about this when she saw her figure wrapped in a tight swimsuit during swimming lessons, but when he actually saw it, it still made people hold their breath.


Zan You'er slowly removed the zipped-up lining, and the scene zoomed in slow motion in the four men's eyes.


After the fragrant shoulders are half exposed, they are slowly pulled down, and the entire set of beautiful shoulders is displayed in front of them.
There is no neck line on the pink neck, the trapezius muscle is small, and the demeanor is full of squares, giving people a feeling of vitality.


Her figure is not so skinny; she probably exercises regularly, so she is very well-proportioned; her arms are slender, and there is no excess flesh between her chest and her waist when she puts it down.


Putting the lining aside, Zan started to pull down the skirt again.


Because it is of the elastic type, there is no need to unbutton the button; just pull it straight down, and there is a slight red mark on the waist.


Pulling the skirt down to her knees, she bent down and stretched her legs out of the skirt.
This posture feasted the eyes of the four men below, and the gravity made the breasts sink, making them more round and plump.


Sitting in front of him, Jiang Tairan's eyes were red.


Straight and slender legs, panties and bra are a set of cherry blossom pink.
Because of design problems, the panties strangled her private parts, covering the shape of petals.


The whole s-curve figure was seen by them like this.


Zan You'er clutched her chest uncomfortably:


“Is it okay?”


The four men were silent, and after a while, Ke Hongming said:


“Put it on.”


His voice was hoarse.


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