Chapter 5: Tonight, I can only sleep in the classroom.


Zan Youer, who is determined to get the ace, is not to be outdone and continues to draw cards.
Maybe God heard her inner call, finally granting her wish to have the Ace.


“Who has the king? Come on! Come on!”


She shouted excitedly, waving the ace that finally came into her hand respectfully on the table, and happily looked at the four men with different expressions.


Song Luan smiled helplessly, put the king down, and leaned lightly on the back of the chair.


“It seems that my luck is not very good today, and playing the truth will reveal all my secrets, so let's choose dare, and I want to know how you will punish me?”


It turned out to be Song Luan, Zan Youer bit her finger and thought about this guy's weakness.


Usually in physical education class, everyone plays basketball together, and the other boys in the class will take off their clothes and be shirtless, except for Jiang Tairan and Hang Jiyun, who don't play basketball; even Ke Hongming is no exception.


If it wasn't for their bodies being able to see through, Zan You'er would have called the police and called the police uncle to arrest these “immoral” boys.


But although Song Luan often played basketball and competed with Ke Hongming as the forward of the two teams, he had never seen him topless, and he had to wear a swimsuit for swimming lessons.


I thought there must be some ulterior secret behind this, Zan You'er decided to ask Song Luan to take off his clothes for a minute, but after thinking about it, it was still raining outside, so even if it was only for a minute, he might catch a cold.


then let's do it~


“Song Luan, my dare is to unbutton your coat and shirt to reveal your upper body, but you don't have to take it off completely.
Is that okay?”


He paused for a second , but only for a second, and then slowly unbuttoned the jacket: “Want to see my body again? I'd love to.”


Why doesn't he like to take off his clothes? Is it because he thinks his body is not good-looking?


Hearing Zan Youer's request, Ke Hongming sneered heavily, put his legs on the table next to him, and crossed his hands:


“I didn't expect Zan Youer; you are still a slut; you can't be judged by appearances.”


“Anyway, I'm not crazy, unlike you.”


Turning to see Song Luan taking off his clothes, the button of his shirt has been unbuttoned halfway, his fair and strong chest has been exposed, and the two deep red nipples are embedded in the chest muscles, which look extraordinarily sexy.


Swallowing quietly, she decided to look at it later, so she turned to the other side.



“Jiang Tairan, what are you doing!”


Zan You'er almost jumped up, but in less than a minute, Jiang Tairan took off his shirt!


“Don't you like it? I didn't know you liked to see abs and chest muscles.
Get obsessed with my body~”


He approached Zan You'er while talking, although the abdominal muscles were not like those of those muscular men.
Obviously, his shoulders are wide and the waist is thin, and the mermaid line extends from the abdomen to the place covered by the pants, which is extremely imaginative.


The muscles on the arms are clearly defined, and the triceps and biceps are also perfect.
His figure does not match the delicate face.


Zan You'er quickly nodded as he quickly picked up Jiang Tairan's clothes from the back to cover his body.


“Little Tairan's figure is very good; I like it very much! Put it on so you don't catch cold.”


“Hey, if you like it, why don't you touch it?”


He said, pulling Zan You’er’s hand to touch his body and slowly descending along the mermaid line, where the breath of threat was still bulging.


Jiang Tairan's abdominal muscles feel really good, but forget about the rest; he quickly withdrew his hand, Zan You'er stood up again, put his sweater on like a mother, and put on his coat again.


When the two were arguing, Song Luan's shirt buttons were all unbuttoned.
He put his hands on the desk, turned his head, and smiled softly to watch them fight for clothes.


Finally settling the little boy, Jiang Tairan, Zan Youer turned to see how Song Luan was doing, and was almost frightened when he turned his head.


The white shirt and those tight six-pack abs are a perfect match!


She almost wanted to stand up and applaud Song Luan.
She always thought it was because he was too thin that he didn't like to take off his clothes, but now it seems that it's just a personal habit, because his figure is so good!


If the group of girls who liked him saw him, they would scream and fall to the ground.


Ke Hongming glanced at it, then snorted coldly, isn't it just abdominal muscles, Who doesn't have it.


60 seconds passed as quickly as 10 seconds, and the time was up in a blink of an eye.
He reluctantly watched Song Luan get dressed, and Zan Youer cheered up to prepare for the next round of the game.


Jiang Tairan finally got the ace, and he looked at the other four with a smirk, expecting anyone of them to get the king.


It seems that luck was really not on her side, Zan Youer signed again and showed the card on her hand, which is the king, she then chose truth.


“Have you ever had sex?”


In fact, it may be a bit big in terms of scale, but it is already a good question compared to the other questions.


Zan Youer immediately replied: “No.”


The other three people didn't know why they suddenly raised their heads to look at her, making Zan Youer think that she had lost her virginity, but everyone else knew about it except her, so she carefully thought about her past love life and nodded to confirm her answer.



Jiang Tairan breathed a sigh of relief, patted his chest, and said:


“That's great, that's great.”


What's the matter…
My first time won't be with you, a brat, Zan Youer murmured. 


Unknowingly, it was almost 19:00, and Zan You'er stood up and opened the curtains to take a look.
Although the sky became almost completely dark, there was no sign of rain outside at all.


“Won't your driver look for you when you didn't go back so late?”


Her parents went on a trip not long ago, and they won't be back until a few days later, so Zan You'er is not worried about this problem.
But the four of them are like young masters, and this school itself is similar to an aristocratic school.


Their drivers can't be so irresponsible, can they?


“No, we won't tell the driver about our whereabouts.
They won't come unless we call to inform them.”


Ke Hongming surprisingly didn't quarrel with Zan You'er, nor did he have a venomous tongue, but he explained to her seriously .


“And we often spend the night outside; they don't worry about it at all~”


Jiang Tairan also looked like he didn't need to make a fuss, and he was used to the behavior of being still in school.


Why do you say that you seem to be very familiar with each other?


The key to the classroom is held by Zan You'er, and she has already greeted the security guards in advance, so there will be no problem with staying in school, except that she can only sleep in the classroom…


Uncle security guards will not come to patrol today , this is their rest day.


Sitting down helplessly, Zan Youer was already ready to sleep in the classroom tonight:


“Hey, it's so miserable, it seems that I really can only rest in the classroom today.”


“Then isn't it very good?”


Hang Jiyun suddenly said such a sentence, and several other people were silent and did not refute or respond, and Zan Youer didn't understand what he meant.
She has always had an inexplicable awe for this magical figure, Hang Jiyun.


So ignoring this “small detail,”  they continued to embark on the journey of the game.


It's just that the next truth or dare, will be as simple as before?


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