Chapter 17: None of us is innocent.


“Do you like Zan Youer?”


Hang Jiyun took a sip of the black devil held between his fingers, and Zan Youer was away, so he could finally smoke freely without worrying about her choking.


Ke Hongming, who was asked, was not as vicious as he was when he confronted Song Luan just now.
He inserted his fingers into his bangs, stroked them up, and sighed:


“You can all see it, but she can't.”


“Oh, then how come she was able to see whenever her ex boyfriends would like her?”


Jiang Tairan stepped on the chair with a lazy expression, the expression on his face didn't match his exquisite appearance at all, but there was a weird sense of beauty.


“Those guys…huh, they didn't even last for half a year with her.
I would have stopped dating a long time ago if it hadn't been for that idiot You Er, who is too dense.”


Thinking of those well-dressed guys with a human face and a beast heart, Zan You'er is also too good at attracting these rotten as*h*oles.


Hang Jiyun smiled lowly:


“I'm afraid it's all because of her figure, childish face, and big breasts…”


“Then the reason for the breakup is probably because she is young and doesn't want to have sex with them?”


They were so surprised when Zan Youer said that she never had sex with any of her 4 or 5 boyfriends because she wasn't ready yet and thought that they were just tolerant with her, but in the end they let go. 


“There are too many guys like you, except for those beasts who think they can fuck her as they please, and there are also a bunch of cowards who dare not confess.”


He has never seen Hang Jiyun talk so much, so when Zan Youer is not in the classroom, you become eloquent?


“Aren't you a coward too?”


Ke Hongming extended his hand to ask Hang Jiyun for a cigarette; after lighting it, he lowered his head and said this, the classroom was filled with smoke, and only Jiang Tairan walked away with a disgusted expression.


“She is, the white moonlight in my heart…”


Hang Jiyun's eyes were rare and tender, and when he thought of Zan You'er's stupid and cute appearance, he wanted to laugh a little.


“Stop pretending, isn't it you who hid her mobile phone? Don't be a hypocrite.
I've thought about fucking her a hundred and eighty times in private.”


Childishly, he shook the chair he was sitting on backwards.
Jiang Tairan sneered at Hang Jiyun at the back of the classroom.


“It was you who brought the cards, Luan the one who proposed to play cards, and Ke Hongming, the innocent little virgin who cooperated with us.  Who are you trying to pretend as innocent.”


After taking a few puffs, he extinguished the cigarette, as if it were just a passing addiction.


“All of this has been destined, otherwise, it would not be so simple…
At first I thought about forcing her to lock herself in the classroom and have ֆɛӼ with her.”


Licking his dry lips, Jiang Tairan recalled the picture he had imagined before.
just a little excited.


“What did you discuss with Song Luan at the beginning?”


“Ah, he told me that he accidentally saw his younger brother masturbating to You'er's ID in the room again, so long that he didn't even touch the mouth of the person he liked.
But , it’s too pitiful.”


“None of his business, why does he want to concern himself with my business.”


Ke Hongming curled his lips, thinking whether he should change his habit of not closing the door when he returned to his room.


“His mother, your stepmother, has known your father for longer than your mother has known him, if it weren't for your cowardly father, you wouldn't have been born, why are you hating him if it was your father who made this situation happen?”


“Who gave him such a similar appearance to his mother…It's not good to see it.”




Hang Jiyun picked up the rope deep in the table box, looked at it a few times, and put it back.


“I'll give it to you for the first time later; it will be regarded as compensation for you.”


“No, I'm afraid of hurting her; you can decide for yourself.”


“Do you no longer indulge in that unnecessary possessive desire?”


“As you said, since I have cooperated with you by default, why should I pretend to be arrogant…
I am already ready to move.”


Ke Hongming waved his hand and asked Hang Jiyun to throw ashes outside and open the window to diffuse the smell of smoke in the classroom.
Raindrops from outside drifted into the room in the direction of the wind.


“What if she cries and wants to go home? Are you willing?”


After taking a few deep breaths of fresh air outside, the corners of his mouth twitched a little.
This made him think of Zan You'er's sometimes stubborn nature.


“Don't worry, no one is much different in this matter of heartache, except Jiang Tairan, that pervert who likes to play forced play, and even the rope is prepared by him.”


Jiang Tairan raised his head from the circled hands when his name was mentioned , he smirked and narrowed his eyes slightly, and his voice was a bit suppressed:


“Isn't it interesting to see XiaoYou crying and begging for mercy under him?…While saying no, he twisted his waist back and forth, saying the following: lick my cock tightly…
Tsk tsk, I can't wait.”


“Such a sensitive body, licking a cock can wet the chair…
How can she not want it? She will just submit obediently.”


Hang Jiyun glanced at it.
With his fingertips, he sniffed some of the wet stain on the chair next to him.

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