Chapter 20: Relax…it won't hurt at all…


Jiang Tairan reached into her skirt and easily found the soaked petals.


He kneaded the budding petals with his fingertips, and stroked the other finger back and forth along the gap a few times.
He wrapped the clitoris in love liquid after it had been filled, making it easier for him to knead back and forth with his fingertips.




Tairan directly touched the most secret place; the liquid did not stop flowing; why is it so comfortable?


He appears to be aware that she wishes to resist.
Jiang Tairan raised his head, buried it in her chest, kissed her slightly opened mouth, blocked her refusal in advance, and swallowed the groan and the saliva from her fragrant tongue .


The kneading of the fingertips was neither light nor heavy, just enough to make her feel happy and not too irritating, Jiang Tairan clearly felt the liquid gushing out of her flower hole onto his fingers.


Using his finger, he probed her flower to find the hole in it and gently poked it with his fingers.


He didn't have long nails, not even beyond the fingertips, and they were trimmed smoothly and neatly, so that the tender flesh inside would not be scratched, making You'er feel pain.


He slowly went in, and with the use of her love juice, he was able to easily insert his fingers; however, he couldn't go any deeper.


Jiang Tairan was well aware that You'er had sucked him.


When his fingers touched the opening of the small hole, it visibly moved a few times, and the body that had melted into his kiss also began to stiffen.


Probably feeling ashamed, he let go of her red lips, put his lips next to You'er's sensitive ears, and exhaled.


She turned her head uncomfortably, closed her eyes, and frowned, but she looked very comfortable.


“It's small, and you have to relax, it won't hurt at all…”


“Good girl…”


Perhaps it was because his tone was too low, with a hint of temptation hidden in the gentleness, and the magnetic whispers poured into the brain along the ear canal, making her already somewhat chaotic thoughts even more chaotic.


But she couldn't think of anything, the fingertips rubbing the clitoris were too tricky, the already sensitive flower was rubbed back and forth like that, just because of the huge number of nerve fiber ends driven by the friction between the fingertips and it.
It was enough to make her feel even more comfortable and make her moan.


She did indeed do that; the sweet, coquettish chanting made Jiang Tairan's breathtaking and delicate face more gentle and charming, and You'er began to feel comfortable but still stiffen her body.



He's already stretched out his whole finger, and the tender meat inside is pulling him in.
It's as if he's trying to get rid of a foreign body that's never been there before, or as if he's warmly and passionately welcoming a first-time visitor.


He pulled it out a little bit, followed by softer moans than before.
He doesn't know if it's painful or comfortable.


So Jiang Tairan pulled out some more and squeezed away the layers of fleshy walls again, poking in and out.


You'er's groans became even more beautiful…
It is almost 100% sure that she is very comfortable.


It was very comfortable to be thrust by his fingers.


Realizing this, the smile on his lips deepened.
He licked the strands of saliva from the corner of You'er's mouth that he couldn't swallow because of moaning, held her soft lips, and swept the erogenous zone full of nerve endings with the tip of her tongue.


She's not sure if he discussed it with Song Luan beforehand, but when his fingers were so intense that the pussy contracted rapidly and was about to climb to the peak, he suddenly slowed down, and the fingertips that were rubbing her hole were gently lifted, allowing her to wake up from the comfort that she was experiencing.


Jiang Tairan knew that she was about to climax again, so he pulled out his fingers.


Zan You'er was tormented madly by them—why couldn't they just give her an orgasm…
She unconsciously closed her thighs and rubbed against each other, making Hang Jiyun, who was admiring her with a cigarette in his mouth, twitch lightly.


Can't take it anymore? That's right…

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